Department of Education issue ‘duty to verify’ guidance to Primary Schools..

While I was looking for the uniform guidelines I happened upon some others.. Following the recent High Court ruling on the allocation of places at St Cecilia’s College the Department has published guidance on their recommendations on schools’ “duty to verify” information [pdf file]. Interestingly, even though the ruling was on a case brought by a post-primary school, the text refers to guidance for primary schools, perhaps suggesting they intend to introduce the ‘duty to verify’ for next year’s new intake, although the letter is addressed to all Principals and Boards of Governors and surely all schools will have a ‘duty to verify’? The final piece of guidance is worth noting

Notwithstanding all of the above, if a primary school becomes aware, at any stage prior to enrolment, that an applicant has gained a place by using false information within their application, then the primary school has an obligation to withdraw the place and allocate it correctly in line with their admissions criteria.

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  • Bertie

    Granny’s a bit quiet on this issue. Why?

  • NIGP

    I see one of the documents which can be used to prove the child’s address is his or her medical card.

    This ignores the fact that all those “grannying for educational reasons will also be “grannying” for free NHS care and so will have a medical card with a Northern address on it.

    The Southern and Western Health Boards estimate that they are looking after about 10% more people than appear in the census figures because of “grannying”

    So DENI tries to pass the buck onto DHSSPSNI (presumably secure in the knowledge that the Minister of Health is as useless as the Minister of Education)

    Let Shaun Woodward sort it out, at least it would be sorted