Yes to a Bill of Rights…but with one condition

While Church of Ireland Gazette has laid out its opposition, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor Patrick Walsh has expressed support for a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights but he stressed the importance of the particular circumstances of Northern Ireland caveat arguing this meant protections for families:

“As we reflect, in the context of Northern Ireland, on the human family as a community of peace, the Human Rights Forum should enumerate the rights of the family based on marriage given that the basic cell of society is the natural family, that intimate communion of life and love, based on marriage between a man and a woman”

He also called for the Northern Ireland Assembly to amend the sexual orientation regulations:

“Legislation affecting Northern Ireland which was enacted in Westminster on this day last year has serious implications for marriage and family life and the right of faith-based organisations to act in a manner consistent with their ethos. This legislation can be amended by our assembly and out legislators must look seriously at the current legislation.”

Human rights groups and other sectors may have a few issues with both of those.