Protests and deaths continue

Beatings, shootings and raids have not stopped the Burmese pro-democracy protests from entering their tenth day and the web continues as the means of getting the story out.

  • I Wonder

    Sorry, but have to play Devil’s advocate on this one. The history of our Troubles has been littered with essentially contested versions of events. Bloody Sunday is one example. Unionists traditionally poured scorn on the naivete of the UK and foreign media is swallowing whole every tale of horror which was told to them by *themmuns.” There was always a “republican/nationalist” agenda, there was always media manipulation.

    Yet those blogging in this instance are assumed to be always telling the truth? Who by? Other bloggers of course…

    Sorry for being cynical. But there are echoes. A large group of people here believe that as those on Bloody Sunday were taking part in an illegal demonstration, they were not murdered. The Burmese government has declared these protests illegal, therefore by the same standards, no-one is being or has been murdered there.

    If anyone disagrees with me, perhaps they might try and reconcile their views of what happened here with what is happening there.

  • The self-righteous howling about China and Russia failing to condemn the oppression is really a bit rich. The west has its own unpleasant client states. I’d take my chances in terms of free speach in Burma as opposed to Saudi Arabia for example. There is no more selflessness in the western position than there is from China or Russia. It’s all about spheres of influence.

  • Twelve Monkeys

    You can watch John_Pilger’s – Burma – Land of Fear [url=]>>here<<[/url] (Includes footage of the last Revolution in 1988 dealt with violently, people shot in hospital and the dead and alive cremated)

  • Rory

    Love the cartoon. It reminds me that although the internet is available to less than 0.5% of Burmese people, the tanks, armoured cars and fighter planes, which have been happily supplied by their good old friends in western democracy, are available to all of the repressive government which were supported up to the hilt by all our own dear caring leaders.

    Even that old charlatan, George Orwell recalls in an essay recounting his growing revulsion, during his time as a British Imperial police officer,with the treatment of the Burmese people and, interestingly, the corrupt collusion of the Buddhist monks. He remarked that he could well understand why, if he were Burmese, he would want to plunge a dagger into their rotten stomachs.

    This pretense by Britain and the US at the plight of the Burmese people rings hollow – George W’s address on the matter at the UN when it was fairly plain he had no clue where Burma might be or why indeed there was anything wrong with military suppression of demonstrations clearly troubled him, but he did manage to read his script without stumbling.

    Of this we can be be sure – the Brits are up to no good, the Yanks are up to no good, the monks are up to no good and neither are China or Russia, but at least they have the valid excuse of complaining of undue interference of powers outside an area of any threat to their borders. Not that that has stopped them in the past.

  • Tim

    I have to disagree with part of Rory’s comment “the monks are up to no good”, how can peaceful demonstrations by unarmed monks be “up to no good” The corrupt dictators have been up to no good for far too long, the yanks can’t and won’t do anything but China and India can and should, except for all the Natural gas and minerals and wealth….the losers in the end are the poor defenceless and unarmed. Sound familiar?

  • For those who want to put words into action (however modest)…

    Burma: Belfast demonstration of solidarity

    SATURDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2007 – 12:00 noon


    Visible public action everywhere is crucial NOW to create international pressure on Burma not to react with further violence and to urge the United Nations to intervene urgently.

    If we respond everywhere – including in Belfast – we can help, even if in a small way, to protect the peaceful demonstrators.

    More information:

    Amnesty International
    028 9064 3000

  • Rory

    “I have to disagree with part of Rory’s comment “the monks are up to no good”, how can peaceful demonstrations by unarmed monks be “up to no good” “ Tim

    Ah, Grasshopper, be still. Wait, watch then see with clear eye.

    The monks are only unarmed in the sense that George W Bush is unarmed, that is insofar as neither he nor they appear to walk around with a Colt .45 strapped on yet both believe they have the full might of the US military behind them. And perhaps they do….. but it is always only, “perhaps”.

  • Harry Flashman

    It should come as no surprise to see Rory backing a socialist thugocracy I suppose, he clearly has a fondness for them from Cuba to North Korea, any thoughts on the widespread benefits of Comrade Mugabe’s enlightened rule in Zimbabwe, Rory?

    But even I must stand back in gobsmackedness at his support for the corrupt bastards of Burma, yes those horrible monks armed with those vicious robes, sandals and bald heads pose such a threat to the Burmese army and police, shoot the lot of ’em, heh? nothing but troublemakers! Rory, you’d have made a fine Britsh colonial officer, ever hear of General Dyer at Amritsar? He was Irish too you know.

    However Rory I’d be grateful if you could give us some facts and figures to back up your statement:

    **the tanks, armoured cars and fighter planes, which have been happily supplied by their good old friends in western democracy,**

    You see that sounds redolent of the blatantly false claim that we hear so often that “the west armed Saddam” when anyone with at least one functioning eyeball could see that Saddam’s arsenal consisted of Russian MiGs, AK47’s, T-72 tanks, and Chinese Scud missiles and that the only supplies from “western” countries were his nuclear reactor from France and his poison gas from Germany, two countries who opposed his overthrow (the US supplied 0.2% of his weapons; crop dusting helicopters converted by the police, that put the US behind Brazil).

    So can you give us your source for that statement? Because as I understood it the Burmese junta’s chief trading partners are their Communist friends in China.

  • Rory
    The monks have the full support of the Burmese people.Didn’t you see the pictures of people linking hands to protect the monks as they walked along the street.
    Burma is truely an Orwellian state (where Orwell himself is called the Prophet)where most of the people live in extreme poverty.

  • Rory

    Harry Flashman is wrong (again). I offered no support for the military government. I support the Burmese people.

    But, referencing Manfarang that “The monks have the full support of the Burmese people”, I do not believe that, when the chips are down, this will be reciprocated and that the people will be able to rely on the support of the monks.

    Once they get their way and the woman currently under house arrest takes over and starts oppressing those who naively assumed that economic oppression of the poor would vanish under the new democracy you won’t see the monks, just a blur of twirling prayer wheels as they retreat back into monastic opulence and debauchery.

  • Harry Flashman

    You wouldn’t care to give us the source where you got your info about the western democracies arming the Burmese junta would you Rory?

  • moochin photoman

    Sad to see the loss of life with more to follow in all likelihood.
    Here a few links to blogs……
    if they are still active

  • Rory
    Something tells me you have never been near a Buddhist monastery.

  • I wonder…

    People, including priests, are murdered in Burma, as they were in Belfast in 1971-72. It was acceptable then for the majority population here. The priest killed at Lenadoon in 1972 was accused of bringing ammunition to a dying gunman – he was kiled by a British soldier on British soil.

    Why is it unacceptable when they’re in Burma? Lets have a Truth Commission find out who killed priests.