Taoiseach’s nominees to Seanad are..

The Irish Times breaking news reports the Toaiseach Bertie Ahern’s 11 nominees to the Seanad.. mostly former FF TDs.. but the story will be the nominee in the middle of the pack – journalist Eoghan Harris. Full list is Dan Boyle (Green Party); Martin Brady (FF); Ivor Callely (FF); Ciarán Cannon (PD); Maria Corrigan (FF); Deirdre de Burca (Green Party); John Ellis (FF); Eoghan Harris; Lisa McDonald (FF); Brian Ó’Domhnaill (FF); Fiona O’Malley (PD). Adds From the RTÉ report

Speaking on RTÉ Radio’s News At One, Mr Harris said that his strong intervention backing the Taoiseach on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show in the days before the General Election may have been a factor in his appointment.

News at One here [RealPlayer audio file] He mentions it, but only as one potential factor, and he’s also calling for “a new definition of modern republicanism.”

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  • Garibaldy

    I wish I could say I’m stunned at Harris, but I’m not. This from the man who lambasted FF and Ahern for bringing the Provos into the mainstream, then all of a sudden decided Bertie was a genius and corruption didn’t matter. Predictable

  • “You cannot hope to bribe or twist
    Thank God! The Sindy journalist.
    But, seeing what the man will do
    Unbribed, there’s no occasion to.”

    Humbert Wolfe (1885-1940), I believe, with scant apologies. [I have also seen that perlucid truth attributed to Ogden Nash and Belloc.]

  • páid

    Not so much Aristotle and Plato as Tentus and Urinus.

  • Kalo

    Harris has been a fearless critic of republicans. His elevation is a milestone in FF’s long march away from the poisonous aspects of its own legacy – the ones upon which SF is built.

  • O’Reilly’s Fusiliers

    ^Ruth Dudley-E? Cruiser? O’Connor? C’mon, own up!

  • Kalo @ 03:13 PM:

    That’s as maybe.

    The point is: what’s any decent, self-respecting journo doing among the hasbeens and wannabes that is the Taoiseach’s Eleven?

  • Eoghan Harris is one of the invited panelists at the annual West Belfast Talks Back event taking place on 8th August. (part of the upcoming Feile an Phobail)

    The BBC’s Martina Purdy, Edwin Poots of The DUP, Catriona Ruane of Sinn Fein and Sir Des Rea, Chairman of The Policing Board are the other guests.

  • Kalo

    Simple, Malcolm. It gives the man a bigger platform to put forward his constructive and progressive views on the national question.

    Gerry and co will hate it but there’s no reason why anyone else should.

  • Kalo @ 03:42 PM:

    The Sindo has a circulation of 275,000. That’s quite a platform.

    I’m trying to remember the last time I saw any speech made in Seanad Éireann reported at length.

    The other amazing thing is that Bertie can assume Harris will stand pat on any political principle long enough to be a reliable vote in the Seanad..

  • O’Reilly’s Fusiliers

    “[Harris] also calling for “a new definition of modern republicanism.”

    Henceforth to be known as “unionism”. 😉

  • Rory

    Oh, I think that is a bit unfair on unionism, Fusilier – “Opportunism” might better fill the bill. After all it was this very principle that won him the prize.

  • justthoughtidask

    Whoever it was that said everyone has their price certainly knew what he was talking about.

    This little appointment certainly explains a lot.
    Are we sure it was Bertie that Charlie was talking about when he referred to someone as “the most devious of them all”?
    If it was he must never have met this fella.

  • Joachim Piper

    All the talk is about Harris. Let’s face it. This is another slap in the face for narco terrorism. Harris has speaking rights in “Leinster House” and Adams does not (except through muppet Doherty).
    Also, remember that FF has given speaking rights to Northern Protestants before.
    “The Harp is string and shall be heard”.

    A great day for Peaceniks.

  • Harris joins a long list of ex-revolutionaries who crave to be part of the establishment.
    he has got his reward.
    Free parking in Kildare street for life………….

  • CTN

    The “new definition of modern republicanism.” Can only be expedited by purging the bungling and criminal McGuinness/Adams autocracy..