Adams invites Orde to Ballymurphy public meeting

Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams, has invited PSNI Chief Hugh Orde to a public meeting in Ballymurphy tonight concerning on-going anti-social behaviour in the area in recent times. It is not known if the Chief Constable will be accepting the invite, which was extended by the Sinn Fein leader to the Chief Constable at a meeting held last week.
Update: Hugh Orde has confirmed his attendance for the meeting tonight.

  • redhaze

    Shame on Adams…thats if he has any.

  • Chris Donnelly

    On the contrary, Rh.

    This is an example of positive leadership of the very best kind. Republican communities need to be encouraged to engage with the PSNI at this juncture to improve the quality of living in our own communities. Once the decision was taken over policing by Sinn Fein, there was/ is no point in sitting on our hands.

    That being said, I wouldn’t expect the PSNI Chief to be given an easy time of it. Some residents in the area have been contacting the PSNI for some time now and very many will undoubtedly use this occasion to vent their frustrations at the inactivity of the PSNI- even here on Slugger, we carried a video clip last week of a local hood who terrorised people for up to 45 minutes with a gun before the PSNI arrived on the scene.

  • interested

    Interesting to see how a community such as ballymurphy that came through the troubles almost as one voice now needs the PSNI to sort out its problems. Have the tatics of the IRA failed, will Orde be welcomed by the masses? Another great U turn for our scrap book.

  • J Kelly

    This is about accountability and delivery. The psni are the public body charged with upholding the rule of law and if the are not capable of the task they need to let the residents know why. This puts the PSNI under more scrutiny than the Policing Boards or the DPP’s ever could. Good move by Adams.

  • fair_deal

    This is a mistake by Orde.

    It may gain some political brownie points but it goes against the core of the policing reforms and previous statements.

    The police reforms were about a cultural shift with policing decisions pushed down to DCU level. The role of the CC shifted to making DCU commanders accountable rather than the past regime of strict command and control. (One of the lessons drawn from NYPD).

    In the past when asked about a local matter he would have told people to take it up with the DCU commander as he/she was the person responsible.

    This cultural shift has already been weakened by the general failure of DPP’s to give DCU commanders a suitably robust time, too easily accepting the excuse of “HQ won’t give me enough resources” and using it as a means to get pally with peelers for insignificant favours.

    A precedent has been set and now others will try to go over the DCU commanders and get Orde.

  • inuit

    Hi fair_deal,

    See where you’re coming from but on this one I think its right of Orde to go and positive of Adams to invite him – shows that SF having signed up to policing aren’t “sitting on their hands” as Chris pointed out.

    Probably a better chance of improving confidence in the PSNI in Ballymurphy for the top cop to show up – hopefully once that confidence has been built up the positive elements of the policing reforms (i.e devolving decisions to DCU level) can be built upon.

    But for Orde to attend in person does send an unmistakeable signal about how seriously the PSNI take the recent anti-social incidents in Ballymurphy – and how seriously they take the need to build up relations with that community.

  • fair_deal


    “Probably a better chance of improving confidence in the PSNI in Ballymurphy for the top cop to show up”

    A double edged sword that. What if the top cop turns up and no significant improvement follows?

    It may achieve the one-off effect you suggest but others will be wrapping the door wanting this approach not to be a one-off.

  • redhaze


    Not on the contrary at all i’m afraid.

    Irish Republicans should not be colluding with british forces, end of.

    What does Adams hope to acheive by hosting a meeting with Orde? Better policing? A public admission that the PSNI is running these sum bags as informers and hence their in action?

    No I expect its more about apreading the culpability around SF decision on policing. When the truth inevitably exposes itself that we will not receive the justice we need from any police force under the western model, never mind a force under the control of a occupying power, Adams will always be able to point and say well it wasn’t just me all youse were at the meetings too.

    Stunt, poor one.

    By the way speaking of SF and the cops I find Francie Brolly’s comments about the part-time reserve of the RUC hilarious seeing as they are on board with members of the same force now. Why object on the basis of them being implicated in collusion, etc, whilst accepting those still in the PSNI.

