PSNI to appeal

The PSNI are to appeal a FET ruling that it discriminated against an employee. They say they were not notified about the proceedings .

  • Belfast Gonzo

    They say they were not notified about the proceedings

    That sounds about as plausible as claiming the Chief Constable’s expenses couldn’t be released for publication because they were “copyright”.

    (Hint: copyright doesn’t exist for information like that.)

  • Kevster

    Not notified? That is a queer story. In my mind’s eye I see the chief hiding from the poor fella whose job it is to serve him the paperwork. Telling his secretary to cover for him, etc.

    A pitiful excuse, for a law enforcement agency.

  • Pounder

    New uniform, new name, new badge. Same bullshit.

  • wild turkey

    Given tribunal procedures now in place, including the preparation of documentation by both the complainant and respondent for submission to a case management meeting which PRECEDES an actual hearing, it begars belief that PSNI was not ‘informed’ of the hearing.

    With an alledged excess of informers, it is somewhere between sinister and hilarious that PSNI claims it was out of the loop on this one.

    There is intelligence and then there is intelligence.


  • It seems the chief did not even get a 48 minute warning, see what damage all those redundancies in Special Branch have done.