Brown covers Flanagan’s arse

While the Secretary of State Shaun Woodward was not rushing to his defence, Prime Minister Gordon Brown seems unconcerned about the implications of the Omagh ruling and the questions it raises about Sir Ronnie Flanagan’s suitability as Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary.

  • perci

    FD don’t be offended but the majority of Brits and/or politicians on the mainland have to pinch themselves to remind themselves that NI is part of the UK.

    It just doesn’t register like say Scotland does.

    Welsh problems are pretty much unreported too.
    Maybe that’s a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down for your average hardline Ulster Brit,
    ( am using Brit in sense of non-Brit ie really Irish but too superior to accept that Identity )

    The thinking goes like this:
    Irish solutions for Irish problems; so don’t be surprised at all by the unconcern.

  • perci

    sadly and in this case therefore the Omagh victims will get no help from the British Gov’t.

    They want shot of the problem, so devolution of P&J;is essential for norn iron to get a grip on sorting out both its past and its future terrorist offences, whether that’s the armed wing of TUV or INLA etc etc

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Not a great fan of conspiracy theories but always thought that Ronnie got job because
    a)he had Engleze government by the balls over which politicians knew or ordered certain security force operations
    b) was going to cause serious difficulties for Patten/GFA.

  • Twinbrook

    Nothing will happen to good olde Sir Ronnie…

    He knows were all the skeletons are buried!

  • McGrath

    I think Mr Brown chose his words very carefully, not mentioning Omagh directly and underscoring Mr Flannigans work to date on wider policing issues.

    Think about how much dirt Mr Flannigan has on the British establishment (and others). He will continue to have his arse kissed (and covered) for a long time to come.

  • cut the bull

    Nothing will happen because the accountability that we are often told is there, is sadly no where to be found.

    The Brits make treaties on thier own grounds and that means saying nothing that would embarrass them, or any of the minions who worked on behalf of the Brit govt.

    Any body saying any thing different is being very economical with the truth.

    So Ronnie will always be beyond such accountability, National Security and that that oul bollocks, you knpw the score.

  • wild turkey

    ‘Think about how much dirt Mr Flannigan has on the British establishment (and others). ‘

    Well the same ploy kept J Edgar Hoover in a job well past his sell by date.

    McGrath. While neither doubting or embracing your statement, one question. Whats the evidence?

    Just curious really

  • what armed conflict

    With Ronnie it’s a case of, “Better inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in” His own men in SB called him the smiling assassin, I wonder why ?

  • perci

    One thing that annoys me is Unionists jump up and down over the scandal of Omagh and the trial, but when its pointed out to them that they really should be demanding P&J;powers, to make their own decisions on these related matters they get all shy.

    Throw those baby soothers away, ya big cry babies.
    Honestly did you ever in all you life!

  • With former Chief Constable Sir Ronnie continuing happily in his job, with the PM’s backing; and the two police officers branded as liars by Justice Weir continuing happily in theirs, with the Sir Hugh’s backing (at least, he hasn’t bothered to suspend them); will nobody in the police, past or present, bear responsibility for this disgraceful mess, which leaves bereaved families further bereft and justice more unlikely than ever?

  • McGrath

    McGrath. While neither doubting or embracing your statement, one question. Whats the evidence?

    Just curious really

    Posted by wild turkey on Jan 08, 2008 @ 08:02 PM

    Evidence? Sadly we are likely never to see hard evidence, at least not the full width and depth of it. Starting with Stalker it has been one fiasco after another.

    However, the man was commander of the RUC, an organization that is widely accepted to have acted illegally. He didn’t command on an executive basis, he did what he was told. No doubt in deep dark places there are copies of orders and transcripts of meetings, stuff that people in powerful positions never want to come to the light of day. Any logical person in his advantaged position would have their arse well covered.

    Just the threat of what he could disclose is enough.

  • Rory

    “Gordon Brown has said that former RUC chief constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan is doing an excellent job.”

    What Brown has not said is “and one in which he has my complete confidence to continue to do…”. Brown merely gave the public kiss of death and while Sir Ronnie will not be sent to “sleep with the fishes” there will shortly be a “Gone Fishin'” sign upon his door and thereafter we may well find that he is unavailable for comment.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    if that funny guy at the Met can keep his job then Flanners will be safe enough even if he doesent have any dirt on the goevernement up his sleeve.

  • Rory

    You could well be right, …Sammy etc. To steal from another: no one ever went broke underestimating the brazen venality of the British establishment.

    It is easy to ignore the cries of outrage against wrongdoing when those in the press who self pointedly charged themselves with the task are silent.

