“Every goal [scored] is an own goal..”

An interesting point from Brian Feeney on The Politics Show today. Reprising comments that he has made before, in reference to the school debating society that we call an Assembly, and ostensibly on the topic du jour, he argued that the reluctance by both the DUP and SF to cause serious political damage to their supposed opposite numbers was due to the nature of the ‘indigenous’ deal – “Every goal [scored] is an own goal”. And the non-appointment of a Victims’ Commissioner got a mention too. It follows the stepping back from a SF motion on tax-raising powers and the withdrawal of a SF amendment on attacks on Orange Halls. [There was a certain self-preservation involved with the latter withdrawal – Ed] And that’s all before we get to the serious areas of disagreement.

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  • Aquifer

    That Ogra Sinn Fein member falling off the roof of Newcastle Orange Hall makes it hard for SF to blow too hard on the issue of attacks. Hopefully it was a very solo effort.

    If it was not, now far does this go? A fresh brownshirt brigade to be blooded in illegality, and by sticking to offenses that are difficult to detect and unlikely to attract jail terms, especially in minors, countermeasures are hard to find? Did an aging IRA insist that they have a source of fresh cannonfodder as part of their pension plan?

    The DUP’s paramilitary connections are there too, with third forces and ulster resistance armed from south africa. The loyalist murder gangs still abound.

    I don’t trust SF or DUP, and have little confidence in the others.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, after all.

  • Nevin

    The Chuckle Chappies are in a majority in the Environment Committee but how will they perform when they meet the Minister this week? Do they read Slugger? Has the Minister read Slugger 😉

  • Nevin

    Aquifer, you might find the ‘linguistic’ exchanges on Bebo illuminating. Google with Bebo bands, and one from loyalist, republican, rfb. Perhaps the Children’s Commissioner should do the same …

  • …their supposed opposite numbers…

    Sorry Pete: I’m not clear on what you mean. Are the nationalist parties the unionist parties ‘supposed opposite numbers’ and vice versa? Or are you talking about opposite numbers within their own blocs?

    It would be a bit wrongheaded to claim the former, since SF and the DUP are hardly competing for the same votes. And if you mean the latter, where there is competition between SF and the SDLP and between the DUP and the UUP, then the most important thing for both the Sinners and the Dupers to do is to prove to their respective electorates that they can simply get on. Both parties already carry their communities’ hardline votes. It’s the moderate ones they’re after now.

    On your debating society point, everything (Acts, Orders, Statutory Instruments) the Assembly and the various ministers decide on and enact is recorded at the Office of Public Sector Information’s site.

  • Nevin

    Ciarán, I read ‘opposite numbers’ as in proponents of opposing national aspirations.

  • me

    makes a change fighting within themselves rather than with each other.

  • But then, Nevin, when have the various factions ever been in the business of inflicting political damage on their opposite numbers? Why would they be bothered? They’re not competing for votes.

  • Nevin

    It could make a difference in marginal seats, Ciarán. The Chuckle Chappies are beginning to look more like Chuckle Chumps.

  • Nevin

    How long has the Minister been ‘minded’ to give the Visitor’s Centre to the private developer? According to the Grapevine, there was confidence in some quarters a month ago that the project would cease to be in public hands.

  • Bigger Picture


    Please provide a link or some basis for the above remark

  • Nevin

    BP, are you asking me to reveal my sources?

  • Bigger Picture

    No but it helps back up what you are saying otherwise it can just be dismissed