Regional referenda on EU Treaty?

While Labour and Conservatives prepare for the parliamentary battle to deny/secure a UK referendum on the new EU Treaty, on Week at Westminster an SNP MP Angus Robertson has raised the possibility of consultative referenda by the devolved institutions. He also said the NI minister responsible for European affairs (who is that?) was in favour of a referendum. This is the first EU Treaty to be developed post-devolution and the SNP is known to be angry over its financial settlement and the fishery provisions (Q283-Q292) in the Treaty. If Scotland, Northern Ireland and possibly Wales were given a vote Brown could be left denyng England its say?If it requires legislation the SNP would need the Conservatives plus Green or independent support to get the proposal through Holyrood. In NI it could be more straightforward with the DUP, UUP and SF likely to be supportive of the principle but maybe do not wish to rock Brown’s boat too much. In the Welsh Assembly Plaid and the Conservatives votes cannot push it through but if the Scootish and Ulster dominoes fall the Lib Dems could rethink their opposition.

  • joeCanuck

    If Scotland, Northern Ireland and possibly Wales were given a vote Brown could be left denyng England its say?

    What an interesting scenario that would be.
    Rally in MidLothian needed?

  • Dewi

    That’s a much more interesting referendum. On the thread there might be some ultra vires implications of holding consultative referenda. ad devolved bodies have no power over these matters it could easily be argued that it’s a waste of money.

    Interesting thogh……

  • (a) Crap. Err … but what about the 82% of the vote who are England-resident?

    (b) Great idea! Let’s jettison those Celtic fringes.

    (c) What about Wales and Cornwall? Do they get to peel off?

    etc. etc.

    (z) Why don’t we just grow up?

    There is a provision, spelled out for the first time in the proposed treaty, for nations to opt out of the EU. So why the heck are we arguing about the treaty? Pass the treaty: then go for a referendum. Why are the Daily Tabloidist cohort afraid of that obvious option? After all, Diddy Dave Cameron hasn’t totally ruled out a referendum after the event. His reluctance to go the populist route is possibly because he (and every sane bod in sight) knows that extra Europa nulla spes salutis est.

  • The Lisbon Treaty makes the Common Fisheries Policy an exclusive competence of the Union for good or for bad. The SNP is trying to build up on the fact that the British Government has not excluded Scotland from the Common Fishery Policy. Seriously, does Salmond really believe that Scotland was going to be in a legal framework of itself for the fisheries? Does Salmond also want to withdraw from the entire CAP? Hey, why not?

  • What an interesting scenario that would be.
    Rally in MidLothian needed?


    West Lothian surley……

  • Jimmy

    I would certainly love to see a referendum on the EU treaty, But im not so sure our political masters would Honour a No result.
    Take the NICE treaty 1+2 in the Republic an initial No result and it was re-run with such spin until the desired result was achieved.So when is a Democratic decision not a democratic decision? It was appaling how the Southern Electorate were treated a mockery of Democracy and member states silent upon it. It would’nt make one iota of differance if our regional glorified civil service-administration holds a referendum. Welcome to the EU dictatorship!!

  • joeCanuck

    yes Phil.

  • It is sick that jocks and paddys get vote before we do. The English man is run by Scots, Jews and gays now you get decide our future. We will not let you do this.

  • Proud Tory @ 02:12 PM:

    Can we have a vote on whether this fruit-cake is certifiable or merely trolling?

    Of course, if he could find us a Scottish Jewish gay, we could have a nice incineration and really celebrate Samhain/ Samhainn/ Samhuinn in the old style.

  • dewi

    Only just saw that Malcolm – absolutely wonderful !