    Own Goal.

  • Sean

    You unionists used to come on here and gurn about the IRA being a rule unto itself, now that they have surrendered the role of the police force to this mickey mouse conglomeration of disfunctional keystone kops, you come back on here and gurn about the IRA NOT doing the work of the police. You insisted they had to give up their guns and surender the right to social behavior policing and then you moan because the anti-social elements run wild. What did you expect? The IRA stepped back and the ensuing vacuum has stayed a vacuum because the psni is incapable of fielding a suitable force.

    Like the man said 45 minutes to respond to a man with a gun? Thats a shame to anyones police force, or should it be police farce?

  • Jimmy

    Good to see Gerry being pro-active and asking for Police help. Surely this also means that the People of Ballymurphy should engage as positively with the PSNI as he’s now doing to apprehend Criminal elements. I just hope Gerry can also endorse that said same enthusiasm for the apprehension of the Killers of JJ O,Connor??
    Or is it, as usual, a selective phenomenon?

  • barnshee

    Ordes message? subliminally its:-
    West Belfast is essentially a reservation — big hills, m1, westlink, peace walls, all form separation barriers. The rest (of the world ?) really are not interested in what happens INSIDE the reservation- as long as it stay there.

  • Why isn’t anyone suggesting that this is to help mollify the Notarantonios calling him a traitor when he visited the estate yesterday – an apparent reference to Francisco being assassinated back on October 9, 1987 instead of ‘Steak knife’ so that he would keep working for the FRU so that the Libyan weapons on the Eksund would be captured?

  • hint hint


    A hint

    Find out what actually happened last night

  • BOM

    I agree that it is good for the people in Ballymurphy to be shown from Gerry that it is right to involve the PSNI in their situation, however, the fact that Gerry has the capability himself to get the main man there says alot about the crap that goes on here.

    Could anyone other than Ian Paisley or Gerry/Martin have that sort of influence?

    This to me is unfair when others working within communities cannot seem to get anywhere with the PSNI when trying to help sort them yet Gerry clicks his fingers and Hugh goes running!

    It is hard enough for DPP’s to get information from some of the DCU Commanders – in some places the Commanders miss DPP meetings and send a simple Sargeant or Inspector.

    Is this what those who have worked on DPP’s and the Policing Board deserve for their efforts over the years?

    Surely this is a precedent being set for other communities to expect the main players to come to meetings about problems within the community?

  • meself

    Don’t mean to sound like our very own resident Trowbridge but this has been billed as an open meeting, but in the A town news it is billed as a meeting of community activists.

    anyone know if everyone is invited or only community activists?

  • Pete Baker


    Invitees only.. because it was actually a private meeting – see the BBC report at this linked post.

  • Here is a link about what happened at the Whiterock Community Centre:

    A hint, hint hint, if anything happened different from what I am suggesting, why don’t you inform us all?

  • And posters interested in more about the background to this dispute – the PIRA ceasefire, adoption of the GFA, and the restoration of provincial government in Northern Ireland – should be interested in this article by Ed Moloney in the Irish Times:

    And if this link doesn’t work, just go to today’s offerings on nuzhound.

    The most disturbing aspects about Moloney’s revealing the May 11, 1987 letter that Fr. Alex Reid wrote to Charles Haughey about a negotiated settlement to The Trouble is that the reporter is most economical in the truth in talking about the context in which it occurred.

    While Moloney talks about it occurring three days after the Loughgall cull, he makes no mention of the operations to capture the Eksund – only the continuing flow of Libyan arms to the Provisionals – and the set-up of Captain Simon Hayward for his assassinations in N. I., and apparently here in Stockholm for drug-trafficking – the deal ‘Steak knife’, the British tout in the PIRA Council, required if they were to continue. As far as I can see, there is even no mention of him.

    And, of course, there is no mention of ‘Steak knife’s spoiling the timetable for any negotiated settlement after he himself was set-up for the cull on The Rock, and went on the rampage when he discovered how the Brits had betrayed him too.