“Kovacs could film air like nobody I had ever seen”

Cinematographer Lazlo Kovac died this week – the American Society of Cinematographers has an account of his early life – from escaping Hungary in 1956, “carrying some 30,000 ft of film in sacks”, through early biker movies, to classics such as Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, and on to Ghostbusters and more recent, if less acclaimed, films. Guardian obit here. Also at the Guardian Andrew Pulver has been hunting on YouTube and links 10 great clips of the master’s work. Post title is a quote from director Bob Rafelson.

A couple of other clips of Lazlo Kovac’s work. Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces

and Ghostbusters!

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  • Rory

    I recall a scene in Five Easy Pieces with Nicholoson and Karen Black where the sound microphone descends within frame above the actors’ heads. I can only guess that the scene was too integral to be cut and that lack of money or time or both prevented a reshoot. But it doesn’t really matter, nothing can take away the memory of first watching it in a cinema club in Cardiff in the early 70’s and being inspired to search out The King of Marvin Gardens, The Last Detail and Frances. Thanks for the memory, Pete.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Five Easy Pieces is a fantastic film, one of Nicholson’s best as a leading actor. It’s funny you don’t hear more about it.

  • Rory


    For those who can acess it Sky Movies (SD1) and (HD1) are showing Five Easy Pieces at 01.05 Sunday morning and, I suppose, throughout the week.

    I hope that Pete and Stalin get an opportunity to watch it. I shall.