Police taking legal advice on extraditing murder suspects from Republic

The Belfast Telegraph has an update on the murders of Lisa McClatchey and Thomas O’Hare, beaten and burned alive at their home near Keady, County Armagh, in November last year by a gang of up to six men. Four brothers were admitted to hospital in Dundalk with burns injuries following the attack and later transferred to st James’ Hospital Dublin. By 1st February this year three of the four had been released from hospital and the Belfast Telegraph report suggests the fourth has also been released. Their father and another man have been charged in connection to the murders. Despite this detectives appear to have yet to interview the brothers and they have not returned to Northern Ireland since their release from hospital which, as the report points out, has left the police considering extradiction proceedings.

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  • joeCanuck

    Did the old stance of the Republic’s courts that they could not (would not?)extradite people for “political” offences ever get changed?

  • Cromwell

    Hardly political Joe, was it?

  • Yokel


    Whilst Cromwell is right it will make interesting watching. Stranger things have happened.

  • I Wonder

    Wasn’t the motive for this attack the belief that the man burned to death was a sex offender?

    Barbarism – and complicit silence ensues.

  • joeCanuck

    No. It doesn’t have any political smell at all to me. But as Yokel says, stranger things have happened.
    My question still stands though; did the republic ever change anything over extradition?

  • Sean Wilson

    Do we know if there has been any formal request?

  • Cromwell

    Without wanting to make light of the issue too much, I think they should be extradited for stupidity, pour petrol on someone, get it all over yourself, light cigarette in car afterwards; should’ve been Darwin Awards all round.
    If it had’ve been political, only the UDA would be so daft.

  • joeCanuck

    Are you serious Cromwell? One of them lit a cigarette?
    I assumed from the initial reports that they set themselves alight in the house.

  • Cromwell

    From what I hear Joe, they poured petrol over the victims, got it all over themselves, got into the car to leave the scene, one of them lit a cigarette & hey presto.
    It stands to reason that they were all burnt because they were in a confined space.
    The story seems to be that O’Hare had molested them years ago.