Confrontation in Shipquay Street online…

SOME footage of the confrontation between the police and a closing-time crowd in Derry last weekend can be seen in this Youtube vid. Some Polish guys express their bemusement here.

  • Sean

    where are all the supposed bicks and road slabs?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Dunno. This is a pretty short video, so I wouldn’t make too much of it.

  • polish

    The Polish men have been identified. They were obviously screaming and behaving in a manner which caused a disturbance of the peace. Charge them, then deport them, and put the smile on the other side of their face. It’s most likely these immigrants were behind the trouble. They do it in bars here all the time. Cause trouble and fighting among themselves. Behave – or go back to Poland and disturbe the peace there.

  • come on

    If a crowd was behaving like that in France, Spain, Germany, the Republic, the States or Poland, the police would quite correctly BATTER THE SH*TE CLEAN OUT OF THEM. The cops in this country are a joke.
    And what exactly do those scumbags have to whine about other than the fact that the bars have closed and they can’t get their fifteenth pint?
    Derry truly is a dreadful town, they should pull the police and all other state infrastructure out and let the monkeys tear the place to pieces.

  • Tomas

    City officials are bemoaning this sort of vid as “giving the wrong impression ” of the City. They are maybe right to complain about Derry being singled out. Wasn’t that long ago the same sort of pricks were doing likewise in Enniskillen. Also, the Botanic area in Belfast is no stranger to this carry on either. I was pulled up a while ago for wailing about the “great unwashed ” and a nasty “underclass” developing .I may well be right, i think.

  • Hogan from county Tyrone


    The old ones are the best eh?

    What exactly do these people have to offer society? I’m slowly coming round to the idea that everyone should be sterilised at birth and only have their reproductive capability returned on the attainment of 5 or more GSCEs A*-C.

  • Garibaldy


    Given how easy GCSEs are, that wouldn’t mean much

  • Hogan from County Tryone

    I quite agree Garibaldy!

    However they do require considerably more effort than getting your ‘Majella’ up the duff. (Or maybe not?…)

  • snakebrain

    I quite agree Garibaldy!

    However they do require considerably more effort than getting your ‘Majella’ up the duff. (Or maybe not?…)
    Posted by Hogan from County Tryone on Oct 06, 2007 @ 04:01 PM

    Ah yes, but as Anthony Burgess so eloquently put it, “Sex is a nine month act of love, not a nine second shudder and a sneeze.”

  • m ferguson

    shipquay st happens to be where the last execution of a cop took place in that town. maybe that is significant in the ruc/psni’s mad behaviour against the young folk of derry

  • Rubicon

    Polish – I’m assuming your comments were made tongue-in-cheek. If you are trying to make a joke then the medium of posting must be something new to you – a bit like trying striptease on radio.

    If you were serious I can only recommend urgent medical intervention; a psychiatrist perhaps – but failng progress – a lobotomy could be warranted to disengage what little neural network you have from the potential to plan harm.

  • K man

    Have to agree with the above comments concerning the Derry vermin, sterilisation and a good kicking is whats needed, given the city’s disgracefully high rates of alcoholism and teenage pregnancy.

    The Police should be allowed to do what they do in every other country, clear the street with batons. The “young folk of Derry” need to be taught manners. As anyone who has been to the town will tell you, Shipquay street at the weekend is a gauntlet, full of drunken violent scum.

  • snakebrain

    I have to say I doubt polish is actually Polish….

    More likely a skinhead tattooed C-18 sympathiser from the sinks of Loyalist Belfast. Though they do have plenty of those in Poland too. Must cause a bit of an identity crisis when they emigrate.

  • Garibaldy

    K man,

    Let’s not forget there is more VD in Derry than anywhere else in NI in addition to drink and pregnant teenagers.

    I hope everybody enjoys the Halloween party up there.

  • Briso

    Posted by Garibaldy on Oct 06, 2007 @ 06:36 PM
    K man,

    Let’s not forget there is more VD in Derry than anywhere else in NI in addition to drink and pregnant teenagers.

    Really? Any references for that?

  • Garibaldy

    There was a report done by the sexual health people several years ago. It was reported in the media at the time, especially the Sunday World, as you might imagine. You could try the BBC news website archive if you wanted to chase it up.

  • Ben

    You’re a charitable lot! So the town is a little rough around the edges (ok, in the centre) and I don’t excuse it for a minute, but instead of slagging them how about calling for some investment and good jobs and a police force that knows the distance between all or nothing? There’s no monopoly on youthful drunkeness and stupidity, sure we’ve all seen it all over the island. The problem isn’t particular to one place, rather it’s common to the culture as a whole and it won’t be solved by the police, or one family, or adverts on the television. A strong hand when things get wild, but a helping hand before they do. Ah, my bleeding heart! Ben

  • barnshee

    er- where are all those opologists who said “only a few”

    great to see DERRY in its true light

  • ‘hi’

    No Ben, they should take all the investment out because no matter what those grasping, whining scum are given it will never be enough ‘hi’.

    It’s a dreadful, dreadful place – as a musician I have had to venture there several times and on nearly every occasion after a gig there would be some deeply unpleasant incident involving pissed animals starting on one of our band, or sexually harassing the female singer. It’s the worst place on the island and I’d dearly love to see every penny of my taxes and everyone else’s taken out.
    It’s also got the highest rates for assault on health service staff in the country.

  • Harry Flashman

    My oh my Derry’s getting a sore touch here isn’t it? What they never have drunken louts in Belfast do they? No unwanted pregnancies in Larne? No venereal diseases in Portadown? And heaven forfend there’d be any drug taking in God fearing Ballymena!

    Listen I too believe that these drunks should receive a good tanking from the cops indeed in an opinion poll in Tuesday’s edition of the vehemently nationalist Derry Journal that opinion was shared by 65% of the readership.

    I can assure you Derry city centre is no different to Liverpool or Middlesborough or any other medium sized town in the UK after chucking out time. And as for drawing any sociological lessons from this video well can we do the same about Ballymoney where the locals immolate children in their beds or Belfast where screaming slags throw bags of urine at little girls going to primary school in the morning?

    Northern Ireland is a nasty place full of very ugly people but they aren’t just restricted to Derry you know.

  • graham

    ‘screaming slags throw bags of urine at little girls going to primary school in the morning?’

    True enough Harry

    It is pretty tame compared to some other incidents of depravity, from the past.

  • Comrade Stalin

    For once I completely agree with Harry. You’ll see similar footage to this on the TV cop shows that are popular at the moment. There was one such show on a few weeks ago covering Liverpool, and the abuse and violence the police have to put up with there which easily exceeds what we’ve got on some occasions. That said, it seems like Derry is in the news every week over rioting.

    I’d hazard a guess that there is some kind of central Home Office policing policy to do with how to deal with riot situations, which is followed by all of the police forces in the UK including the PSNI. It seems to be to sit back and stay out of the way, and allow the crowd to dissipate by itself. I think that’s fine in some cases, but when you’ve got officers being injured and property being damaged I think most people would support a baton charge plus a night in the cells for anyone lifted in a 50-metre radius of the trouble.

  • barnshee

    “It seems to be to sit back and stay out of the way, and allow the crowd to dissipate by itself. ”

    Correct -let them burn the shithole to the ground
    (Incidentally the the same advice given to one B Craig in 1968 which the moron ignored)