Pledge a pint (of beer) for a ‘local hero’

The cult of John Smeaton continues to flourish, one of the people at Glasgow airport who tackled the wannabe suicide bombers, now famous for his no nonsense interviews. So feel free to show your appreciation and pledge a pint for John at the Airport Bar, 1400 pledged so far and counting.
ITV Interviewer asked: “What message do you have for the bombers”
John replied: … “This is Glasgow we’ll set aboot yae”

John was interviewed yesterday on CNN

CNN Interviewer asked: “How did you manage to restrain the terrorist?”
John replied: … “Me and the other folk were just tryin to get the boot in and some other guy banjoed him”!

  • Joe

    Yes, the courage required to take a swing at somebody while they’re on fire and being restrained by police is simply *immense*.

  • Thrasymachus

    “Yes, the courage required to take a swing at somebody while they’re on fire and being restrained by police is simply *immense*.”

    Perhaps you would like to indulge us with tales of your civic minded heroism?

  • Sean Graham’s Bookies

    Of course if it was George Best “Intenrational” airport, the Orangies would be getting into his pockets and the Timmies would be getting into his panties.
    Fair play to Smeaton even if he sounds like a Hun. As he said himself, if the bombers had have listened to their Provo tutors, he would be nae more.

  • Joe

    Would you like to tell us what ‘civic minded heroism’ Mr Smeaton performed first? The would-be bomber was on fire. He was under arrest and being restrained by police. Did Mr Smeaton’s action save any lives? Did it speed the would-be bomber’s apprehension? Has it aided the chances of a successful subsequent prosecution? It’s obvious why he acted the way he did, but to dress this kind of thuggery up as ‘heroism’ is to do a disservice to those who actually did something worthwhile that morning, like the police, ambulance and fire services.

  • Jocky

    Joe, who p!ssed on your chips today?

    Consider there is as many as three members of the public subdueing the terrorists and 1 member of the public who was injured in the struggle claiming the polic had him under arrest is stretching it a bit.

    So helping out the police arrest a violent terrorist is thuggery, lighten up. Do you think he should be charged then?

    With people like you it may explain why the UK has the lowest rate of public intervention to stop crimes in the EU.

  • I find it just incredible about how posters on this site can get off the track about almost anything at the top of a hat, here John Smeaton’s behavior in helping subdue Kafeel Ahmed at Glasgow airport.

    It was certainly a courageous act – not something to be dismissed as thuggery. It certainly involved risks – say, Ahmed was wearing a suicide belt – and he should be complimented for it, especially since UK law doesn’t encourage people to stop crimes since they may be judged as having engaged in one themselves for doing so.

    The only things that bother me about Smeaton’s behavior are those who are making such a incredible deal out of it – comparing it to the deeds of William Wallace, and setting up a website for him. Why?

  • Diluted Orange


    [i]He was under arrest and being restrained by police.[/i]

    As far as I understand he wasn’t under arrest, he was on fire and even then he was still trying to get at the policeman on duty. Plus there was only one policeman on duty, who was trying to subdue 2 would be suicide bombers.

    He might not be the most eloquent of heroes and he does seem to have taken some enjoyment out of giving the terrorists a kicking but John Smeaton is a hero none-the-less. His intervention could have stopped one of these madmen from activating their bomb belts and killing hundreds of innocent people. Can anyone blame him for his bravado? From a personal perspective, I don’t think that there would be anything more pleasurable than giving one of those low-lifes a pasting – but maybe that’s just me.

    Anyone who drives into an airport foyer in a car armed with a bomb containing nails etc on some misguided crusade for Islam is fair game in my opinion. Maybe some of the posters on this thread think that when faced with a very real threat to his life, manifesting itself in the form of 2 wannabe Jihadi nutjobs, that John Smeaton should have maybe sat down over a cup of tea and engaged in dialogue with them instead of physically restraining them?

    Sean Graham’s Bookies

    [i]Fair play to Smeaton even if he sounds like a Hun.[/i]

    Was he speaking in German or something? How can someone sound like a ‘Hun’? Comments like this kind of detract from the idea that you occupy some sort of higher moral plane when compared to us ‘Huns’ (you obviously seem to think as much) by highlighting a particularly gruesome atrocity committed during the Troubles in your pseudonym.

    Very classy choice of name.

  • Token Dissent

    Superb interviews from the big man! Fair play to him, even if he is ‘slightly’ exaggerating his role. He clearly showed some bravery, and he is now bringing humour to the nation.

    The website is ace. Their is a post claiming to be from his boss, saying that John is a lazy sod, who lives at home with his ma and can’t “pull any birds”! We all love a hero don’t we…

  • ciaran

    More deserving of the title hero than some spoilt overpaid prima dona footballer.( thank goodness thats off my chest)

  • Jocky

    Also, surely the fact people like John Smeaton manage to stop would be terrorists has done far more to lower the Al-Q hype (as referred to on a previous thread) than anyhting else.

    If this was a flase flag operation (Trow) to scare the masses surely the fact the would be perpatrators got a pasting of the locals kind of takes the edge of it.

    Big bad Al-Q feared throughout the world, battered the first time the tried it on in Glasgow.

    Do we need more terror laws, or just more people willing to have a go, stiff upper lip and all that.

  • willis

    “You pick up every one of them, and you blooter them with individual help,” says MacKay.

    Who is this other Scottish Hero?

    Read on,,2122125,00.html

  • Harry Flashman

    Joe you fail to realise that in fact there were two bombers and only two policemen, one off-duty, who were trying to subdue them, they were far from “under arrest” indeed the one on fire was beating off one of the officers and trying to open the boot in order to ignite the fuel cans in the back.

    By that stage the already ignited gas canisters were burning, in Mr Smeaton’s inimitable analogy, in the same way that deodorant cans which have been thrown onto a bonfire. In other words they were on the point of exploding, now maybe you’re some cool James Bond type who would have strolled over and casually snuffed out the flames while calmly karate chopping the TWO bombers but my instinct would have been to run as far away and as fast as possible and to hell with the coppers or the innocent men, women and children trapped inside the airport lobby if the TWO bombers had been able to set their device off properly.

    Therefore I think what Smeaton and the others did was remarkably courageous, if you don’t think so then pray tell how you would have handled the situation?

  • Sean Graham’s Bookies

    Smeaton is definitely one of the good Huns. As others have intimated, he brings the personal touch to it. Reminds me of that John Le Carre book where a Soviet spy with an atomic bomb lands on Glasgow, only to be set on by a local gang.
    Much more worrying was an article in The tImes making these bombers out as clowns. like the Provos, AQ will earn from this and they will be back. The only hope is to have a nation of John Smeatons.
    But even here he is sneered at. Though he doesn’t wear a skirt for 007, it is the Smeatons who wil win it at the end of the day. AQ defeated and the Huns relegated. Now that would be nice.

  • Pounder

    1400 pints donated? Nice. So is that like the Lottery, if you want them all at once you have to settle tot 700 of take the 1400 in installments?

  • Sean Graham’s Bookies
  • Pounder

    so his allegiance to football and his religion has what to do with his action SGB? Go back under your bridge kid.

  • Sean Graham’s Bookies

    Pounder, Enquiring minds wants to know. Please note I am not slagging him off. Far from it. Another of the Bravehearts, the taxi driver, got a walloping and even O’Smeato said the guy they restrained was big and would have been hard to subdue (like rebellious Scots) if flames were not coming out of his arse and ears.
    Of course, Huns wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. My money says he’s one of the Bhoys.