“Belfast is outside that jurisdiction.”

While others may still be pressing for a meeting, RTÉ reports that the Irish Labour court has answered a question that I suggested should have been fairly clear.

The Labour Court Chairman Kevin Duffy has told Aer Lingus management and cabin crew that it considers Belfast to be a foreign base.

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  • páid

    …and obviously it is.

    On a whole raft of relevencies. Union organization and employment law to name but two.

  • Ahem

    And who wouldn’t want to be a lawyer with clients this stupid, p*ssing away money other fools have given them?

  • Joesph O’Connor&Gerard Devlin

    What a sadness…these are GFA’s results…

  • foreign correspondent

    The foreignness of the two parts of Ireland to each other seems to increase or wane according to the situation.
    Look at NI farmers distancing themselves from Britain over the foot and mouth threat.
    Look at presumably nationalist families in Derry starting law cases to prevent other families living a few miles away, but across the border, from taking their ´wain´s´ school place…

  • Lorraine

    partition is a frame of mind, and the mind changes with circumstances………

  • Pounder

    What a sadness…these are GFA’s results…

    Posted by Joesph O’Connor&Gerard Devlin on Sep 13, 2007 @ 02:57 PM

    What the part where the Irish Republic agreed to give up it’s terratorial claim on Northern Ireland?

  • POL

    Brings me back to the time Dick Spring stated that northerners were not Irish unless they had an Irish Passport lol.

  • BonarLaw


    What’s so funny?

  • POL

    That was the beginning of Dicks slide from the political landscape.And i felt that was hilarious.

  • dub


    what’s funny is your and some unionists’ inability to realise that birth on the island of ireland especially of people also born on said island confers in the eyes of just about the whole world and his mother irish nationality. i fully accept that this does not preclude british nationality. check out those old picture of ulster unionist rallies with “erin go bragh” banners and the self declared nationality of people like andrews, carson and craig… perhaps you should also check out the name of the province in which you presumably live and think about it for a few minutes or the full names of the protestant churches on the island or the name of the sea around you, or just the name of your local village/town/townland and start to draw some conclusions, or the name of the football association in your province or the rugby association or the cricket or the hockey [edited moderator]