Maori group borrows IRA training manual…

YOU’D probably never think of New Zealand as a hotbed of terrorism, but a story has been knocking about since last month about the arrest of an alleged Maori paramilitary group planning to establish an independent nation. According to the police there, the group’s methods were derived from the IRA’s Green Book training manual.

  • cut the bull

    Maybe it’s a case of tiochaka ar la

  • Rory

    For those interested in learning a little more of past Maori resistance to colonial rule I would heartily recommend Geoff Murphy’s 1983 movie Utu. I quote below from a i-World Films review:

    1-World Festival of Foreign Films

    New Zealand – 1983
    Directed by Geoff Murphy
    Set in 1870’s New Zealand, Utu is a film about revenge. Utu is a Maori word which means justice, Maori justice. Te Wheke (Anzac Wallace) is a Maori who serves as a Lance Corporal in the colonial army. A new strategy of “controlling” the natives has been put into effect, that of surprise attacks on small villages where everyone is killed and the village burned. Te Wheke comes upon such a scene, after the attack, and finds his entire family has been slain. He turns and kills the nearest white man, a fellow soldier. He vows to seek revenge for his murdered family members and sets off an uprising that the colonial forces seem unable to quell. Te Wheke and his band of revolutionaries use guerilla tactics to evade the army and build increasing support for their movement. It’s hard to imagine a more frightening sight than that of Te Wheke, face fully tattooed, eyes wild, with his tongue flicking in and out of his mouth (Maori style) as he approaches his victim, hatchet held ready.

    While the colonial army has relied heavily on native Maori recruits, they are now defecting on a daily basis to join Te Wheke. One such soldier asks an officer, “Will these guns make the world a better place?”. “Probably not.” answers the officer. “Then what does it matter whose side you’re on?” asks the soldier.

    It’s a hell of an accomplished little film that was a harbinger of the cinematic talent latent in New Zealand that was just beginning to bloom.

    As a movie whose subject matter is anti-colonial insurrection it sits well alongside Pontecorvi’s masterpiece The Battle of Algiers. After having watched it I would not blame any Maori for getting hold of The Green Book and learning from it. But I’m not a Maori and leave it for the Maori people to decide on their own course of action.

  • Dawkins

    LOL @ cut the bull!

    On a serious note, I’d have thought there was enough violence in the world at present without the Maori wanting a piece of the action.

  • Rory

    Would you prefer, Dawkins, that violence be a sole monoply of oppressor societies only and be denied to the the oppressed except in being objects of it?

  • Moochin Photoman

    Having been fortunate enough to stay on a Maori Marae a few years back i’m not that surprised to hear of this. That said dialogue is the way forward and this group are a very small minority from what i gather.
    Heres a few photos…….

  • Dawkins


    No. I prefer no violence from any quarter.

  • Dewi

    Brilliant book on (the original) Maori resistance – “New Zealand Wars” by a bloke called James Belich. Magnificent fighters, both strategic and tactical.

    Good museum in Wellington called Te Papa – well worth a visit (once you have done a bunjee of course)

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    I think it’s kinda odd every time I see the All Blacks team perform the haka, putting across this big tough warrior nativist image, yet the Union flag of a colonial past bedecks the southern cross.

  • heck

    why don’t those Maori’s just accept rule by the British master race–just like the Micks did.

    after all the british killed enough of them to force them to condemn (non British!) violence!

  • Francesco

    i keep on wondering why people have the tendency to dislike british colonialism worldwide, a treu mistery in me book!

    plus i thought whitewashed the british lions was a pretty good result for the maori in 2005… go on the lads in black!

  • harry

    the question is.. which edition of the green book are they working from.

    it sounds like the may have an old copy of the green book.

    what they want to get is the fully revised and updated edition for 2007

    this new edition (avialable Easons rrp £8.99)has an interesting new chapter.

    a summary of this chapter is

    1 cease immeadiately any armed camapign.
    2 hand over any equipment as requested.
    3 apolgise for any trouble caused.
    4 join enemy’s puppet assmbly .
    5 join enemy’s police force.
    6 encourage your supporters to pass any information they have on malcontents to police who pass to MI5.
    7 introduce water legislation that your enemy didnt have the balls to.
    8 screw over groups you once spoke up for, like working class women in low wage jobs.
    9 get new suit.

    hopefully this will save the Maori resistance alot of time and effort.

  • Donnacha

    The “Green Book” was a cut-and-paste copy off Wikipedia. The “terrorists” were so inept that some were ordering their secret supplies from TradeMe, a local online auction/trade site; in fact one of them put a “wanted to buy” ad on there looking for combat fatigue trousers in XXXXXL size. I’d like to see HIM crawl unnoticed through the undergrowth.
    This aside, there has been a huge furore over the police raids that netted the so-called Urewera 17, not all of whom were Maori. some were greenies, others “peace activists” although the cops also recovered some firearms and napalm. It will be interesting indeed to see what happens in the next few months, but I can’t see Maoridom rising as one, taiaha in hand to strike at the neck of the Pakeha invader. They’re far too sensible.

  • Donnacha

    BTW Rory, Utu is a marvellous little film, I couldn’t agree more. Geoff Murphy also made the brilliant Goodbye Pork Pie, about two chancers driving a stolen Mini the length of NZ being chased by the cops. A gem.

  • forecast

    Uncle Bully………..Uncle Fucking Bully


    Cook the man some fucking eggs!

  • agh

    i see the columbian three are still making headlines.

  • toecutter

    if you follow the provos manual then throw in the towel now before you start loosing men and the provos drug the so called war prob 25yrs to long what they have now they could of had in the late 70s r 80s and saved a lot of lives british and irish lives.its verry diffucilt to mount a sustained armed campaign when your orginsation is riddled wit informers .you are on a looser straight ran its course as the dark hughes admitted now its time to settle into bed wit the british and forget tiocfaidh ar la.the six counties of northern ireland is not worth one life.

  • Dewi

    Donnacha – u were v quiet in the Rugby – what on earth happened ?