Regional referenda on EU Treaty?

While Labour and Conservatives prepare for the parliamentary battle to deny/secure a UK referendum on the new EU Treaty, on Week at Westminster an SNP MP Angus Robertson has raised the possibility of consultative referenda by the devolved institutions. He also said the NI minister responsible for European affairs (who is that?) was in favour of a referendum. This is the first EU Treaty to be developed post-devolution and the SNP is known to be angry over its financial settlement and the fishery provisions (Q283-Q292) in the Treaty. If Scotland, Northern Ireland and possibly Wales were given a vote Brown could be left denyng England its say?If it requires legislation the SNP would need the Conservatives plus Green or independent support to get the proposal through Holyrood. In NI it could be more straightforward with the DUP, UUP and SF likely to be supportive of the principle but maybe do not wish to rock Brown’s boat too much. In the Welsh Assembly Plaid and the Conservatives votes cannot push it through but if the Scootish and Ulster dominoes fall the Lib Dems could rethink their opposition.

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