Sarasen tours of South Armagh…

Willie Frazer with a new venture in commemorative tours in South Armagh.

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  • Sarasenbuster

    Nice to see someone will be making some money from the sorry mess. “Join FAIR, so we can exploite your sorrow in a spectacular and tacky fashion”.

  • Willie “I’m so persecuted by republicans I spend all day driving around Crossmaglen in a Saracen” Frazer.

  • Weird altogether.

  • Bemused

    He’s one strange fish. The thought of spending any amount of time in a confined space listening to his monotone… not exactly enticing. Wurdo

  • René

    Lieutenant Gruber und his little tank!

  • Nesbitt

    “…..but you’ll be safe enough in this……” Thanks Mick, great stuff. US and UK tourists will love it, its almost a selling point that the ra might potentially attack the vehicle

  • picador

    On a point of pedantry – surely the correct spelling is Saracen and not Sarasen?

  • Bla

    The second video on the Youtube site is potentially libellous. If I were Willie, I’d take it down quick sharp.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Willie Frazer annoys republicans because he’s just like them.

  • C

    Never before has the ‘YouTube’ logo seemed so appropriate!

  • Billy Pilgrim


    “Willie Frazer annoys republicans because he’s just like them.”

    I’m a republican. Willie Frazer is nothing like me.

    I actually just feel sorry for the guy. He has genuinely suffered terrible bereavement and it has had a tragic effect on him.

  • joeCanuck

    I wonder if people would also pay money to lie in a cold wet ditch waiting for one of these tours to go past so they can experience the “other side”.
    It is sad really.

  • pith

    That is the worst thing I have ever seen. Where on earth did he buy that jumper?

    Whoever said that he is similar to republicans makes a very good point. C on the other hand makes a very funny one.

  • harry

    is that saracern inside glenanne barracks??

    oh wait.. it’s not

  • Bemused

    “Never before has the ‘YouTube’ logo seemed so appropriate!

    Posted by C on Nov 16, 2007 @ 04:58 PM”

    Post of the year as far as I’m concerned – well done C!

  • cut the bull

    Theres surely a health and safety issue here for potential tourists. No not the threat of an imminent attack while being driven about in one of these contraptions, but the experiance having to endure the lentgh of the journey listening to Willies voice.

    Sure he could ask the office of FMDFM for funding for this venture, that is if hes still on speaking terms with big Ian.

  • Séamaí

    I was just thinking the same BEMUSED: Willie’s a tube.

  • Rapunsel

    What’s so bad about it? Don’t you think it shows a wee bit of softening in his attitude? He’s certainly not engaged in a deranged rant in the clip. And is there not a market for this sort of thing? are there not a number of ex IRA prisoner groups involved in a troubles tourism project across the country. I recall seeing an advert up there on the Springfield Road for something similar in West Belfast ,,, hire a saracen to get to your wedding or something.

    I’d be less worried about having to listen to him or get attacked by the RA than the risk of an inexperienced driver trying to handle one of those massive things!


    This is why the Portadown News went out of business. How can you parody something like this?
    And yes, comment of the year, if not the lifetime of Slugger O’Toole, from C.

  • Marc

    Some of the comments on this website make me lose my faith in humanity. Harrys for example, but on the other threads it takes the piss. I heard it said that it will take a generation to die for bigotry and the like to disappear, bring it on……

  • cut the bull

    Dublin beware it might not be a parade the next time but an armoured invasion. Think about it if seen in the wrong context this could threaten the peace process. This is a song that may be heard in years to come.

    Armoured cars and tanks and guns
    We take pounds, euros and dollars no punts
    You’ll have to stand watch your behind
    The seats are made of barbed Wire

    Through the little roads of bandit country
    In the dark of early morn
    A Saracen will fly around bends
    Wildl’y beeping its horn.

    Heedless of the sheep and cattle
    Or the councils newly planted flower beds
    Beating the accelerator while helpless tourists
    Feel the blood flow to their heads
    Not for them insurance for an injury
    Or indeed a claim at all
    Speeding in a Saracen means you’re guilty
    So you’re guilty one and all

    Round the world rumours will echo
    Brits are invading the south again
    England’s name and the Good Friday agreement is sullied
    In the eyes of honest men
    Proudly stand with city men and farmers
    Firmly stand behind our men
    We will have them free to help us
    Build a Nation once again

    On the people stand together
    Proudly firmly on your way
    Never fear, and never falter
    Till that big Saracen goes away.

  • pete from scotland

    Excellent, cut the bull. Maybe, Mr Frazer could get a slot on that discovery channel were they do up old tanks etc…

  • quiz master

    I remember this see this guy at Drumcree on tv a few years ago. Talking about bombing dublin with B52 bombers in retalliation for the garvaghy road residents refusing to allow the OO to march down their road. Personally I think this guys been watching too much of the Discovery channel and UKTV History

  • DC

    Good clip feckin hilarious watching Frazer on that thing, talk about being seen as obsessive on the reliance of British armoury.

    But then again easy for me to say that as I’m not in South Armagh and can wander freely in my largely segregated one-ethnic community.

  • Wilde Rover

    “Never before has the ‘YouTube’ logo seemed so appropriate!”

    Instant classic, C.

  • As Tic

    Hope it goes better than his Pub!

    PS If he went back into the pub trade would he become a Re-Publican?

  • cut the bull

    I thought the video clip of the saracen was funny and would make you ask questions of willy and about willy, but when I saw the other clips about free masonary I came to the conclusion this fella needs help.

  • me

    free masonary? what has that got to do with anything?

  • cut the bull

    free masonary? what has that got to do with anything?

    just watch the video clip, the clip is strange but the music says it all. A cry for help

  • dewi

    How much does a Saracen cost anyway ? And did he get it from Gadaffi ?

  • me

    I here pigeon and a mobile phone, so again what has free masonary got to do whis this clip?

  • cut the bull


    Hit menu on the video clip and go to the second video clip. Now tell me that’s not strange

  • I wonder…

    Never before has the ‘YouTube’ logo seemed so appropriate!

    Posted by C on Nov 16, 2007 @ 04:58 PM

    My citation for Post of the Year also 🙂

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    Never before has the ‘YouTube’ logo seemed so appropriate!

    Posted by C on Nov 16, 2007 @ 04:58 PM

    If ever there was a reason to create a Post Hall of Fame, C’s post is it.

  • RepublicanStones

    Willie really has lost it this time. maybe its all those lemon’s hes suckin !

  • Danny

    “The second video on the Youtube site is potentially libellous. If I were Willie, I’d take it down quick sharp.”

    Nice product placement for Coke though.