Unionist commemoration group learns about IRA leader…

UNIONISTS from the Friends of the Somme‘s mid-Ulster branch are to get history lessons on iconic IRA leader Michael Collins thanks to the Republic’s reconciliation fund. Anyone else taking one small step to learning about understand the ‘other’ tradition?

  • darth rumsfeld

    hopefully the trip will allow them to take a trip to Dunmanway to see the scene of Collins’ followers’ final triumph

  • Dewi


    Pretty blance on Slugger agree Darth.

    Always though “Friends of the Somme” a very strange name – but good news that this is happening.

  • RepublicanStones

    maybe they’ll also go to croker and here about why the Hogan stand is so named. wouldn’t that be good Darth?

  • Dewi

    Can’t blasted concentrate:

    Meant “Pretty balanced on Wiki Darth ?
    Always thought…

  • RepublicanStones


  • Billy Pilgrim


    What do you want? Do you want republicans to acknowledge that the Dunmanway massacre was sheer bloody murder? That it was totally wrong, totally immoral, that it should never have happened?

    I’m a republican. I’ll happily do so. I won’t even muddy the waters by referring to context. Just total, outright condemnation.

    I’ll also point out that both pro- and anti-Treaty wings of the IRA also condemned the massacre outright at the time.

    So, given that what has been done unfortunately cannot be undone, what do you want?

    And if you’ll forgive me, I’ll answer my own question. You want to imply that the Dunmanway massacre nullifies the entire moral legitimacy of the war of independence, of the existence of an Irish republic, and indeed the existence of Irish republican politics.

    Would that be about right?

  • Smiley

    Darth has a bee in his bonnet when it comes to Michael Collins.

    Even had a slash against his memorial down in Co. Cork. Isn’t that right old chap?

    Tsk tsk.

  • Dan

    It was murder, no doubt.

    ” A general convention of Irish Protestant Churches in Dublin released a statement saying that, ‘apart from this incident, hostility to Protestants by reason of their religion, has been almost, if not wholly unknown, in the 26 counties in which they are a minority’ ”

    “Local IRA commanders, Tom Barry, Liam Deasy and Seán Moylan, ordered that armed guards be put on the homes of other known former loyalists to prevent further violence. Tom Barry, who had returned immediately from Dublin on hearing of the killings, ensured that some who attempted to take advantage of the situation by stealing livestock owned by Protestants were firmly discouraged. For this he earned a friendship and respect of Protestant families in the area lasting until his death in 1980.”


  • dewi

    Plenty of fine books on Collins but the one that gets the spirit of the times is “The Big Fellow” – away from home so not sure but think Frank O’Conner the author.
    Astonishing in our age the casual view of killing. But a remarkable tale of a remarkable life.

  • That is a heart warming story and offer, at least to me, more hope for the future of NI than the Paisley-McGuinness agreement of the Spring.

  • RepublicanStones

    dewi, you might like to read ‘Mick’ by Peter Hart. engrossing. believe it or not, but Churchill himself, had this to say of the big fella –
    “He was an Irish patriot, true and fearless…. When in future times the Irish Free State is not only the home of culture and of virtue, not only prosperous and happy, but an active, powerful, and annealing force in the British Commonwealth of Nations, regard will be paid by widening circles to his life and to his death.”

  • dewi

    Read thanks – a little bit revisionist I thought – Tim Pat Coogan gets my vote for objectivity.

  • Objectivist

    I can’t believe that you are still peddling Peter Hart’s Dunmanway canard which has been torn to shreds in Indymedia and History Ireland along with the said Mr.Hart. P.H., for example, actually stated that he interviewed an IRA survivor of the Kilmichael ambush at a time when they had all departed for the next world.
    Shorn of Darth’s jesuitical, casuistic window dressing his read on Dunmanway can be summarised as follows:
    Great. We’re onto a good thing with this Dunmanway business. At long last we have something with which to whatabouterise the 1922 Belfast pogrom. Sod that Meda Ryan lady for throwing a spanner in the works.