Murphy challenges validity of Special Criminal Court order

Thomas Murphy finally appeared at the Special Criminal Court today following last week’s Dundalk District Court decision. The “good” republican who, according to Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, “is not a criminal” – although he has been named previously as both the UK’s richest smuggler and a former Provisional IRA Chief of Staff – wasn’t there for long as his counsel Michael O’Higgins began by challenging the validity of the order from Dundalk District Court sending him for trial to the Special Criminal Court. From the RTÉ report

Mr Justice Paul Butler, presiding, said that the court would have to set aside time to deal with the issue and he remanded Mr Murphy on continuing bail pending the fixing of a date for the hearing of the issue.

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  • DC

    Nice of him to get ‘continuing bail’. Must not be that much of a criminal and more of a ‘good guy’?

  • bandit country

    In my opinion this case has deliberately being sent to the special crim court so that it will collapse on challenge. This is the states way out of sticking the boot in. It is known that Adams raised this case wih the Taoiseachs office some time ago. watch this space

  • Pete

    I do not normally disagree that much with what you post up, but to name Tom Murphy as the UKs richest smuggler on the word of a sensationalized TV program what is loose and fast with the facts is hardly up to your normal standard. Smuggler perhaps, but as Murphy rejects the legality of the border and has none so all his life I see nothing dishonorable about that.

    As to being CofS of the PIRA, well if one supports the PIRA as Adams obviously does, he would not regard Murphy as a criminal, the reverse in fact. What you are doing is placing your own values onto others here, instead of allowing sluggerites to make up their own minds, me thinks;)

  • Bródúil

    Whoever worked to dismantle the illegal northeastern statelet in Ireland should have monuments erected to them. If Mr.Murphy was part of this then I applaud him.

  • To use this ransid, sectarian, vindictive prosecution as leverage, in a fit of spite, because there are allegations of Tom Slab Murphy’s involvement in the Quinn manslaughter, makes a mockory of the Irish legal system.

    If Irish/Brit authorities can produce evidence against Tom Murphy in relation to the Quinn manslaughter then produce it !!

    This ransid indictment is nothing more than a sick attempt to slap down the man for whom Irish Republicans, represents the bedrock on which modern Irish Republicanism was founded.

    The current peace process was founded on starting with a blank canvas and both sides were given immunity for past allegations of wrongdoing.

    An essential, sometimes distasteful, ingredient of Conflict Resolution is accepting that fund raising issues have to be placed beyond prosecution to get all elements onboard.

    This was dividend for South Armagh for being the glue that held the current peace process together.

    With that in mind, this prosecution looks and feels disengenious and rather dishonest to say the least.

    If this ever gets to trial then it will be interesting to see the prosession of high profile witnesess giving evidence of how they dined at the Tom Slab Murphy table of Irish Republicanism.

    This is not just any old sectarian trial, this is the public Demonisation of Irish Republicanism in general by way of public humiliation of the man who kept alive the Irish Republican dreams and aspirations during the 1980’s, when Irish Republicanism was fighting for breath.

    These allegations have been around for years, held over South Armagh like the Sword of Damocles.

    Thankfully, top Irish legal minds will consign this toxic prosecution to history, alongside many other actions taken during the 68-07 Anglo/Irish War !!

  • The Dubliner

    Art, the only ‘contribution’ that Provisionals made to Irish republicanism was by desisting from their organised campaign of sectarian murder. Mr Murphy is still murdering people (a spike through the head of Eamon Collins, of instance), so he has yet to contribute.

  • dewi

    Dub – need to be a bit careful for Mick’s sake.

  • Good Grief

    Well done Art Hostage, i see your rant now includes “Irish/British” instead of previous British.

    Wonder how the good people of Dundalk Special Court will react to their 50/50 nationality you’ve conveniently assigned to them. Still waiting for your explanation of your use of the term ‘sectarian’ in reference to a prosecution of a smuggler (whether morally right or wrong) by the RoI justice dept.

    Also – you’re the one carelessly, no make that needlessly. tossing in Mr Quinn’s name. It might not benefit your polemic to appreciate the fact that Mr Murphy’s property was raided well in advance of the aforementioned murder.

    Why did Mr Murphy need to continue these activities, activities which he wasn’t about to pay tax on, until 2004. Period in question is up to 2004. Seems to me he was swelling his own coffers at this stage and not necessarily funding any kind of armed resistance. Do SF have a tax break policy for their veterans post-conflict ?

  • lib2016

    An ex-RUC reservist today had forty properties siezed from him by the authorities and said publicly that he was relieved to have got away so lightly.

    Will we see not one but repeated links? Will we see unsubstantiated allegations about him and his family? Will we see unproven assertions that this proves the RUC is tied into all corruption and violence in the area for which they have responsibility?

    Nah! for he’s one of ussen and not one of themmuns.

  • steve

    Am I missing something or isnt this just a tax evasion trial?

    I know many on here think it stands for much more and they think that Murphy will finally be going to gaol for the crimes he may or may not have committed but judging by the last sentence handed out for substantial tax evasion Mr. Murphy will be given a sunstantial fine, a slap on the wrist and sent home to think about what he has done wrong.

    Hardly the trial of the century nor much to hang the hopes of unionism on