Bertie [finally] speaks on Shannon [No] Show..

And he’s repeated the line from Irish Transport Minister Noel Dempsey, that “the focus must now be to get another operator into Shannon. He said the Government had no advance warning of the decision, adding that it contravened the Government’s aviation policy and the spatial strategy.” And according to that RTÉ report

He also said there is no split within the Cabinet on the issue.

So, where’s Willie?.. Could he be here, perhaps.. Just a thought..

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  • páid

    Here, Pete?
    He’s neither here nor there if he’s there 🙂

    Willie knows that come the next election Shannon-Heathrow will be something that happened around the time of the last rugby world cup, and no-one will remember a thing about it save Willie fought for Limerick.

    Dempsey gets to look tough. Bertie narrows his eyes. Willie sulks for a bit and abstains in the Dáil vote.

    Show over.

  • Pete Baker

    What show, páid? ;o)

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Free Willie

    It is reported that a small man sporting a large, fake, ridiculous mustache and ministry of defence attire was tonight whisked away by Gardai after attempting to storm Aer Lingus HQ with a hurley stick.

    Gardai denied that the man in detention was a member of the government and that the detainee was also being questioned about an alleged drug offence in the 1970s. The Gardai added that he was in an extermely agitated state and that after a special interpeter had been been drafted in from Limerick to interview him it was established he was protesting about recent event in Shannon and Croke Park.

  • IJP

    By the way, before Aer Lingus arrives, could the good folk with the good money at BIA sort the feckin’ parking out?

    All those cars hanging about outside the gates so as to avoid paying for the set-down/pick-up (presumably?) are not only plain dangerous, they make the place look like a third-world dump.

    Not the best impression for an Invest NI client. Or even for a potential investor…

  • Finding a new operator with a free Heathrow slot who’s willing to use it on Shannon. Good luck lads! If slots weren’t an issue, then Aer Lingus would be flying from both BIA and Shannon to Heathrow. But they are.

  • mnob

    IJP – I have every sympathy for those cars and from time to time have been one of them.

    The airport banned picking up from outside the airport for ‘security reasons’ but introduced a free parking period in the car park. At the same time they painted double yellow lines on their private roads (all the way to the roundabout). Then surprise surprise they removed the free parking and now use their private police force to stop people from waiting outside.

    When I queried this a manager at the airport told me I was being tight and they had to do it because of the high volume of traffic. In other words we have more customers than ever so we are going to get as much money from them as we can.

    Well fair enough a business is allowed to charge for its services – but the international is at best part of a duopoly and is actually a monopoly in the local market. Also to do it all in the name of security and use special powers aimed at security to earn more revenue is disgusting.

  • slug

    Good news on Aldergrove:

    There is now as of yesterday a local Translink bus service connecting Aldergrove to the Lisburn and Antrim Translink stations.

    This allows onward connections by bus and rail to places like Ballymena, Coleraine, Newry, Portadown, etc.

    Previously to get to Antrim or Lisbirn you had to to go from Aldergrove into Belfast and then back. This is much better and I will be a frequent user.

    £3 to Antrim and £6 to Lisburn-quite reasonable.

    Thanks, Translink.

  • páid

    “When I queried this a manager at the airport told me I was being tight”

    Dontcha just love these straight-talking Ulster folk!

  • In other words we have more customers than ever so we are going to get as much money from them as we can.

    Hardly a surprise that airport owners are using the security situation to profiteer. Look at the fiasco about see-through plastic bags – you can’t buy a single one in Luton but they’ll happily charge you a pound for four, three of which you don’t actually need.

    As for Belfast International, you can only get a see-through plastic bag if you buy something in the overpriced airport shop that pays a handsome amount of rent to… Belfast International Airport plc! And then there’s the security man at Gatwick who confiscated the Tesco bottle of fizzy mineral water (37p) that I accidentally packed into my hand luggage because it might be liquid explosive but told me there were three WH Smiths airside who would sell me the same thing (for £1.39)

    You could call me tight. But then you could equally call airport owners a shower of money-grabbing, extortion racket-organising bastards who seem to have missed the point that they’re running an airport and not a shopping centre.