Danish apology a hard act to follow..!

ARE the Danes trying to put pressure on the British to follow their example?! In a curious statement yesterday, according to the Evening Echo, the Danish government “expressed its regret over the Viking invasion of Ireland more than 1,000 years ago”. The story continues: “In a fit of diplomacy sparked by the sense of occasion, Danish Culture Minister Brian Mikkelson was moved to extend a surprise olive branch. In Denmark we are certainly proud of this ship, but we are not proud of the damages to the people of Ireland that followed in the footsteps of the Vikings,” Mr Mikkelson said. “But the warmth and friendliness with which you greet us today and the Viking ship show us that, luckily, it has all been forgiven.” It reminded me of the Harry Enfield character Jürgen The German, the German tourist in England who can’t stop “apologising for his country’s actions during ze Var”. The belated near apology came as thousands gathered to watch a replica Norse warrior ship pull into Dublin’s Docklands after an epic voyage across the North Sea (see Pete’s posts).