Staff relations

The treatment of staff at Limavady Borough Council has become an issue with the UUP Mayor calling for a Staff Commission investigation into stress-related illnesses among staff. A move one SF councillor believes is motivated against his party. Meanwhile, a Russian Mayor has outlined his own frustrations with civil servants and produced a list of 27 banned phrases. He says any employee using these phrases to him “will speed their departure.”

  • Alan Anderson

    Not sure bout the article but the “Jumping dog” boro councils corporate logo I like. Leim an mhadaigh is jumping dog right

  • agh@hot

    good to have u back fair deal!!

  • Alan

    There seem to be lots of leaps up there with the Dog lep and o’Cahan’s leap. Any sense of conclusion leaping on SF’s part here ?

    Hectoring of staff could be very costly to councillors if there are real health problems resulting.

    There’s manners and manners.