Welsh causing flag frenzy…

ALL this talk of a new Union Flag (cos the Welsh feel left out, and God forbid that anyone feels left out) has led to some weird and wonderful ideas for a re-design. Now some ker-azy Japanese flag fans have put forward their own proposals (see vid), and some others can be seen in a slideshow here. A campaign for a new flag is already online. Sure it’s just a bit of fun…

  • hotdogx

    From an Irish point of view, if the 3 nations of Britain are not represented on the British national flag then the union jack is not a very inclusive flag and as far as im concerned the welsh have made a good point.

    On a similar note:
    I would imagine that the flag of st Patrick will be removed from the union jack (which was a British invention anyway) and revert to the pre act of union 1800s flag on the reunification of Ireland.

  • Maggie’s Thatch
  • Danny O’Connor

    I have to agree with you hotdogx,however as nationalism is on the increase in Scotland and Wales the “union”is becoming less relevant the future union jack will be -the coss of St George.

  • JG

    I think the “union” is on the way out.

    Btw, what’s with the new logo? Somehow it doesn’t seem right for a politics/current affairs website. I thought I had logged onto my 12-year-old niece’s Bebo page! 😉

  • Dewi

    Video quite funny actually – but personally I have no selfish strategic interest in being represented on that flag at all.

  • Outsider

    I somehow doubt we will get a balanced view on the Union within Slugger.

    The fact the the Union between Great Britain and NI is stronger now than ever must hurt a lot of little Sluggerites.

  • dewi

    Mind you – haven’t we got a brilliant flag? Are you all terribly jealous? You never had any Irish dragons? – of course not – you haven’t even got any snakes!

  • Pancho’s Horse

    You’re wrong about the snakes bit, boyo. And what does ‘dadcu’ mean?

  • dewi

    Tadcu is grand-dad – in the South – Taid in the North – u got snakes then?

  • joeCanuck

    Who is leeking this information?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Dewi, bit in yesterday’s Guardian about a wee girl remembering her grandfather who was a baker and used to cook all the neighbours turkeys in Swansea. She called him ‘dadcu’. Our snakes all wear Armani suits.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    …………… except Bareass who just wears a smile.

  • Dewi

    Joe C, who just won Sports Personality of the year, from my village ! Brilliant !

  • Turgon


    Congratulations and yes indeed your flag is actually much more cool than anyone else’s I can think of.

  • Dewi

    And Turgon – I have a real Dragon that I have to feed most days…….he needs gold sometimes but I can mostly get away with Catfood – but on special days I have to produce an Englishman…

  • It’d be good to see the Welsh represented distinctly, the problem comes in designing something practical. I don’t think it’s really possible to add them to the existing Union Jack without complicating it to a point where it’s not a “good flag” anymore. Which is one reason I don’t really have a problem removing the crown in any new Northern Ireland flag.

    Most of the proposals I’ve seen, aside from looking like shite, ignore one or more of the basic principles in the link above or disregard the heritage and/or symbolism & meaning of the current flag.

  • Please note that last paragraph was referring to proposals for a new Union Jack, not NI flag.

  • Billy


    “The fact the the Union between Great Britain and NI is stronger now than ever must hurt a lot of little Sluggerites”

    You really do live on fanatsy Island, don’t you?

    What evidence do you base this nonsense on?

    There are many intelligent pro-Union posters on this site who wouldn’t agree with that ridiculous comment – mainly because (unlike you) they live in the real world.

    Have you ever spent any time in Britain?

    When I first moved to London 20 years ago, people in the UK didn’t understand NI and didn’t care about it. That was when there were still IRA attacks on them. Let’s face facts, the UK people never really cared about IRA attacks in Ulster – it was only when the were directly effected that they cared.

    I was back in London recently on business and they care even less about NI than they did before especially since the IRA have gone.

    I think you’ll find that people in the UK care about interest rates, house prices, islamic terrorism, Iraq/Iran/Afghnistan, the NHS, immigration, soccer and at least one hundred more things more than they care about NI.

    If the UK govt are so bothered about NI, why did they withdraw 70% of their troops and close many bases, why disband the RIR home batallions and reduce the size of the PSNI (full-time and reserve) and close many police stations.

    Why are the UK govt allowing the RoI to invest Irish money in cross-border transport, communication and tourist ventures?

    Why are the UK govt proposing an electronic border scheme that includes England, Scotland and Wales as one unit and omits NI?

