New National Memorial

This week, the Queen will dedicate a new memorial to the 15,500 members of the Armed Services who have died in post WW2 conflicts (including Northern Ireland) as well as training accidents. More information here.

  • heck

    will that include British soldiers who used Arabs to clear land mines in Palestine in the 1940s, SAS members who poisoned water holes in Aden, British troops who shot innocent protesters in India, who oppressed people in Cyprus, who raped and murdered in Kenya, who murdered 14 innocent in Derry……?

    What about the British soldiers who illegally invaded Suez based on lies, and who almost 50 years later illegally invaded another Arab country?

    But if those uppity fenians remember their dead they are glorifying terrorism!!

  • Hector

    Well yes, if they lost their lives in service. What’s your problem?

  • John Bull

    If it wasn`t for the British Army, Northern Ireland would have experienced killing on the scale of places like Bosnia and Rwanda have in recent years been. As for Hecks infantile slur, did it ever occur to you that if it wasn`t for the presence of our squaddies in your little country for 30 years perhaps half your own family could have perished in a much worse conflict. Think of the worst things against Irish civilians done by the IRA or UVF….multiply that by 100 and that is about as many lives over there that the British Army saved. That`s why it makes my blood boil everytime I hear somebody with an Irish accent or read an article on an Irish website slag off the armed forces. As it happens my Dad was in Northern Ireland during the 80`s and I am proud of him because of this. Playing piggy in the middle to keep two warring tribes from killing each other is a hard thing to do. The fact that thousands of those soldiers who served there came from Northern Ireland themselves goes to show my point is valid. There is no such thing as the “English” Army

    So Protestants over there have the British Army to thank for the protection provided to them from the IRA.

    Catholics should be grateful for the protection the Army provided for them from the UVF killer gangs.

    BTW this is an interesting well designed website and I bid you all good night.

    John Bull

  • Paul

    Excellent post Heck.

  • greeneggsandham

    Bull by name….

    The British armed forces were certainly not the piggy in the middle, although this is exactly the same same propaganda tactic they are trying to portray in Iraq today. “We are only there to stop the tribes killing each other, we have no real desire to be here as an occupying force” or something to that effect. It worked a treat for them in N.I. but those guys in Iraq have bigger guns and lots of them so they are not going to stick around as long this time.

    The reason people like to have a pop at the British armed forces (its not limited to people with Irish accents either) is because of their violent history of sticking their nose in where its not wanted or needed. (Maybe they wouldn’t need such memorials if they hadn’t)Hecks excellent examples above are just the tip of the iceberg, you don’t have to have a degree in geography to see that the British have interfered all over the world and continue to do so today!

    If people want to remember their dead, fair enough, but dont let on they were all angels!

  • greeneggsandham

    Have to post agin… cant believe I missed the bit about the Catholics should be gratfull to the Army for their protection from the UVF…nearly fell off my chair laughing……

  • John Bull

    “The reason people like to have a pop at the British armed forces (its not limited to people with Irish accents either) is because of their violent history of sticking their nose in where its not wanted or needed.”

    Oh Right! According to greeneggsandham…Everything in Northern Ireland was hunky dory until these evil English “imperialists” sent their troops there to invade and conquer! The reason the Army went in was because the local authorities,by which I mean the RUC and Stormont parliment , were unable to stop sectarian pogroms being waged against whole communities. I`ve read up about this. I know there was widespead civil unrest in Northern Ireland in the years running up to 1969 and the Army went it to calm things down. The fact that the violence levels never even approached those in places like Bosnia and Rwanda suggests to me that they were largely sucessful. Without the soldiers over there maybe 50 000 would have died in a full scale civil war! With the soldiers less than 5 000 died over 30 years. The British Army never go into some country these days without good reason!

    I`m not claiming the whole population was guilty of mad sectarian hate but it seems your local government and law and order agencies were totally inept at defusing sectarian tensions there in the 1960`s.

    To be fair… It is true that several hundred years back the British were at times malevolent towards other people but during the 20th and early 21st centuries we have been a force for good in the world. During WW2 for instance we stood shoulder to shoulder with other freedom loving nations….including many Irishmen and together we smashed Nazi Germany.

    Our boys kicked IRA and loyalist ass in Ireland and now they are kicking islamic extremist terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. Recently they were able to hand over control of Basra to the Iraqi security forces for example. And excellent progress has been made against the Taleban in Afghanistan.

    I believe that the IRA and loyalists terrorists were pure evil scum and am proud that people like my Dad were sent to Northern Ireland to put them in their place. I am pleased to hear you are at peace now and your economy is booming.

    You can thank poor bloody Tommy Atkins for that!

  • Oiliféar

    John Bull, if I might comment that sending troops to Northern Ireland in ’69 was already too late to take serious action. London did nothing to stop the curuption of democracy and the fueling of sectarianism over the first 50 years of Northern Ireland. The arrival of troops in ’69 was welcome by Catholics, who saw it as London finally acting to protect them from from an unjust government and loyalist attacks. How unfortunate (maybe like Iraq?) that the army lost that confidience so quickly as so added themselves to the countless previous example of British army actions in Ireland that seemed little concerned with fairness and security than with protecting in British territory in Ireland – an exploiting sectarianism to fasten that goal.

    This is no criticism of any soldier – solidier do as soldiers are told – but the direction of the army as an arbitrar of politics.

  • The Other Foot

    goof post john bull

  • The Other Foot

    Sorry that should be:

    Good post John Bull.