Representation and Responsiveness

The site has revealed its latest figures for how long it takes for MP’s and other elected representatives to reply to queries using their website. Locally, Unionism seems to be outperforming Nationalism* and 3 DUP MPs make it into the top 25. The rest of the MPs cover the spectrum with Alasdair McDonell the worst performer, ranked 629 out of 633 (although data is unavailable for 5 local MPs). However, MPs remain the second most responsive representatives in the UK but the performance so far of our MLAs is poor ranked 7th of the 8 relevant bodies.Rankings of Local MPs

Very High Responsiveness
13. Nigel Dodds
16. Sammy Wilson
25. Jeffrey Donaldson

High Responsiveness
250. Lady Hermon (improved on last year’s performace)
255. William McCrea
295. Iris Robinson (improved on last year’s performance)

Medium Responsiveness
378. Eddie McGrady
493. David Simpson (improved on last year’s performance)
526. Peter Robinson (improved on last year’s performance)

Low Responsiveness
558. Ian Paisley
563. Gregory Campbell
597. Gerry Adams

Very Low Responsiveness
629. Alasdair McDonnell (deterioration from last year’s performance)

*Data is unavailable for Mark Durkan, Martin McGuinness, Michelle Gildernew, Conor Murphy and Pat Doherty and this may be effecting the overall perfomance levels.