    As an intelligent Nationalist, I do not delude myself that there will be a United Ireland in the near future.

    However, any Unionist who believes that the UK govt cares about NI and that is an issue of any importance to the UK electorate is stupid beyond belief.

    Outside of a few parts of Scotland, the vast majority of UK people couldn’t give a toss about NI and, if the British decided to pull out, the vast majority would either welcome it or, more likely, couldn’t care less.

    I seem to remember a CONSERVATIVE Secretary of State for NI saying in public that the British govt have “no selfish, strategic or economic interest in NI”.

    The simple fact is that the UK govt is gradually disengaging from NI and the RoI is gradually gaining more and more influence (both political and financial). The Nationalist population is now approx 45% and increasing.

    If you want to delude yourself that the UK links are “stronger than ever”, you really are a fool.

  • The Dubliner

    “I have no selfish strategic interest in being represented on that flag at all.” – Dewi

    Neither do the sheep, Mr Brooke. Now, do you mind if we build an MI5 headquarters in Wales in case the one in London is attacked? There is nothing selfish or strategic about, you understand.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    The Romans, The Taffs and Y Ddraig Goch



    Dewi, fraternal thanks for rolling over at Stradey.

  • dewi

    Llanelli were just beaten up. Not good. There are plenty of myths concerning why a dragon on the flag. The truth is a little simpler- The dragons insisted on it – it’s very difficult to argue with a bunch of fiery dragons.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Dewi, not only has Wales has one up on us (Padz)by not being included on that dreadful flag but having been in Ireland and unable to find a pub showing the Munster game ( I ended up seeing it in a GGA Club) they were all watching 2 non indigenous teams Liverpool v Reading – Wales clearly has the edge when it comes to giving prioirty to their own.

  • dewi

    Sammy – O’Gara not bad in the rain – but forward Munster display in 2nd half very effective. Back to flags – I “read somewhere” that there were only two countries with mythical beast on their flags – Wales and Albania. As dragons are far from mythical I reckon Albania’s eagle thingy on its own….

  • Muhammad the Pig

    There are more Muslims than Welsh kaffirs in the UK. Why not a separate flag for us too? Or just put a crescent on the UJ and the Irish rag too?

  • RepublicanStones

    the simple undeniable fact remains that the ‘great’ union was created through the subjugation of people who had no desire to be part of that union…..which is why there has and will always be nationalist/freedom/independence movements. to many, not just here in ireland, but further afield, the union jack is justifiably seen as a ‘butchers apron’, no doubt there will be little englanders and unionists nostaligic for the old empire who will say this is nonsense, but that just speaks volumes about their mentality and lack of historical knowledge.

  • C-lyn

    while Northern Ireland is not a country it is included due to the Saint Patrick’s Cross and
    as Wales is a principality it is already included due to the Saint George’s Cross being on the flag.

    they have the Tudors to blame for that.

  • joeCanuck

    Nothing like a good old piece of victimhood to brighten ones day, eh republicanstones.

  • RepublicanStones

    i apologise if the truth is a little uncomfortable for you joe !

  • Dewi

    Love the flagmaker adverts – product placement or what. Slugger getting v. sophisticated methinks.

  • Phil


    “no doubt there will be little englanders and unionists nostaligic for the old empire”

    How can one be a Little Englander AND an imperialist? Did you not know that the term was first used to describe Liberals in the 19th century who were OPPOSED to empire building!

  • Cap’n bob

    Prime Minister also started out as an insult and look at the usage … oh wait a minute.

  • RepublicanStones

    Phil, the term little englander can also be used to descirbe those english nationalists who are unaware or ignorant of the thoughts and wishes of the people who make up the rest of the uk. but granted its first coinage was indeeed used to describe people wishing to reel in the empire.

  • [i]How can one be a Little Englander AND an imperialist? Did you not know that the term was first used to describe Liberals in the 19th century who were OPPOSED to empire building!

    Posted by Phil on Dec 12, 2007 @ 06:47 AM[/i]

    Jesus Phil why do you have to bring in irrelevant crap like facts when RS is on one of his “I hate the English rants”.

    I think a dragon added to the UJ would look pretty cool. I guess that makes me a vile imperialist.

  • RepublicanStones

    where have i said i hate the english ponder? can i chalk your comment up as one of those “attack republicans at every opportunity” rants? or “im insecure because of my siege mentality and so must attack those pesky rebels” rants?

    oh and how about you read all the posts before mentioning the word facts !