Minister baulks at picket line..

Nothing online on this yet, but BBC Radio Ulster news at 1pm reported that a planned visit from the Education minister to a school in Londonderry today, affected by the classroom assistants strike, has been cancelled. According to the report a spokesman for the minister said that the visit was cancelled due to the striking classroom assistants.. or rather, the picket line which, on “a point of principle”, the minister is refusing to cross.. Now, about that dose of realism.. Adds Belfast Telegraph reportFrom the added report

A DfE spokeswoman said: “The Minister is disappointed that the school visit did not go ahead, but she was not prepared to cross any picket line. She hopes that the visit will go a head at a later date.

“Her refusal to cross the picket line was a point of principal and not specifically related to this action.”

“a point of principal“?!? Is that the same Department of Education spokeswoman as noted here? [or just the Telegraph’s error? – Ed]

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