There’s still life in the Shannon [No] Show..

The Shannon [No] Show may not be quite as over as it appeared, and I don’t mean because of the Fianna Fáil cumann in Co Clare. Aer Lingus’ largest shareholder (29.4 per cent), RyanAir, has ignored the official response from the Aer Lingus management and gone over their heads by “issu[ing] a notice to the stock exchange today of requisition under the Companies Act and Aer Lingus’s articles of association.” It’s an attempt to force Aer Lingus to hold the EGM that both the Aer Lingus management and Fianna Fáil definitely don’t want to see held. [some more so than others – Ed] Adds According to this short report

Under Aer Lingus’ rule book and company law, any shareholder owning at least 10% of the airline has the right [to] convene a meeting at any time.

And via Irish Election we have the actual requisition notice

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  • Sorry Slugger, but down here we’re upset because even though Heathrow is a total kip, it’s the largest hub on the continent. The Shannon region has a large business community that rely on the service. I personally use it a couple of times a month. My options now are to fly into Stanstead and spend a couple of extra hours each way to get across town, or to drive to Dublin or Cork and fly out of there. Whatever way you cut it, business travellers can now expect to use up an extra half day on buses, cabs and trains every time they travel. this is a significant and easily quantifiable cost that is well within the government’s ability to eliminate.

    I could understand it from a commercial standpoint if the the flights were empty and the airline were giving the seats away for nothing, but the flights have some of the highest occupancy rates on their network. They say they’re not making enough money on the route, so raise the fares! Instead they’re moving the service to Heathrow where there are already two major airlines entrenched. BA have all the slots at Heathrow they’d ever need, so don’t you think they’d already have put additional flights on the route if there were demand? To be honest this whole deal smells very political. It looks to me like the Irish government are using Aer Lingus to scratch Reverend Ian’s back by proxy, as payback for sitting down with Sin Feín.