Sinn Fein councillor quits Dublin seat…

LEADING Dublin Sinn Fein councillor Nicky Kehoe has quit his seat. The Evening Echo reports: “Nicky Kehoe, 51, narrowly missed taking a Dáil seat in the 2002 General Election before making way for Mary Lou McDonald, who was unsuccessful as a candidate in Dublin Central in last May’s contest. A spokeswoman for the party said he was the fifth Sinn Féin councillor to resign for personal reasons since 2004 and is the 16th member of the 52 person Dublin council to bow out… It comes just days after Cllr Felix Gallagher, another of the party’s high-profile councillors and a General Election candidate in West Dublin, resigned his Fingal County Council seat.” The report adds that both men are to remain in the party.

  • veritas

    there is also a report in the sunday world that a sf councillor in moyle has resigned

  • DC

    Well well well. Come home to roost.

  • JD

    That must be four SF cllrs in Dublin to have stood down recently – let alone the one that defected to Fianna Fail in Wexford recently.

    Co-optees find it very difficult to hold onto council seats. While they’ll try to spin it as intoducing new candidates for 2009 they’ve some serious problems

  • CTN

    Reports from another blogsite from Tues 16th claim another Dublin SF councilor has stood down or is due to stand down from his position on the council as well as Felix and Nicky is this true?

  • Dublin voter

    I live in Kehoe’s constituency. Seems to me that this must be part of a process of the old hands standing down cos they’re browned off with the way things are going and have gone. Kehoe did a long stretch in prison for attempted kidnap, then got into community development politics in Cabra in a big way and did very well there. Serious, serious task for SF to maintain that vote and presence without him. I’d say morale in the camp down South must be very, very low.

  • Dr Strangelove

    Why did Felix, a native of the Ormeau Road, resign ?

  • Mick Hall

    Nicky is far from old by local government standards so I don’t see how this can be portrayed as a changing of the generational guard, clearly something is wrong a the core of Dublin SF, it will be interesting to see how eirigi do in 2009 if they stand candidates.

    The point about shinners like Kehoe is that they have been there in fair weather and foul and that type of party member is not easy to replace.

  • Sean

    In Canada Council politics means taking calls from disgruntled residents with their own little agendas, perhaps this is the reason he is leaving because the reality of council politics never lived up to his expectations. I note he is not quitting the party just his post

  • Sean,

    this is what council politics about everywhere. People get bored with it all the time. But losing so many people in so short a time might indicate something more serious.

  • Mick Hall

    Indeed Sammy and it was the way many of those who are standing down from SF went about this business that made them such an asset to the party and the constituents they served.

  • Sean

    Might I sugest that he was expecting to rise swiftly through a fast rising party and with the disaster in the last election they see that they are going to have to play a much longer game and just dont see it as worth their time?

    I mean who wants to wait 80 years before they become anything but a little fish in a smaller pond

  • Perhaps disgruntlement (is that a real word?) at the half assed job Grizzly did during the last election? I’ve heard reports that Gerry was absolutely crap and may have gone a long way to losing them a tonne of votes.