Sean Hoey found not guilty

The only person put before a British court for the Omagh bomb has been found not guilty. In his judgement, Justice Weir accused the police of “deliberate and calculated deception” and trial transcripts have been forwarded to the Police Ombudsman. The DNA evidence that was central to the case was rejected (from reports so far it is unclear on whether this was because of risk of cross-contamination, the technique used or both).

Outside the court the father of one Omagh bomb victim speaking outside the court singled out Sir Ronnie Flanagan, presently Chief Inspector of Constabulary and former Chief Constable of the PSNI and RUC, for particular critcism. Following a damning Police Ombudsman report into the original Omagh bomb investigation he had declared he would “publicly commit suicide” if he thought the claims were true.

  • Siphonophore


    you are not as informed, erudite or as articulate as you imagine you are.

    Did you make it past the first paragraph of the article on the evolution of the eye I directed you to or are you still confusing their rhetorical question as a caveat?

  • andy

    Its a pity no-one is listenining to your constructed arguments linked with evidence. FWIW I think you are right as a historical matter of observed fact. That doesnt make the Provos or RIRA any less delusional.

    I dont have much to add to what you say except two things:
    a) Reader – most of the civilian casulaties caused by PIRA were from operational fuck-ups on their part – I can’t recall them switching to night time bombings etc periodoically as part of a camapgin. The ceasefire was a fairly dramatic move and not just linked to reducing the proprtion of civilian casualties. In short I dont think they were no top of things enough to manage even civilian deaths acording to their requirements as you suggest.

    b) If you want to see what terrorists who want to deliberately cause civilian casualties do – look at Iraq (or indeed Israel or civil-war era Lebanon). You’ll come up with behaviour substantially different to what you had in the North.

  • Turgon

    I accept that you are still condemning the IRA murders but I do think there is a flaw in your argument. You tell us that at Enniskillen the timer went wrong. Who told the world this? The IRA. Now the IRA do have a history of telling lies on multiple occassions so I would suggest that it is very possible that they are lying. One of their claims regarding Enniskillen was that the army accidentally set off the bomb. That was then changed to a timer failure. Is it not more likely that they were spinning to try to reduce negative publicity.

    If one looks at the attempted mass murder with a command wire at Pettigo on the same day again it is difficult to see how anything other than mass civilian murder (in this case of children) was intended.

    If one looks at shootings of course it is even more clear. It would be impossible to see the murder of Douglas Deering the shopkeeper in Roslea as an accident or something which went wrong. The same of course applies to Kingsmills and Darkley.

    If then the IRA were perfectly happy to murder civilians with firearms it seems odd to say that they would have been unwilling to kill them with bombs.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    having debated the ‘did the Provos mean to kill civilians’ debate with you before there is not much point in going back over this. It is absolutely clear (and perhaps this would be an interesting research project) that the facts deemed relevenat by either side in the debate are determined not by study of the case but by ideology. The important difference between the RIRA campaign and the Provo campaign is that the former had actaully no chance of success. The Provo campaign led to significant reform of the Non Iron state and de facto lossening of British constitutional links.

    What I presume we would agree on is that morally there is little difference between the motivation and morality of the Provo and Rira bombs.

    if as your name suggests you are a free stater presubably you must have difficulty with the naming of public buildings and train stations etc in your part of the country in memory of the previous insurgency in the 1920s. After all the old Provos of those days had no mandate to go to war and wolud therefore in your view also be deemed terrorists.

  • Turgon

    You and I will have to disagree on some of this. We both agree on the morality of bombs do not worry and I agree with and do not doubt your moral position on them.

    Rather a badly constructed sentence but I hope you know what I mean

  • The Dubliner

    “you are not as informed, erudite or as articulate as you imagine you are.

