UPRG reacts to police searches in Bangor..

Hopefully UTV will update their current brief report on the police searches in Bangor to include the greater detail in the TV bulletin.[added link – item approx one third in] Namely the references to claims that it was an attempt to destabilise the ‘delicate’ situation within the UDA and the reported reaction to the searches from UPRG spokesman, Frankie Gallagher, who warned that if this was an example of the police going after loyalists “for being loyalists” then “We will stand up to to them” “they would have to stand up against it”.. before adding that there would be “no violence”.. and that there would be a complaint to the Police Ombudsman. Of course, it’s not the first time Mr Gallagher has said that there would be no violence.. until there was. [This would involve the ‘good’ UDA then? -Ed] Added link to TV bulletin [item approx one third in] and corrected quote. Update It’s not clear when the attacks on the police noted by the BBC took place.. presumably after the earlier reports.. Adds Just now, apparently. More in this morning’s Belfast Telegraph report