Viva Punch and Judy

  • RG Cuan

    It looks like Cameron (Cam Shrón, Twisted Nose) is just hanging on to the election issue because he has nothing else of substance to talk about.

  • Dawkins

    Most entertaining. Have to say I disagree with you about Cameron, RG. To me he comes across as an excellent speaker and a worthy opponent. And didn’t Magpie Gordon plunder his policies?

    Peter Hain looked well rested though.

  • Turgon

    I find him an excellent speaker in the same way as we had excellent debates in QUB Students’ Union. They were great fun and we got stuck into the other lot. Sometimes I managed to make the executive look stupid or out manoovre them.

    It was immature student stuff. Great fun but would not have made me good at running the country. I feel exactly the same about Cameron.

  • Ballygobackwards

    Oh yes, Turgon’s one of those Thatcherite Tories who would rather lose led by “one of us” than win under Cameron.

    He skewered Brown and capped of a week in which people lost their trust and belief in the Prime Minister.

  • Ellesmere Dragge

    Just a thought: what has this to do with “Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture” (see header above)?

    David Cameron (Eton and Brasenose, Oxford) is regarded as something of a scholar (First-class Honours) and is (almost) impeccably descended:
    … William IV’s great, great, great, great, great grandson. He is related to the 19th-century monarch through Elizabeth FitzClarence, the King’s illegitimate daughter, one of at least ten children he had out of wedlock with Dorothy Jordan, his long-term mistress. []

    His powers of rhetoric are so great that, for a full week, we have had him recycling George Osborne’s (Oxford scholar, heir to a baronetcy) “bottled it” line. That properly belongs to the street yob at chucking-out time. Using it once is effective, even funny: it is now very stale with repetition. To which Cameron now adds “phoney”, which belongs in a ’40’s American pulp ‘teccy, and has the currency of last week’s lettuce.

    Is there any hope for “standards” in public debate when stuff like this is held up for our admiration and edification?

  • Turgon

    That is absolute nonsense. The reason it is nonsense is because if there was a Westminister election and I lived on the mainland and was not interested in Northern Ireland politics I would be a floating voter. There have been a couple of elections where I would have voted Tory but probably more where I would have voted Labour. I am far, far from a Thatcherite Tory. I suggest you have either not read, or failed to understand a number of my posts.

    Even accepting my main interest is Northern Ireland politics I would remind you that it was Attlee’s government which first introduced the principle of consent. It was Roy Mason who sent the SAS after the IRA. Churchill was prepared to give us away at the start of the Second World War. It was Thatcher who signed the Anglo Irish Agreement and Major’s government which did a huge amount of dealing with the IRA. Do not confuse the posturing by the two parties in GB with reality. The Tories have done at least as much harm to the unionist position as Labour. The last time they did us much good was Balfour.

  • me

    Really entertaining. Cameron is looking stronger by the day. Brown is an un elected PM with no credibility left.

  • It seemed so grimmy when Cameron started reading from Brown’s biography

  • pith

    Scrapes into the category – “You had to be there”.

  • pith

    Turgon, “if there was a Westminister election and I lived on the mainland…”

    I don’t understand. What’s the difference between living on the Copelands or Rathlin or whatever and living on the mainland?

  • gram

    Maybe they don’t have advisors but who ever advised Darling and Brown to make Inheritance Tax a key aspect of the PBR needs taken out and fired. This has left Brown open to the suggestion that they are not leading but simply following Tory proposals as well as the view that Brown will sacrafice anything to get elected.

    I bet this would have not have happened if Alastair Campbell was still pulling the strings.

  • Turgon

    Do not forget Devenish. I am going to make my last stand there.

  • sportsman

    mainland? You mean France? What have the French to do with a British election?

  • ‘Just a thought: what has this to do with “Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture” (see header above)?’
    Not everyone wants to remain locked in stale sectarian politics for ever

  • Dawkins

    Bob Wilson,

    “Not everyone wants to remain locked in stale sectarian politics for ever.”

    I wouldn’t be too sure of that if I were you. The way I see it, a great many peeps in NI would be disappointed if they’d nothing more to blame “themmuns” for. You might say it’s become their raison d’etre….