John Waters, the blind man and an elephantine world of blogs…

This sounds like a tongue in cheek moment from John Waters on Newstalk (courtesy of some neat editing by Twenty), but I wouldn’t been too sure: “I ask people “do you blog, and if you do, then please leave my presence immediately”… Markham expresses some limited sympathy with Waters, but prefers Ac Grayling’s more grammared criticism of the dark nihilism that Waters appears to be reacting to. Although with Waters, like Polly Toynbee in her Bagehot lecture last year, I would question the extent to which he knows, never mind understands, the beast of which he speaks. A case of one blind man and an elephant. John, if you ever get to read this, vicariously, or, heaven forfend, read the original on the net, check out Grayling. The problem is as much more pressing for the newspapers (h/t Guido) as it is for bloggers and their wayward readership!

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