A politician’s rant

David Cox of the First Post has had a crack at writing the speech a politician would love to deliver about the public but would never dare to. What speech do you think our local politicians would love to deliver but wouldn’t dare to?

  • joeCanuck

    “Do you think I give a shit what you think about me and my pal?” — Baby Doc

  • joeCanuck

    I’ve always been a member of the IRA, a leader in fact, and I’m proud of it. Ha ha. –Gerry A

  • Greenflag

    Dear People of Northern Ireland :

    We got it wrong for way too long .Yours regrettably .

    Ian , Martin , Peter , Gerry and the gang(s) 🙁

  • cut the bull

    always,always,always Ulster says yes; Papa Doc

    Aye I know Seymour well and I see as my duty to canvass for him on business deals where ever and when ever I can regardless of what my party or any one else thinks; Baby Doc

  • Danny O’Connor

    As a politician ,I would have no difficulty making that speech.Because it is true.

  • Rory

    Cox’s piece, which to my mind was simply trite, may have been inspired by Frank Field’s uncannily similar complaint on last week’s Question Time on BBC Radio 4. The audience however were in no mind to receive a pompous lecture on civil responsibility from this political failure and his only response was delivered in the good old language of “Harumph, harumph”.

    When the country is doing well because of the people’s effort the politcos take the credit. When the country does badly because of the machinations and incompetence of the politicos the people are asked to take the blame. If they want a speech to justify the latter they can fucking well write it themselves. I ain’t doing it for ’em.

  • ulster son

    I think I’ll give up this singing lark – Wee Willie

  • Butterknife

    DUP adviser calls Pope Antichrist on RTE radio

    By Staff reporter Irish News

    A DUP special adviser to Stormont was yesterday at the centre of a bizarre religious row.

    Wallace Thompson (54) chief aide to enterprise minister Nigel Dodds, objected to Catholic rosary beads being sold at the Anglican St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.

    But he also provoked outrage when he labelled the Pope the antichrist and said he would oppose plans to bring him to the north.

    The DUP founding member made the comments on Joe Duffy’s RTE Liveline radio show and fielded angry calls for an hour afterwards.

    “The Pope is the Anti-christ… a lot of Protestants probably might not hold [that view] but it is still enshrined in the standards,” he said.

    “It is a strong statement to make but in expressing those views I am not conflicting with the main teachings of the main churches.”

    Mr Thompson worked as a civil servant at the Northern Ireland Office and Depart-ment of Education for 28 years before his appointment as a special advisor to Mr Dodds last year.

    He is an elder in Knock Evangelical Presbyterian Church in east Belfast.

    The married father-of-three preaches regularly across the north and beyond. He is also a member of the Independent Orange Order.

    On the prospect of Pope Benedict visiting Northern Ireland he said: “We would totally oppose that visit.

    “We would have to say we do not want the Pope to come to Northern Ireland.”

    Mr Thompson had originally challenged the dean of St Patrick’s, Dr Robert Mac-Carthy, for selling rosaries in the cathedral gift shop.

    The dean responded that the beads were sold because the shop attracted visitors of all denominations.

    But as callers to the programme challenged Mr Thompson on his remarks, he made further criticisms of the Catholic faith.

    “I couldn’t go to a funeral in a Roman Catholic church,” Mr Thompson said.

    “The priest makes blasphemous claims where he turns the bread into body and the wine into the blood and those things to me are anathema.”

    Mr Thompson last night said he was speaking in a personal capacity as secretary of the Evangelical Protestant Society.

    “It isn’t a political matter, I am entitled to my religious views,” he said.

    SDLP assembly member Dolores Kelly said Mr Thompson’s fundamentalist language was a throwback to Northern Ireland’s troubled past.

    “It is pretty pathetic and a throwback to what the Catholic population had to listen to during 30 years of conflict,” she said.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Wow Butterknife!

    A surreal mixture of reality and fantasy, very apt for this thread. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who does a double take.

  • Mayoman

    On politician’s ranting, has anyone blogged the lunacy of Wallace Thompson (Nigel Dodd’s advisor) yet? http://www.independent.ie/national-news/pope-denounced-as-antichrist-in-radio-fire-and-brimstone-row-1271826.html

  • Mayoman

    Aha!!! Too late! 🙂

  • Greenflag

    “The priest makes blasphemous claims where he turns the bread into body and the wine into the blood and those things to me are anathema.”

    Blasphemous to a ‘believer’ like Thompson but to most agnostics/atheists /lapsed RC’s not that much different from the jiggery pokery heaven magician gobshittery that proclaims the Queen as Head of the Church and consigns all to an imaginery hell who don’t wear the same blinkers as Thompson .

    ‘“I couldn’t go to a funeral in a Roman Catholic church,” Mr Thompson said. ‘

    Wow a man of ‘principles’ . I take it he could attend an Islamic /Buddhist/Anglican/Shintoist/Hindu /Unitarian/Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon service as there is no prohibition against any of the aforementioned in the Westminster Confessions .

    It’s gobshites like Thompson who give protestants and protestantism a bad name 🙁

    The Neanderthal Museum in Germany is looking for fresh exhibits to replace the current stale exposures . Could somebody buy yon Gobshite a one way ticket !

  • ulster son

    I will continue to serve as MP and/or MLA now that it is a non paying job, I a never served for the money just out of principle. Any politician!

  • Rory

    While Dean MacCarthy is no doubt correct that the cathedral attracts visitors of all denominations (and none) it would not surprise me if the most eager customers for Rosary beads were not in fact Anglicans. Marian devotion and the recitation of the Rosary in particular have become increasingly popular in High Church circles in recent years and reflects an increasing yearning for spiritual union with Rome. The barrier to such unity at the moment lies almost solely in the liberal High Anglican attitudes to homosexuality and the ordination of women. Conversely, the Low Church, increasingly colonised by evangelical happy-clappies with whom such as Thompson might find affinity, is closer to Rome on these contentious issues yet retains a repugnance for any move towards unity with Rome.

    Which is nice, I say, as it keeps the riff-raff out of Sunday Mass.