    This trick of righteous sang froid was learnt by standing defiant and courageous with manly upthrust chin while posing over the hordes of Gatling slain blackamoors lying strewn across their useless spears on the bloody plains of their homelands.

  • The role of HM’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary is well documented – just look at what Sir Laurence Byford did to stop John Stalker’s investigation of the Shoot-to-Kill murders back in April-June 1986.

    Sir Laurence got Manchester’s CID investigating Stalker’s alleged corrupt dealings with Kevin Taylor, thanks to what RUC informer David Burton was willing to say – that Stalker was connected to Christopher Hayward, brother of the BA’s leading hitman Captain Simon Hayward.

    The next thing that happened was the RUC’s Chief Constable Sir John Hermon refused to see Stalker further about the MI5 tape which disclosed how the shooting of Michael Tigue had occurred, and who gave the order, apparently Simon Hayward.

    Then Sir Laurence got Stalker removed from the inquiry, and made sure he never returned to it.

    For more, read the relevant sections of The Stalker Affair.

    And the scapegoating of Michael McKevitt for the dirty work of the RIRA killers at Omagh looks like Sir Ronnie running in the same way.

    In short, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary is the enforcer of whatever cover up is required, whatever the collusion by British officials.

  • topdeckomnibus

    Rory wrote;

    “It is easy to ignore the cries of outrage against wrongdoing when those in the press who self pointedly charged themselves with the task are silent. ”

    In 1982 I sought an interview with the Head of CID Suffolk Police. However, although he was present, the casefiles were all handled by a young uniformed accelerated promotion type Supt.

    At some point in the argument I asked a question. With alacrity the Supt answered by referring to his casefile and reading from a document dated 1972.

    Which was rather strange as I had only invented the question and planted it on a Sunday journalist two weeks earlier in 1982. The paper had written that this was not a story they would wish to cover. Perhaps not so much silent as whispering in the wrong ears ?

    How do you get a book published though ?

  • bollix

    did you intend the pun in the title of this thread?

  • slug

    “It just doesn’t register like say Scotland does.”


  • Comrade Stalin

    did you intend the pun in the title of this thread?

    I did. The Prime Minister could use a bit of bog roll.

  • joeCanuck

    I’m confused about # 19. Are fair deal and uncle Joe one and the same?

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’m confused about #20. Why does #19 mean that I might be Fair Deal ? And what does that have to do with the bidet in #10 ? This is starting to sound like the preamble to “The Prisoner”.

  • Since no one seems interested in the victims’ complaints, especially Victor Barker’s, of the RUC investigation of the Omagh bombing, and my complaint of what Sir Ronnie Flanagan, HM’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, has overseen the trial of, I guess I shall have to offer my explanation of the Sean Hoey fiasco.

    The reason why there was no real attempt to convict the perpetrators of the Omagh bombing is that it would have to reveal the role of David Gray Rupert, an agent of both MI5 and the FBI, in funding the RIRA, and helping get it to do the bombing.

    Rupert infiltrated the Irish Freedom Committee in Chicago back in the early 1990s, and soon he had all kinds of money flowing to republican paramilitary groups,thanks to his befriending New York’s Martin Galvin, the head of NORAID. Some of this money paid for the equipment and personnel who carried out the Omagh bombing.

    When it occurred despite all the warnings, the RUC and MI5 had to help cover up the disaster by getting Rupert to entrap Michael McKevitt the following year for engaging in terrorist activities by getting him to accept £10,000 of NORAID money to “cement relations” between the parties.

    The Gardai and MI5 had the meeting completely bugged, and shortly later McKevitt was tried in the Republic, and convicted of engaging in terrorist offences.

    Rupert then went on to entrap three more members in the RIRA for trying to buy weapons from another MI5 officer, posing an agent of Saddam Hussein’s feared Mukhabarat(Operation Samnite) – another covert operation to falsely portray the Iraqi dictator as delivering WMD to Britain.

    All Sir Ronnie Flanagan’s RUC investigators had to do was to persuade McKevitt to tell all about what Rupert had paid for, and arranged in return for his gaining release from the Irish prison, and getting a new identity. But this would also
    show that Annglo-American-Irish counterterrists were up to their necks in promoting it.

  • In addition, would someone explain to my why Ronan McSherry’a article today in the Ulster Herald – in which Victor Barker blasts Sir Ronnie for his gross failures in the Omagh investigation, and absurd posturing about its trial – is blacklisted from this site?

    I tried to include it in my previous post, but it was not accepted until I had deleted it from it.