UPRG reacts to police searches in Bangor..

Hopefully UTV will update their current brief report on the police searches in Bangor to include the greater detail in the TV bulletin.[added link – item approx one third in] Namely the references to claims that it was an attempt to destabilise the ‘delicate’ situation within the UDA and the reported reaction to the searches from UPRG spokesman, Frankie Gallagher, who warned that if this was an example of the police going after loyalists “for being loyalists” then “We will stand up to to them” “they would have to stand up against it”.. before adding that there would be “no violence”.. and that there would be a complaint to the Police Ombudsman. Of course, it’s not the first time Mr Gallagher has said that there would be no violence.. until there was. [This would involve the ‘good’ UDA then? -Ed] Added link to TV bulletin [item approx one third in] and corrected quote. Update It’s not clear when the attacks on the police noted by the BBC took place.. presumably after the earlier reports.. Adds Just now, apparently. More in this morning’s Belfast Telegraph report


  • BonarLaw

    Ah!! That’s why the A2 between Holywood and Bangor was crawling with Old Skool land rovers!

    More power to their (batton weilding) elbows.

  • McGrath

    “who warned that if this was an example of the police going after loyalists “for being loyalists”..”

    Apparently being a loyalist is a lifestyle. The police must therefor be denying them their civil rights.

  • I think Mr Gallagher is a little confused.

    Anyone engaged in criminality, bullying or any anti-social behaviour post May 2007 must act like other criminals, call the Lawyer and take their chance with the legal system.

    The notion of criminality hidden behind a paramilitary organisation carries about as much weight as saying criminality is justifed hidden behind one of the Limerick/Dublin drug gangs, post Stormont deal.

    If Mr Gallagher is not careful he will lose any chance of securing funds from the government and the whole UDA will become a pariagh within the community.

    No more sitting on the fence, you cannot be half-pregnant, you are either honest, or dishonest.

    Malcolm X put it:

    To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace.

    I would like to add that this applies to those of a Republican leaning as well.

    If siblings want to continue illigality then they must take their chance and employ top lawyers.

    The days of political ideology being used to justify criminality stopped in May 2007.

    However, i strongly believe in an amnesty including past earnings for past actions up until the Ian and Martin double act, if retirement can be proved.

  • GavBelfast

    Gunfire and hijackings now being reported in Kilcooley.

    Hardly spontaneous?

    Totally unacceptable.

  • tonic pics

    Perhaps they were looking for the n.i football gear stolen from the ifa shop last night.

    Its all the rage within the uvf & uff at the moment.

    Plus it makes a few quid in the paramilitary shops in East Belfast.

    We’re not paramilitaries We’re norn iron..

  • mchinadog

    The UDA in Kilkooley whether “good or bad” is irelevant they are dragging the Unionist people of Northern Ireland back down into the gutter. This is totally unacceptable behavior using guns and bombs or throwing stones at the police is disgraceful and wrong – disarm immediately. Frankie Gallagher’s justification of the trouble in Kilkooley today and tonight is disgraceful and could never be condoned by any right thinking person. As a Unionist I feel aggrieved about the money going to the UDA it should be channeled through groups that have no paramilitary connections or put into the communities some other way, and the more Gallagher defends what is happening in the UDA the more I am convinced that NO MONEY should go to this crowd. Executive should overturn this decision. Although I feel the police and the authorities will try and justify the UDA’s action today and tonight so that they will get the money.

  • Fitzy

    again, it is the political vacuum in the north within the working class unionist/loyalist/prod community that allows this shite to happen. the uda has been a source of so-called unity for many whether we like it or not. now no one can deny that they are past their sell-by date. but because there is no person/party/group advocating at the top of their lungs for this community, they are left with the only other thing they know. if such an advocate stood out, i think the broader loyalist community would either shun the uda or guide them in the right direction. the dup etc may well be such an advocate, but until they get over using us vs. them campaigns, like a fucking football pitch’s location, to grab headlines… they’re useless. get out on the footpath. let people know you are working hard for their well being and these criminal groups that claim some type of wider acceptance will be told otherwise very quickly.

  • iluvni

    If its Margaret Ritchie’s decision to withdraw the funding, she should make that decision first thing in the morning.
    No waiting, no reviews, no more threats…just withdraw it.
    She’s being paid to make the tough decisions.
    Stop pandering to these scumbags.

  • Sean

    is the UDA not a proscribed orgnisation?

    They hd a very public meeting of the ruling class so EVERYONE knows who runs the UDA! Why arent they in gaol? They have publically admitted who they are, they have no defence! Gaol is where they belong

  • chewnic

    One of the earlier reports said that the only thing found by police was a large sum of cash which Frankie claimed was someone’s savings for their holidays.
    You’d be annoyed yourself if a load of coppers relieved you of your euros just as you were on the way to the airport for your annual booze cruise.
    UDA-Quids Separate Us!

  • Frustrated Democrat

    These terrorists will get what is coming to them, if they want to represent the people stand for election if not get completely off the pitch and stay on the right side of the law.

    If not they should expect to do a long stretch inside no matter who they think they are and what ‘mates’ in high places they have.

    They have no place in the 21st Century.

  • Good or Bad UDA it doesn’t matter, it’s kinda like chosing what STD you prefer, syphilis or gonorrhea.

