Murphy’s legal challenge to Special Criminal Court rejected

The Republic of Ireland’s Special Criminal Court has upheld the decision to try Thomas Murphy, the “good republican” who according to Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams “is not a criminal”, following an investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau. [Added links] In doing so they rejected Senior Counsel Michael O’Higgins’ challenge to the validity of the order from Dundalk District Court sending him for trial in the non-jury court.

  • perci

    the moral of the story is possibly:
    [Play the ball – edited moderator]

  • pedant

    On a point of pedantry, say he loses and he has to pay some money over, surely if Mr Murphy is found to have any assets those would belong to the Sunday Times as prior claimant? The Irish state as British industry’s debt collector?

  • Rory

    The selectivity of the state in using this emergency-era court, intended only as a substitute for more draconian military tribunals in wartime, in a matter of alleged tax evasion may be best illustrated by a simple reference to a link highlighted from a previous post:

    Even the terrorist-paranoid, Guantanamo-vicious, Mafia-scapegoating USA does not dare deny defendants the right to jury trial on RICO related charges.

    Could it be that the patently modest lifestyle of the defendant might illustrate to any jury the extreme unlikliehood that he personally enjoyed the tax-free benefits of any enterprise might weaken any prosecution case that led to this decision to implement wartime emergency military replacement law ?

    If it were not the case that such legislation is to be applied only selectively would not the rich of the “Republic” sleep uneasy in their beds tonight?

  • Jocky

    “mafia scapegoating” yeah those boys are always getting hard done by despite all the good community work they do.

    modest living is a stunning defence.

  • I do hope Mr O’Higgins is consulting Tom Slab Murphy on the witness list.

    The list of prominant people who knew all about these allegations will be very interesting to see.

    A vertible who’s who of current and retired politicians will provide compulsive viewing if the Kangeroo court proceedings is to be televised.

    The truth of the matter is both the Irish and Brit state are using this historical prosecution as a proxy for alleged involvement in the Quinn manslaughter.

    Same old demonisation of Irish republicanism by proxy.

    Why stop here, next time Ian Paisley or Martin McGuinness gets a parking ticket, sentence them to life, as a proxy for alleged terrorist activity that cannot be proved in a court of law.

    What did the de-classified documents say about Big Ian being closely linked to terroists in the 70’s ?

    A complete waste of tax payers money as there is no money to collect even if there is a conviction, sorry the conviction is already decided.

    So, wait for it, here’s the deal offered to Slab Murphy.

    Slab murphy uses his influence to convince those responsible for the manslaughter of Paul Quinn to step up to the plate and plead guilty to manslaughter on an agreed plea deal.

    This ransid, sectarian, historic, festering indictment is withdrawn as part of the Quinn plea deal.

    There we are, Irish Republican credibility restored in the border counties, Quinn family gets the best justice they can hope for in the circumstances, Slab can retire gracefully, the whole sorry episode can be confined to the dark part of Irish history.

    Otherwise we will see this whole circus undermining the fragile peace process in the North, not directly at first, but more and more as time goes on.

    More and more mainstream Irish Republicans will defect to a dissdent viewpoint, rather than trying to attract dissident republicans into the mainstream.

    Followed by Loyalists disaffected by the mainstream defecting to dissident Loyalism.

    Then back to square one and the conflict errupts again.

    Still, isn’t that what some securocrats want ??

  • perci

    Art, what a load of poor me, self-centred crap!

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    Play the ball, perci.

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  • New Yorker

    The special criminal court is the appropriate place for this matter in light of the Eamon Collins’ murder after a previous trial of this defendant.

  • George

    Revenue always move to the top of the queue. Only when they have got their money can others be dealt with.

  • The special criminal court is the appropriate place for this matter in light of the Eamon Collins’ murder after a previous trial of this defendant.
    New Yorker

    New Yorker, sorry did I miss something ?

    When did Tom Slab Murphy face trial for the Eamon Collins murder ??????

    The only trial I recall Tom Slab Murphy being involved in was the libel case with the Times newspaper.

    But go-ahead, enlighten me.

    Perci, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, especially with regards Anglo/Irish politics.

  • New Yorker

    Art Hostage

    Yes, you missed it. Tried and convicted in the world-wide court of public opinion. Maybe it was not reported on your planet.

  • New Yorker, do you apply your logic, world wide court of public opinion, to President Bush, Tony Blair, Bertis Ahearn etc ?

    By your logic we should do away with the rule of law and the justice system to be replaced by Public opinion.

    What do you base your so-called public opinion on ?

    Have you conducted an opinion poll ?

    I am sure for everyone of those who would convict Tom Slab Murphy on here-say, there are the same, if not more, who would aquitt, find not guilty.

    Be careful about relying on the world wide court of public opinion, it may find you guilty of something.

  • New Yorker

    Art Hostage

    The verdict is in on this slimebag: Guilty. It’s only a matter of time before the gate slams shut.