Five Myths – Irish Nationalism Thread

This is a pitch at five Conservative myths. This is a go at five Liberal myths. Time for you all to have your go and list the five Irish nationalist myths (Unionist myths thread here).

  • RepublicanStones

    i don’t think majority rule is inherently bad, its just that it shouldn’t be afforded to a majority who have an appalling track record in administering it.

  • kensei

    “1)Protestants who lived on the cityside of Londonderry all left of their own accord, simply because they didn’t like the nasty kafflicks who were their neighbours and many of them actually attacked their own houses in order to leave.”

    Read the threads on this, very few suggest that even as part of wider factors.

    “2)That people in the Republic of Ireland are all desperate for a united Ireland and it occupies their every waking thought.”

    Their every waking thought? No. But they are generally supportive of the idea, as consistently recorded by opinion polls on the issue. It would be better to say, we don’t see it likely that any border referendum would fail in the South.

    “3)That people in the Republic of Ireland don’t all simply refer to people from Northern Ireland, irrespective of religion or political belief as “the f*ckers from the north”.”

    The correct term would be “Nordie bastard”. But, no, generally they don’t. Not even Unionists.

    “4)That no sport is more physically challenging or more technically beautiful than GAA.”

    I don’t think that is widely believed, but there is an argument for it. Soccer is as popular, anyway.

    “5)Majority rule is the very definition of evil and should never, ever, ever be used…… except when you’re putting forward an argument as to why the name of the City of Londonderry should be changed – “because most of usuns wannit”. ”

    No, Unionism had majority rule and abused it, therefore they should not have it. Personally, I view it as a generally acceptable democratic norm, but very, very bad when there is no prospect of change of Government.

    0/5. Well done.

  • DK

    Surprised no-one has mentioned this one:

    We will eventually outnumber them and so victory is assured at some point in the future.

    Or has immigration, intermarriage and the recent census put paid to that myth