Crime and No Punishment

It seems it is not only Orange Hall burnings that officialdom is incapable of dealing with, research by the News Letter has revealed that on fuel laundering there is:

…only a one per cent conviction rate, zero per cent imprisonment rate, tiny fines and no threat of closure to their forecourts.

  • On the buses

    Such a bit of whinging about Orange Halls. Looks like unionists are haven’t a bit of difficulty realising that the state police force is not primarily in place to answer to their beck and call.

    Fair Deal raises a good point here. It comes down to a question of priorities, so how high on the list of priorities would readers place attacks on empty halls owned by a bunch of Neanderthal racists, when included with a list of other crimes such as murder, manslaughter, drink driving, possession of weapons, assaults, racial assaults, muggings, burglaries, car theft, paedophilia, rapes, indecent assaults, fraud, forgery, smuggling, drug trafficking, kidnapping, blackmail etc…

    It’s bad enough that the Orange Order get the run of the towns and roads for most of the year. If they are so concerned about their property, let them go and buy in some private security instead of expected the rest of us to provide for them.

  • The Dubliner

    Organised crime is endemic and epidemic in NI. For example, the Federation of Small Businesses says that at least 4,000 businesses are victims of extortion from organised crime gangs in NI, yet no research has been done by the state into the cost of this extortion on the wider NI economy. Why not? If you want to grow the private sector, then you have to protect business people and their enterprises from criminal parasites. The Organised Crime Task Force isn’t effective in tackling the problem. Why not? Why must 1 business in every 15 pay for the lavish lifestyle of parasites? And why does your state not warn entrepreneurs that the risk of being forced to comply with the whims of criminals is higher than it is in Russia? Well, that one is easy to answer.

    By the way, a recent RTE investigation into fuel smuggling “Untouchables” showed how easy it is to track and catch these criminals in the act, yet the state is unable to do what anyone with a car and a DVD recorder can do. It also pointed out that the Irish state gains 160 million euro from the fuel smuggling trade in extra excise duties, so the Irish state has a financial incentive to turn a blind eye to organised crime beyond doing so to protect PSF/PIRA from the outrage of the DUP grassroots due to their organised crime cartel and the vast profits they accumulate from it.

  • Hogan

    Q: Why no convictions for fuel smuggling?

    A: NIO have put the gloves on PSNI.

    Wonder no longer. Next question please….

  • Rory

    There is a simple solution to the fuel smuggling problem of course – end the border and you end smuggling at a stroke. But simple though that may be, it is, alas, not easy as our history has taught us.

    Of simple and easy solutions to eradicating crime statistics many, myself included, would urge the decriminalisation of cannabis and there are other areas that touch only on the private lives of citizens that could similarly be tackled. Arson however is not among them and the spiteful little rant from On the Buses above does not I hope find resonance with many other than the small circle wherein he is tolerated.

  • “It’s bad enough that the Orange Order get the run of the towns and roads for most of the year. If they are so concerned about their property, let them go and buy in some private security instead of expected the rest of us to provide for them.”

    I suspect for people like On the buses it’s bad enough that the OO exists at all.

    As for the fuel laundering, where would our wonderful political settlement be if reality were to intrude? No wonder the state is unwilling to get its finger out. Who knows where investigations to all the smuggling might lead.

    More to the point, why are the DUPers going around still proclaiming that SF has signed up to the rule of law whilst the IRA’s organised crime is still ongoing?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    More co-operation between PSNI and Gardai, as per the Quinn investigation , would suit everybody – SF could argue it was an All ireland police force and DUP could argue it was a an all UK one.

  • Twinbrook

    Why all the furore about the inactivity of the PSNI when it comes to solving crime?
    Its about time some realised that the PSNI is hampered by…..
    only working 9-5 Monday to Friday…weekends free for blow outs…..
    Not attempting to enter any area where they might have to actually do something strange, alight from their warm cosy cars….
    Spending all their time denying they run all the low life scum who torture and rob at will as touts….
    Crime doesn`t exist, repeat after me…Crime doesn`t exist…

  • K man

    It seems the PSNI aren’t overly bothered by fuel smuggling, partly because its mainly a customs and excise problem. Even so, it seems customs and excise aren’t overly bothered. A resource issue I suspect.

    I was recently “dipped” by customs on the Glenshane Road. I got chatting to one officer who informed me that when they catch a lorry using illegal fuel they seize and inspect the entire fleet, dishing out fines accordingly.

    On another note, the government could reduce fuel duty to match the republic and wipe the problem out, even reverse it!

    Twinbrook, yet another well informed, constructive and astute observation of NI society and policing issues. Methinks you live the life of a mushroom.
    Kept in the dark and fed shite…

  • Twinbrook

    K man….
    instead of personal innuendo maybe you should address the question….
    The PSNI`s inability to tackle nevermind solve crime…
    Now unless you know better….Lets not forget, last years figures for solving and combatting crime, The West Belfast PSNI finished bottom in every category bar one…
    Maybe there are some still remaining in the PSNI who wouldn`t like to see the development of REAL policing!

  • K man

    Finger pointing seems to be a strength of yours twinbrook.

    I would like to see some evidence to back the performance claims for EVERY measured category. I have no doubt crime is rife in the West Belfast policing district. Just as Lisburns crime figures were appalling up until a few years back.

    Yes, overnight the crime fell by a jump for one fairly obvious reason. The Twinbrook and Poleglass estates were taken over by West Belfast district instead of Lisburn.

    I doubt the old conspiracy theory of not wanting to Police an area is rapidly losing credibility. I rather think the two estates being full of two legged vermin a more likely explanation for the crime.

    Don’t take this as a personal attack, the social issues in those areas are among the worst in europe. I’m not suggesting the crime is a conscious choice, but I am realistic enough to see the problem is definately not just down to Policing.

  • I did ask

    where would our wonderful political settlement be if reality were to intrude? never mind that.Where would we be if reality intruded into the lives of the freqent slugs.Today i asked 14 people from diff backgrounds and religeons about the the oo hall thing and guess what they honestly dont give a fuck they have a lot more to think about.In fact they would come down on the side of on the busses. As blair said voters are bastards.

  • Twinbrook

    K man…

    Twinbrook and poleglass have been included within west belfast *policing* area for over 10years plus…
    so if this is your definition of overnight, I gave up.
    Off course the Police can`t be blamed for everything, what they can do is be more pro-active and stop running all their £10 touts who reek havoc and seem to be above reproach!
    Also they can acknowledge the mood swing in the Nationalist community, one towards more co-operation but co-operation based on mutual respect.
    The days of West Belfast being classed as the wild west just to cover the inactivity or lack of interest on the past of the police in combating crime are over.
    West Belfast is embracing and calling for New policing, co-operation not confrontation…
    Its up to the PSNI to show they are willing to embrace this.
    We`re watching.