plus ça change?

Not much detail yet but it looks like an interesting story emerging from Tallaght where last night 9 people were arrested in what is described in the RTÉ report as “an ongoing operation by the Special Detective Unit charged with investigating subversives.” Among those arrested, the RTÉ report understands, was “a member of the INLA who was recently released from prison”. More here

It is understood that when members of the Emergency Response Unit raided the house in Tallaght, they found a man who they believed was being held captive. When officers entered the house, they found the man stripped naked and they believe he was being interrogated. The nine are being held under Section 30 of the Offences Against The State Act at various garda stations.

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  • The Penguin

    Different topic, Pete, but in case it misses your attention.

    In Taughmonagh estate last night, masked men broke down the front door of a house and seriously assaulted the two middle aged residents, a man and a woman, with cudgels and iron bars.

    For some reason BBC NI is not reporting this as a punishment attack, which given the area and who lives there it clearly was, but as an ‘aggravated burglary’.

    It really makes you wonder if more than the NIO need to drop the pollyanna, let’s not annoy the ‘good UDA’, approach.

  • By the sounds of things this is a local gang feud – I’d bet it’s the usual case of scumbags using their supposed Republican agenda to get into the drugs/extortion game.

    Hardly anything new if that’s the case.

  • J_K

    Why no thread on the Foot and Mouth outbreak ni England and the decsion to ban all British livestock, free meat, etc from coming into Ireland North and South. Looks like the EU may also ban all British produce – only hope that we don’t fall into any UK ban as that would be so unfair on our local farmers.

  • All part of a gangland fued related to the release of Declan Duffy, who is trying to establish himself within the Dublin/Spain based organised crime syndicates.

    Any notion that this has anything to do with politcal ideology is pure folly.

    The Irish gangster ex-pats based in Torrievega/Alicante have been trying to recruit a hitman to murder Declan Duffy, without success.

    This seems to be part of the payback.

    Expect to hear of shootings in Spain shortly

  • Rory

    I’m confused JK. Are you suggesting that the INLA are responsible for the foot and mouth outbreak? If they are and can be found to be it would make an excellent case for culling them. It would seem that whatever sickness infects the INLA it is not amenable to any other treatment.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    The INLA is more likely to ‘open mouth, insert foot’ than spread disease.

    Or maybe not.

  • aquifer

    Great work by the Republic’s Civic Guards. Disrupting and prosecuting sectarian gangsters. This one sounds as good as the time they nabbed the ‘election workers’ equipped with balaclavas and pepper spray.

  • deadmanonleave

    All released on Sunday, and no charges.

    I don’t know what’s going on down there, but I wouldn’t be jumping on any anti-RSM bandwagons just yet.

  • Garibaldy

    One of the papers yesterday said without a complaint from the person supposedly on the receiving end, the Guards couldn’t act, and that charges were unlikely. Looks like they were right.