  • Northsider

    Ahead of it being blogged, I see the natives were restless last night. In Bainn-gorr, of all places.

    Honestly, some people. Thank God I live in west Belfast 😉

  • al

    Ah, so that’s what the dozen or so landrovers i saw coming from the Holywood direction were yesterday morning at about 9am. And there was me thinking they were maybe off for a day out at the seaside 😀

  • mchinadog


    As a working class unionist I do not need the URPG or the UDA to act as an advocate for me I would just like them to get of the backs of the protestant, unionist, and loyalist communities all over the province. They are a cancer in our society and do nothing but line their pockets. SO I am afraid you will have to forgive me for disagreeing with you, shooting at policemen, burning neighbours property does not do anything for the community it just drags it further into the mire

  • mchinadog

    . Just have listened to a Pastor from Bangor on the Nolan show trying to perhaps explain why the riot happened in Kilkooley last night and almost justify whey it happened. The PSNI spokesman said they where looking for drugs along with other items and while I understand they did not find any that does not mean there was none. This Pastor says the police usually consult with them when they are going into the estate (I find this story disgraceful for the police to have to consult the UDA before entering the estate, I thought there was no more “no go areas” in Northern Ireland). Is this Pastor saying they should not have tried to rid this estate of the scum who sell and peddle drugs to the young people of Bangor in general? Does he also say that this justifies the violence that happened in Bangor? There seems to be a variance in the story from the police and the story from the URPG and other spokesperson within Kilkooley, perhaps when we hear the right story everything will become clearer especially about the bereaved family.

  • Fizy you have it so wrong it’s not funny, the fact of the matter is the UDA used to stand for election in the guise of the UDP, no-one voted for them, they wheren’t wanted, they couldn’t even capture a single Assembley seat. The people spoke the UDA aren’t wanted as representatives.

  • overhere

    Where is Crumh and shilliday this morning I thought they would be here to condemm the rioting last night perhaps they are still ranting away on the GAA thread from yesterday

  • mchinadog

    There has been just a message from the police on BBC news at 11.00 it was live bullets fired at police last night in Bangor – sham on those who fired them – no justification at all – I hope Minister Ritchie is taking note

  • mchinadog

    Sorry misspelling it should have been SHAME not SHAM

  • Dawkins


    SHAM is appropriate where the UPRG are concerned :0)

  • Chris Donnelly

    Interesting to hear if unionist politicians will call on Margaret Ritchie to pull the plug on the UDA hand outs.

  • Whats interesting about it? That unionists demand the law be upheld not matter who is breaking the law?

  • Rabc

    Was there a community representative on TV last night called Tatty. If so,is this Ulster-Scots for Spud

  • Northsider

    Why isn’t there a separate blog on the violence, which included shots fired at police?

    Am I being cyncical to ask for this? It’s just that I remember three blogs in one day on supposed IRA involvement in the Ballymurphy feud.

  • overhere

    Northsider: you will get used to this sort of thing, same with the GAA, two threads now thougt this mornings Irish Independent could have easilt enough been tagged onto yesterdays thread, still nothing on the rioting last night though headlines on the BBC NI website. But then again last week the C.O.I Bishop in Dublin gave an interview about the OO and lurve ulster parade and no mention of his comments at all. Strange that !!

  • Pete Baker


    ALL the relevant details on this story, needed for any discussion, are in the original post. Including the BBC report mentioned.

    Feel free to discuss it.

    There is another post pointing to additional related issues.

  • Fitzy

    my previous comment was more a statement on the state of the political and social representation for the working class loyalists of the north. i don’t disagree that these are ‘unwanted’ scumbags who should be quickly and efficiently locked up. my point was that within the communities where they exist, where’s the outspoken leadership saying ‘fuck off’ we don’t want you here any more. i hear it from hugh orde, ian paisley, and the like, but i don’t see anyone from the communities standing up and saying WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE… GET THE FUCK OUT. Old Davey Ervine was the closest there was to that. I know he was a UVF man historically, but he was a serious politician out working for the people he represented.

  • al

    I really really really hope that one day the police will be allowed to get in there and beat all round them, using gas, firing LIVE rounds at these scumbags.

    I’d happily turn up afterwards to clean them off the streets, with a potent sense of satisfaction at a job well done by the Police.

    Standing back, hamstringed by stupid health and safety legislation, “human rights” and an inept biased ombudsman breathing down their necks at every opportunity is an open invitation for these bastards to riot with basic impunity when they feel like it.

    If they started hitting the deck with some bullets in their heads they’d soon think twice.

  • oldruss

    It seems curious, at least to this Yank, that with 5,000 British Army personnel remaining garrisoned in the six counties, and with more British Army personnel only minutes away by helicopter from the mainland, and given the presence of the RUC/PSNI, that members of the UDA reponsible for these latest outbreaks of violence cannot be stopped.

    It is all too remenicient of the standoff with the good people from Glenbryn, when the authorities (including some 25,000 British Army personnel garrisoned in the six counties) seemed totally incapable of ending the violence that was being directed at the Holy Cross School girls. That fiasco went on for weeks and weeks if memory serves.

    From many of the comments here from unionists in the six counties, it would appear that the UDA does not enjoy universal suppport from the people they are supposedly “defending”. If that is truly the case, it’s long past time for the unionist community to demand that the authorities clean house.