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A bus of school children in Londonderry. Vandalism in Rasharkin. UPDATE It seems the bar attack in Londonderry by Bohemian fans may have had sectarian undertones as well. Four men have been convicted. UPDATE Bohemian Fans held a collection at Friday night’s match to go towards the cost of the damage caused.

  • Francesco

    now or never

  • steve48

    The really interesting thing about the Londonderry attack was the sight of the justice system actually working as it should. Caught, convicted and jailed in a few days even though the process was helped by them pleading guilty. How many times have we seen needless delays stretch these things out for years.

  • The Penguin

    “…may have had sectarian undertones.”

    I thought it was always clear from the widely reported fact that they were shouting “…up the ‘RA” that this attack had sectarian undertones – overtones more like.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Fair dues to the bar owner for opting to support a jail sentence for those boys instead of taking the compo offered by them.

  • Lorraine

    a justice system working the way it should work. if all courts would address sectarian behaviour like this we might live in better conditions.

  • Suilven

    ‘North Antrim Sinn Fein MLA, Daithí McKay, described the anti-social behaviour which took place in Rasharkin as “totally unacceptable”, adding that local people are “sick, sore and tired of it”.

    He said: “On Thursday night a man’s car was scraped with the letters ‘IRA’ doing considerable damage to the vehicle. This sort of action has nothing to do with republicanism, it is vandalism and those who are involved in this as well as mindless attacks on people’s property in the village must decease immediately.

    I hope that’s a misquote/typo…

  • Seeker

    The Irish Times spells the name of the city were the 4 nutters attacked the bar as Belfast.
    An Irish Times solution to an Northern Irish problem?

  • Two Nations

    It appears from the Boh supporter forum that the four men may be part of the Bohemian FC firm ‘bohemian soccer casuals’. I had no idea that the EL had a hooligan element. I got this EL firm list from Bebo sites.

    shamrock rovers:s.r.f.c ultras {under 5’s}
    bohemians:b.s.c{bohemian soccer casuals}b.s.s[bohs soccer skooligans]
    shelbourne:s.f.c casuals{s.f.c youth}
    st.patricks athletic: r.a.c [red army casuals] s.e.i{shed end invincibles}
    cork city:c.c.c{cork city casuals}
    waterford united:waterford youth
    dundalk:the mudjahadeem
    drogheda united:c.b.a.c[claret and blue army casuals]

    Read the BOH forum on this Derry topic. The guys have nothing but disgust for the actions of these idiots.

  • Ballygobackwards

    What exactly is the purpose of these posts? Crime happens everywhere and as has been pointed out above, in at least one cause it was being dealt with more efficiently than is often the case elsewhere.

  • Garibaldy

    Presumably the point of these posts is to remind everyone that sectarianism is still a real problem that must be confronted and defeated, not swept under the carpet.

  • Dewi

    What exactly is the purpose of these posts?
    Sectarian attacks of the vandalism type seem to be increasing although figures indicate slight drop from 05/06 to 06/07.

    Any one know how the PSNI differentiate between sectarian crimes and faith / religious crimes ?

  • pacman

    If the crime is against a Protestant/Unionist then it’s sectarian. If it’s against a Catholic/Nationalist the PSNI are still investigating the motive.

  • Peter Brown

    I suspect the reason this was dealt with so promptly was no address in UK = no bail = remand in custody until hearing = early plea. Who do I send my bill to? ;-p

  • fair_deal


    Thanks for the link. I see the clear-up rate hasn’t particularly improved but then the clear-up rate generally of the PSNI is pretty dire.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    This is actually a sort of good news story.

    In all honesty, up until quite recently these eejits might quite reasonably have expected to get away with their actions. Undoubtedly over the years there were countless instances of sectarian violence, and simple thuggery with a twist of sectarianism thrown in for good measure, where the thugs got away with it.

    Of course in an ideal world there would be no sectarianism, no violence, no hooliganism. But since we live in the real world, the best we can hope for is the rule of law working swiftly and decisively. Which is what has happened here.

    As I say, a good news story.

  • What exactly is the purpose of these posts?

    To show how far we’ve progressed since the initiation of the “Peace Process”.

  • joeCanuck

    What exactly is the purpose of these posts?

    To inform, Ballygobackwards.
    I guess you’d rather not know.

  • Frank Sinistra

    Am I only the only one that thinks the speculation of an individual that this was planned on the internet without any substantiation by him or the journalist is a piss poor excuse for news?

    Yes, it was bad but I’d like just the tiniest bit of evidence to support the web organised violence claim.

    ‘I bet you’ doesn’t cut it and that’s exactly what that terrible DJ piece was.

    0/10 – pub talk ain’t news.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    ”…may have had sectarian undertones.”

    I thought it was always clear from the widely reported fact that they were shouting “…up the ‘RA” that this attack had sectarian undertones – overtones more like.

    Posted by The Penguin on Oct 12, 2007 @ 11:27 AM

    And the fact the wee “Talk Of The Town”, or “The Tavern” as I think it’s now called, is on the edge of the Fountain closest to the City Centre should have given it away too. I’ve been there many times and will be there again in a couple of months for Lundy Day, it’s a great wee spot and I hope the owners aren’t too badly out of pocket because of these bigots up from the Free State…

  • páid


    Up from Dublin; feel they’re missing out on sectarianism.

    Find the minority bar in Derry and give out shit.

    End up in court, and, I read, wept in the Dock.

    Such hard men. Pathetic twats.

    Enjoy your pint there CL, as I occasionally enjoyed mine in decent company.

  • joeCanuck

    What a coincidence. I’ve had a pint there too waiting for the missus to do her shopping nearby.

    By the way Paid, I defer to your memory re the Great War. I do remember discussing the relevance of celebrating Remembrance day.

  • Ben

    Oh yeah, and then there was the time that I passed that bar not long before a bonfire and the crowd, up from the Fountain and round about, managed through bleery eyes to see my beard and started to shout “Hey Osama, how about some of this” with the throwing and the spitting. I was fairly impressed. I’ve nothing to do with Osama of course (and while my skin colour isn’t quite as pastey as the average it’s not dark either), but I was surprised that they had some sense of foreign affairs. Bigotry and drunken behaviour all around on the island, nobody has a monopoly on it. Now if they’d do something about people’s acceptance of drunken behavior it would be a start…. Cheers, Obe wan Kenobi