The operation of devolution – present and future

Independent republican Gerry McHugh has outlined his reasons for quitting Sinn Fein and it is the operation of devolution more than policing that is the problem. In quotes almost made for the DUP manifesto, he comments:

“The main reasons for my decisions (are) that the Assembly is being run by unionists, both at plenary and committee level and is strongly underlining British rule and the Union. The DUP are extremely pleased with the way they have gained control over Sinn Fein; this is my major concern and one I could not have foreseen before the Assembly elections. Unionists have a majority at all levels, Sinn Fein can only deliver what unionists want.”

Ian Paisley Jnr has added to his father’s comments on devolution of policing and justice, said the DUP was in favour of such devolution and outlined a range of issues that needed to be addressed for sufficient confidence. Jim Allister is suitably vexed at the suggestion.