Sopranos swan song

The final episode of The Sopranos was screened tonight on RTE. One of the greatest television programmes ever, it lasted for six seasons and became the subject of many books, blogs and websites– not to mention a Youtube video which became a must-see for Sopranos Fans ahead of the final set of episodes. Such was the status of the programme that a tour bus industry has been set up visiting familiar sites in north Jersey, while fans across the US have been able to purchase pizzas direct from the small ‘Pizzaland‘ eatery featured in fleeting fashion in the opening credits of the programme. Ah well, it certainly was good while it lasted!

  • skinbop

    so what is verdict on the finish?

  • Rory

    Hold on there, please. Some of us have not yet seen it.

  • Twelve Monkeys

    My funniest scene was [url=]this[/url] one of Valery the Russian guy.

  • Twelve Monkeys

    Opps [url=]this[/url] is the first part of the above clip.

  • the Sopranos portrays a stereotype. I’ve rarely met an Italian American in NY who didn’t claim some mafia connection – it usually turns out to be bullshit. Similarly, many Northerners in NY (and many SOutherners) imply connections to the Rah – again bullshit.

    Behan said that for all the alledged IRA marcgers in the St Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago… not only would british rule have been kicked out of NI but they could have liberated England itself.

    The Soprano’s glorifies drug dealing etc and tries to humanize the characters.

    I do watch it continually and enjoy it but there’s more mental analysis & psycho therapy than action packed crime. If you want action pack viewing then HBO’s “Entourage” is the one and only… aahhh I remember those days fondly. If you like the Sopranos then you shouldn’t complain about Yanks taking a stereotypical view of NI.

  • Alan

    Missed this series, as I did with Lost, 24, Friends, . . . , the Champions, . . .

    What am I doing with my life ?

  • Last place I thought I’d get a chance to comment on the Sopranos!
    There’s a lot I want to say, but as in the ‘real world’ there are a lot of people who haven’t seen the finale yet so I’ll keep my gob shut. My God, it’s been hard so far.

    “The Sopranos glorifies drug dealing etc and tries to humanize the characters”
    I think that is what is brilliant about the writing – a pack of absolute bastards but the characterisation is so good, you can’t help but warm to them.
    I wouldn’t look to deeply into it, it was entertainment and it kept me entertained for eight years.
    As with the demise of Six Feet Under, I am feeling a bit bereft.

  • Mayo CLG

    Very disappointed with the final show. Just left one hanging.

  • andy

    Did anyone see Brotherhood?
    A not too bad show about irish american hoods in Rhode Island?

  • Mike

    Anyone any ideas when it’s going to be on E4?

  • francesco


  • Cormac


    Francesco – my Italian’s not great. Just tried an online translation site and got:



  • The Third Policeman

    Well I can’t speak a word of Italian but that ‘merda’ reminds me of the French word, merde, meaning, ahem, shite (to use the polite, BBC friendly, Irish way of saying it). So my moneys on it meaning, the mafia is a mountain of shite!

  • Cormac

    Ah – the mafia’s a big pile o’ shite!

    Got it!

    Cheers TTP!

  • darth rumsfeld

    Shinner likes watching programmes about gangsters and killers?Shurely off message!

  • UFB

    I was wondering how long it would take for some wanker to use an absolutely apolitical discussion about an entertaining television show to have a pop at ‘the other side’.

    Congratulaions Darth you’re it.

  • UFB

    * congratulationS *

  • dodrade

    No chance of giving away the ending on this thread, because there wasn’t one.

    Seriously, did they lose the final reel?


  • Tochais Síoraí

    Nah, great ending. Leaves it open for a film sequel no matter what they say. And the garage scene was the work of a sick little puppy.

    And in the spirit of Mr Rumsfelds intervention, I’m sure also there were many unionists who enjoyed the police collusion with gangsters aspect of the programme as well.

  • Ziznivy

    ” was wondering how long it would take for some wanker to use an absolutely apolitical discussion about an entertaining television show to have a pop at ‘the other side’.

    Congratulaions Darth you’re it”

    Tis a fair comment though. No?


    I disagree that the programme glamourises the characters in any way. Everyone of them is utterly loathesome, and seen to be so.

    That they can be charismatic in no way detracts from who they are and what they do, the writers have always been keen to remind you that these people are not heroes, and they are not to be glorified.

    Wonderful TV series, maybe even the best TV series ever made.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Well said, TAFKABO.

    Would you agree that the greatest Sopranos scene was Christopher’s group therapy gone wrong?

  • Cruimh

    The wedding from hell takes the biscuit – excruciating – especially the cake cutting.

  • patrique

    “The Sopranos” is the only programme I currently watch. Great ending, tension to the last second, it will be sadly missed.

    There were thousands of great moments, including the “Bride cuts the cake…..” wedding thing, which illustrated just how sad weddings have become.Unless you sell balloons.

    But for me Christopher and Paulie going to kill each other over the tic-tac mints in the snow, summed up the entire eight years. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Johnny S

    The Sopranos was the only programme I actually made sure I watched every week. A brilliant study of hypocrisy, venality and amorality. The writing was superb, the acting wonderful. If I had to pick out a favourite episode it would have to be “Pine Barrens” – directed by Steve Buscemi. It is the episode from series 3 in which Paulie and Christopher get lost in the woods.

  • Cruimh

    That was a great one Johnny 🙂

  • FantasticViewHill16

    Great tension at the end of the series, but a little disappointed at the ending. Left me wanting more!!!
    Anyway its great timing that tomorrow night, I’ll be going to see Alabama 3 perform in Tripod in Dublin. Great band but the highlight for me will be hearing ‘Woke up this morning’ live and wondering what happened Tony.

  • Dewi

    To those intererested in this type of thing there’s a wonderful website maintained by Jerry Capeci here:

    Tales of brutality and comedy interspersed in fairly equal measure.

  • Spoiler coming: Clever t.v. from HBO which seems to have cornered the market in fusing ‘thought-provoking’ with ‘entertaining’..Irritated initially by the ending I -like the 12 million Americans who tuned in to watch it earlier – thought that the t.v. signal had crashed. Retrospectively I think it was a brilliant ending and sums up so much about the relationship between the spectator and the screen character. Class!