“they are prepared to go to any lengths to avoid making difficult decisions..

The BBC’s Jim Fitzpatrick asked a key question in the Politics Show discussion about the FOUR Victims’ Commissioners – at what point did the First and deputy First Ministers decide to change the structure of the post from one commissioner to four? They clearly hadn’t decided before re-advertising the one post in October.. after a summer of failing to agree on who to appoint. Adds As Kenneth Bloomfield says, “Four does seem rather a large number. But I think the reality of the thing is that there isn’t yet sufficient trust on either side of the community to identify an individual with sufficient integrity to represent everybody. That’s a very great pity and I believe there are such people. But the confidence doesn’t seem to exist to go for such a person.” Although, more specifically, there isn’t sufficient trust or confidence between the two parties with the task of identifying such an individual – Temporary link to the Sunday Sequence interview [RealPlayer file] And In the clip below the DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson prefers to answer that question, from a “trainspotting” Jim Fitzpatrick, in “[his] own way, not the BBC’s way..”