A boney and SF confusion

This year’s Pitt Park bonfire has got Sinn Fein in a state of confusion. The Andersonstown News reported that a UVF show of strength took place, based on a single source. This led to West Belfast MLA and Falls Councillor Fra McCann to call for the end to such funding:

“Eleventh night bonfires are nothing more than sectarian coat-trailing exercises. We have been promised in the past that these displays would cease, but given what happened at Pitt Park the other night this is clearly not the case. The council has no other choice but to stop funding these sectarian bonfires.”

However, organisers and the City Council strongly disputed the claim and have received praise from the Short Strand SF spokesperson who described how well issues in the area had been handled saying:

“I was in the Short Strand in the grounds of Saint Matthew’s chapel on the Eleventh night and what I witnessed in comparison to other years was vastly different work. This is work to build on for the future.”