    Did you make it past the first paragraph of the article on the evolution of the eye I directed you to or are you still confusing their rhetorical question as a caveat? ” -Siphonophore

    You’re good at avoiding the actual point, aren’t you? Just as your googled link with keywords “how the eye evolved” didn’t address the point of contention that evolution requires the mutation to be useful to the propagation of a species in order the mutation to be adopted and proliferated by natural selection, whereas the initial mutation which theoretically formed the eye (after 500 thousand years of evolution by a sequence of mutations) was useless for the greater number of those years, thereby failing to be explained by the theory because of said uselessness. You are confusing ‘mutation’ in the form of the gene to build an eye with the process of building the gene to build the eye. The former is explained by evolution and the latter isn’t. Get it that time?

    Now back to your other avoidance: your deranged argument that terrorist explosions in crowded civilian centres are intended merely to demolish buildings (presumably to stimulate urban regeneration) and have no other purpose. As I patiently explained to you, the demolition service doesn’t inspire terror unless it carries with it the danger of indiscriminate murder of the civilian population. It is merely a demolition service which is provided by unlicensed operators but which carries no danger due to warnings of the ad hoc demolition being provided, and creates jobs in the construction industry, boosting the local economy. This, child, is not how to run a terror gang. As Reader also patiently explained to you, murder is a part of the equation, wherein the murder is spread out over a specified number of explosions: some murder and some don’t but all are part of a campaign where the intent is indiscriminate murder. This has the effect of allowing the apologists (and low rent trolls) to deny that murder was the intent – which is also a part of the carefully thought-out tactic. Get that that time? Probably not because you’re not good at ‘getting’ things and you made such as an ass of yourself with your asinine argument that you now have a vested interest in pretending that you didn’t. 😉

  • The Dubliner

    “After all the old Provos of those days had no mandate to go to war and wolud therefore in your view also be deemed terrorists.” – Sammy

    Yawn. Try looking up the meaning of self-determination and when Ireland achieved it. Here’s a clue: it wasn’t before the Easter Rising. The old IRA war was about self-determination – that is the right of the Irish people to decide their own future. When it was achieved, the Irish people decided that they would unite the island by exclusively peaceful means. The fascist thugs like PIRA et al decided that they would ignore the right of the Irish people to self-determination and engage in an illegitimate murder campaign against the will of the Irish people as expressed through self-determination (which, for slow learners, is what the old IRA was for). See the difference?

  • susan

    Siphophore, there is interest in some of what you say, but not only was the Omagh bomb planted in the heart of a shopping district on the busiest day of the week, it was also the busiest shopping day of the summer, the last Saturday to hit the shops before the children returned to school. Even those who hate to shop had to go in for the uniforms, supplies, etc.

    To believe that loss of civilian life could be avoided on minimised on that specifically chosen Saturday, RIRA would have had to have absolute faith confidence in the efficiency of the police and emergency services — faith and confidence there is zero evidence to suggest RIRA possesses.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    re. self-determination

    One of the Provo demands was for proper vote on self-determination which the GFA went some way towards addressing. We will still dont know if a majority of those in the 2 states would have voted for a United Ireland. It is a mark of the statesmanship of Grizzly and co. that they accepted the watered down version on offer. The free state mindset that celebrates the good work of James Connolly and Michael Collins ( the ‘good old Provos’ ) were not really that different but denigrates those attempting to clear up the mess left behind after the last serious Irish insurregency of the early part of the 20th Century is a remarkable and ambitious act of double standardising. This attitude contrasts with the British goevernment and with most serious historians and that is why Mr Blair can sally forth and claim to be peacemaker of some repute not because he defeated ‘terrorists’ but was part of the a peace process which ( hopefully ) regularised relations between these islands.

  • Craigavoner
  • RepublicanStones

    very interesting indeed craigavoner, although you will have many on here rubbishing such possibilities because of the fact a certain Mr McIntyre runs said website. for those of us, however, well read on british ‘dirty tricks’ and colonial wars it is sadly familiar !

  • Nevin

    It’s a bit difficult to interpret the Hanley and related material. Is it implicit that London, Dublin and Washington conspired together to ‘facilitate’ the Adams faction in the PRM?