Taking the Epistemology out of the truth…

Slugger understands that the feeling amongst some senior civil servants at Stormont is that the new ministerial incumbents have not presented half the challenge they first anticipated [just wait till they finish reading all those reviews in about three years time – ed] So, this is for them (and their new political masters), for when times start to get rough. Thanks to Tom for the heads up


  • The Reasoner


    Yes and Know

    Ever wondered why M. Thacher liked this the ‘minister’ series so much?

    Perhaps it had something to do with fact that the guy who wrote them was trying to get a hearing for his right wing american view that public servants were not telling the truth when they said they were here to do good works on behalf of the public.

    What they should be doing he and the gurus theroised was acting according to their ‘true’ ‘selfish’ natures.

    ie they should be acting just like the rest of the selfish public.

    or didn’t you know that or that others knew it and wanted to say that you should have known it….