Better before

A mental health survey of the Whiterock community has found that many believe life has got worse since the Troubles ended.

  • Maybe it’s just Corpus Christi Services looking for more funding?

  • nmc

    Some people feel that since the troubles ended hoods now have control in areas where previously their behaviour would have resulted in a kneecapping or beating. To me it’s easy to understand that position.

    In certain areas of the city the police aren’t that effective, and the hoods have no fear of the police anyway due to the fact that the worst the cops will do is try to put you in jail – and most likely fail.

    There’s a vacuum in policing, and it’s visible on the streets of West Belfast. Society is degenerating, people are committing unspeakable acts (example: raping a teenager and ringing the mother to gloat, or raping and killing a teenage girl on the side of the mountain).

    In years gone by there’s a good chance the animals who were responsible would be dead by now. Maybe their own self-preservation would have been enough to prevent them committing these crimes in the first place. Either way I’d be happy.

    I understand the arguments for and against vigilante policing, and I especially understand that the people interviewed above may not feel safe any more, and may feel that their society is fast breaking down into anarchy.

    Spotted this in the Guardian, don’t know if it was posted before was off work, but it touches on this subject…,,2160848,00.html

  • redhaze

    Pretty much spot on nmc.

  • jpeters

    a thoroughly depressing article

  • StarHound

    Also a rather melodramatic article. It could easily have been in the Daily Mail.

  • DK

    I read that article too nmc. Seems that the nationalist areas are losing out as all they have the ineffective PSNI, while loyalist areas have both the PSNI, but also a fully functioning paramilitary law-enforcement.

    It is also notable that the paramilitaries are still the career of choice for dissaffected youth in loyalist areas, but in nationalist areas I am increasingly noticing anti-IRA graffitti – the youth have no structure other than hoody gangs.

    Now I’m not suggesting that the IRA needs to get its guns back and go back into the local enforcement business, but more investment needs to be put into local restorative justice groups – and more power delegated to them by the PSNI, as they prove themselves.

  • Pounder

    I guess throwing bricks and petrol bombs at the police is very thereputic afterall.

  • IJP

    Basically I agree with all the first seven posts – I share cyberscribe‘s cynicism and DK‘s practical analysis.

    A few more points:
    – frankly, most people believe their life has gotten worse in the last ten years (that’s just part of the human condition);
    – beyond DK’s structure, the conflict had a “structural” effect too (it was relatively clear who was “us” and who was “them”); and
    – new phases always bring with them uncertainty.

    That is not to dispute that, in some ways, life isn’t as good as it could/should be.

  • I also think there’s a general misconception, since the MLA’s all went back to work, that everyone should benefit immediately from whatever they do up in Stormont. No doubt some people see this just as benefiting financially. If certain areas of Belfast are improving and others aren’t I’d suggest that the people in the areas that aren’t improving believe they should be. I’d also suggest that if the evidence shows that there is no improvement where they live they’ll find it depressing.I think that any improvement, or getting out of a rut, is up to the individual. Unless, of course there people with mental health issues or learning disabilities in which case I’d support any and as much help as possible to them.
    If it’s policing issues that effect a persons sense of well being in an area and they feel the police aren’t doing their job, they should move to another area.I’ve done that before because I knew the chances of improvement or change where I was living were rare.

  • ballyboy

    On the report on UTV Live tonight it said that 26% of adults in the Whiterock area are claiming DLA. I can’t say I’m very familiar with the area and the issues, but this seems like an EXTREMELY high figure. Anyone got any comments?