Whose gas?

Protracted negotiations are about to commence between the UK, Republic of Ireland, Iceland and Denmark over ownership/control of the continental shelf around Rockall. It is believed that there are substantial gas and oil reserves in the area. Balrog is declaring a seabed once again. Whatever, the final deal or decisions, the exploitation of these reserves could produce a sizeable economic spin off but will Northern Ireland be able to maximise the benefit or will the existing infrastructure in the north of Scotland prove the more economic choice?

  • RG Cuan

    Let everybody have a bit, or if the UN don’t like that arrangement, give it all to Pasty Dan Mac Ruairí, Rí Thoraí, the King of Tory!

  • smcgiff

    Please tell me the above picture is from a Monthy Python sketch!

  • Mick Fealty

    The one on Chris’s site is just as bizarre.

  • Nevin
  • Cromwell

    That picture on Balrog has the only bonfire I’ve ever seen without tyres on it.

  • rubin

    Is this the new Seymour Sweeney visitor centre on Rockall ? 🙂


  • Rory

    Thank you, Rubin for the best out-loud guffaw on this site for weeks.

  • Nevin

    Have you identified some SS markings, Rubin?

  • Juan Corr

    What’s the one on Chris’s site?

  • USA

    Britain and Ireland should share the resources. Land the gas / oil in Donegal or Derry with the pipeline and refineries in the North. From there the fuel runs south to Republic and East to Britain. This way the two governments have a shared goal to negotiate against other claimants. The north can benefit tremendously in terms of jobs, lower fuel prices etc. It’s about time major investment like this went to the north, Britain and Ireland could benefit tremendously from a joint strategy, as would the people of “these islands”.
    I’m sure this is full of holes but I just fired it off during my lunch break.

  • sammaguire

    Why share it? We don’t benefit from North Sea oil revenues. Rockall is closer to the Irish mainland than the UK mainland. Bet they wished they held onto Inishowen!!

  • Nevin

    If it’s closer to North Uist will the Scots not stake a claim?

  • ulsterfan

    Rockall is only one point in a large ocean.
    It should be easy to locate the oil and gas in the sea bed and then work out which of several countries is closest to that place.

  • sammaguire

    Nevin, as far as I know it’s the mainland that counts.

  • Dewi

    I sent out a search party earlier this afternoon and we discovered (planted) some astonishingly sophisticated brythonic poetry in one of the underwater caves……….so unless it’s Atlantis get lost it’s ours !!!

  • Suilven

    As it’s uninhabitable, Rockall itself counts for nowt under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. However it does lie within 200nm of St Kilda, which is habitable, and so lies within the UK’s exclusive economic zone.

    ‘Furthermore, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland have signed a boundary agreement which includes Rockall in the United Kingdom area.’


    Which begs the question – has anyone told the Wolfe Tones?

  • George

    These negotiations are about the continental shelf which Rockall just happens to be on. Rockall and its sovereignty isn’t up for discussion at this meeting.

  • Nevin

    George, would this shelf be in EU waters?

  • MacAedha

    The proper authorithy with whom we ought to be negoiating the soverignity of Rockall is the government of Scotland.

  • Ireland has never accepted that Rockall is British



    Wikipedia is not a reliable source

  • Dearth Broon

    “the dubious distinction of being further out to sea than any other rock of the same diminutive size to be found in all the world”.