Five Myths – Ulster Unionism thread

This is a pitch at five Conservative myths. This is a go at five Liberal myths. Time for you all to have your go and list the five Ulster Unionist myths (Nationalist myths thread here).Apologies I haven’t the time to offer my own.

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    Jaffa, sorry old bean, but you should have known better when dealing with a dirty fenian bastard. I thought your English education may have thought you that!

  • jaffa


    So let me get this straight. So we’re in 2008 and the ceasefire was in 1994, and that was, like, 16 years ago. And if someone was 10 in 1994 then you add 16 and that makes them 26. And 26 is bigger than 18?

    Right I think I’ve got it Paddy. Thanks for pointing that out. Could have been embarrassing if anyone else had noticed!

    Especially that sharp-shooter Gréagoir!

  • jaffa


    1994 was 13-14 years ago you daft tw*t!

    Are you drunk?

  • RepublicanStones

    once more for the back of the class
    1. Ulster is british soil, (thought britain was an Island???)

    2.the britaas empire was a force for good.

    ‘ name an ex-colony that isn’t a beacon of democracy, equality and the rule of law and development in its region ‘-jaffa

    (just spat me tea up !)

    3. OOOlster-scots (Not Scots), but Ooolster-scots, you know the horrible ballymena accented english, constitutes its own seperate language, deserving of as much investment as one of the oldest vernacular languages in Europe which is native to Ireland.

    4. Sammy McNally did do it

    5 Willowfield can admit he’s wrong and doesn’t like to argue

    5(b). Turgon is a devil worshipper

  • Johnny

    thought Britain was an Ireland
    Great Britain (as opposed to minor Britain, Brittany in France) is an island. “Britain” or “British” is just another term for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Isle of Wight and Lewis and Harris aren’t in Great Britain. Does that mean that they aren’t British?

  • RepublicanStones

    thought britain was an Ireland?????????

    Britain is an Island, the uk is different. to occupy or claim ownership of a land, does not magically change the land, soil and inhabitants into something that they are not. you would have to import huge amounts of soil, and er….people….hang on a minute !

  • Johnny

    Britain is an Island, the uk is different.
    No, I explained this. Great Britain is an island, Britain is normally just another name for the UK (although it can just be short for “Great Britain”).
    …does not magically change the land, soil and inhabitants into something that they are not.
    What? Isn’t that the whole point of a nation-state? To “impose” a human abstraction apon the concrete reality?
    you would have to import huge amounts of soil, and er….people….hang on a minute !
    This borderline racism, but I’m hardly suprised given some of the videos that you’ve posted on youtube!

  • RepublicanStones

    thanks for agreeing on both counts.
    oh and racism????? quit throwing the toys outta the pram !

  • hurdy gurdy man

    Historically, our behaviour has to be understood as an inevitable response to a situation concocted by themmuns.

    Themmuns have been the prime movers in creating this whole sorry mess.

    Accordingly, any wrongdoing commited by ‘our side’ has to understood in this context and thereby mitigated.

    Our community is comprised of individuals and represents a broad spectrum of viewpoints. Their community, on the other hand, is like a super-organism, and as such, we can safely generalise about them.

    Accordingly, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of every moron who purports to act in our name. It is shameful, however, when themmuns fail to show due contrition for every evil committed by their community.

  • Oiliféar

    Johnny, my copy of the OED explains that Britain is the island (including it’s off-shore islands – and no, that doesn’t include Ireland!), while Great Britain is more properly the political union formed by England, Scotland and Wales. Both of these terms are interchangeable, and both are interchangeable with the “United Kingdom”.

    The “Great” as you probably know comes from the need to differentiate between the two ‘Britains’ in the middle ages (simply “Britain” being a much older name for the island). As this need no longer exists, the “Great” is superfluous. Clearly, however, if anyone ever got the title “Great” attached to their name they would be reluctant to release it even if it was long past it’s sell-by date. Hence it’s legacy today in the name of the political unit. Being wheeled back out at the time of the union of the crowns, as well as being a familiar term it may well have indicated ‘Greater Britain’ i.e. a larger, more-encompassing kingdom.

    Though this whole argument over the semantics of whether Ulster is “British” soil is ridiculous. Why not argue over whether Ulster can properly be described as “soil” instead?

  • Turgon

    Your 1:54pm post was excellent. Sadly I was in a public place when I read it and could not laugh as much as it deserved. I forgot to thank you for having the good grace to admit your community’s Protestant baby eating past and present. I am well aware that you are out to get me next. However, I can move amongst you as you cannot recognise me due to the large number of catholic babies I eat. This appears to disguise my presence.

  • Danny O’Connor

    You mean all those colonies like Kenya and Zimbabwe-Models of democracy?

  • slippy joe


    where are you at? what do you want to start up today? Im just into work and am bored already. Or maybe i should start, you know, you’s unionists being all reactionary and all that, it would be unfair for me to ask you to instigate something on your own behalf. How about this, Northern Ireland makes no sense!

  • Charlie

    hurdy gurdy man – I sincerely hope that your post about ‘themmuns’ was the brilliantly insightful assessment of blinkered Unionists AND Nationalists that I initially took it for…would be somewhat ironic if it was only aimed at the former…

  • Johnny

    Its quite ironic the way a lot of the psuedo-“lefty” nationalists have criticised jaffa for suggesting that colonialism ultimately had a benign political influence, and yet, the Irish republic (just like many former colonies) uses the Westminister system.

  • hurdy gurdy man


    It was inded.