UDA victim’s brave father dies…

IN July 2001, paramedic Michael Brett was called to the scene of a shooting in Newtownabbey. He had been called to numerous scenes of terrorism in the past, including the Omagh bomb, but he couldn’t have guessed that this time it would be his own teenage son Gavin who would end up cradling in his arms as his life ebbed away. Tragically, this brave man passed away today, aged just 51. The murder, carried out under the UDA’s cowardly flag of convenience – the Red Hand Defenders – was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ (they thought he was a Catholic) and reinforced in many people’s minds the heartbreaking need to rid ourselves of paramilitarism.

  • John

    Reunited with his son. Both of you rest in peace.

  • john donne

    Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
    Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
    For those, whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow,
    Die not, poor death; nor yet canst thou kill me.
    From rest and sleep, which but thy picture be,
    Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow:
    And soonest our best men with thee do go,
    Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.

  • GavBelfast

    I felt very sad when I heard this news on Thursday.

    Mr Brett telling the story of his relationship with Gavin, how he regarded him as his son and simply his “mate”, and how he unsuccessfully tried to revive him when he got the 999 call, is one of the saddest personal accounts I can remember hearing from the Troubles.

    He came across as an example to all of us and as a symbol of the very best that this community and humanity can produce, in such stark contrast to those who ended Gavin’s life and likely contributed to curtailing his father’s.

    Rest in Peace, Michael, and condolences to the rest of the Brett family and friends.

  • Cruimh

    How sad – RIP.

  • joeCanuck

    One of the few poems I could be bothered to memorize at high school.

  • The Dubliner

    The ambulance personnel are probably the most politically neutral way of telling the most meaningful story of Northern Ireland’s recent history… they’ve seen all of its bloody manifestations all up close – this man more than most.

  • Billy

    A decent and honourable man whose passing is a real loss to the community.

    May he and his son both rest in peace.

  • frank

    A terrible time for the Brett family.

    A man of great dignity & courage.

    When i heard the news today, Gordon Wilson entered my head, perhaps it was the courage shown by the family at the time of Gavin’s death or the absolute love of parents for their child.

  • snakebrain

    John Donne says it better than I ever could

    “Soonest our best men with thee do go”


  • Aquifer

    Internment is underrated

  • Sad Day

    I was genuinely upset when I read this. I remember his interview after his son was murdered and hearing how he unsuccessfully tried to ressucitate his son was heartbreaking.

    Rest In Peace Mr Brett.

    God Bless

  • McGrath

    A time stamp of Northern Ireland.

    Mr Brett was a humanitarian example to us all, pity the example is wasted on many.


    Yes, I think the word humanitarian sums it up best.

    Sympathies to his family.

  • Realist

    I was very saddened to hear this news yesterday.

    The courage and dignity that Mr Brett showed in the aftermath of Gavin’s murder is something I will never forget – something that brought tears to my eyes.

    May he now rest in peace, side by side with his beloved son and mate.

    May the perpetrators of Gavin’s murder, once again, hang their vile heads in shame. May they contemplate long and hard on the untold damage they have caused within the very community they claimed to “defend”.

  • I must say that the coverage of Michael Brett’s sad, perhaps premature, death, and the posts about it make one realize just what a strange place Northern Ireland is.

    Rather than concentrate on the brave behavior of his son, Gavin, by associating with his fellow Catholics in Newtownabbey, and the drastardly work that John “Grug” Gregg did there for years in murdering Catholics until fellow scumbag Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair finally did us all a favor by killing him, everyone goes on and on about his father in a context of the Omagh bombing – what was carried out by a dissident Republican group on the other side of the province, as I recall, with the help of the FRU.

    Yet, it was in Newtownabbey that Gregg’s UFF group tried to kill Gerry Adams, as this link shows:


    Can’t we just stick to the facts and their noraml fallout rather than give them the usual sectarian, ideological spin?

  • Blue Hammer

    Trowbridge – have some respect and try to show some dignity.

    Mr Brett was a paramedic who, through a terrible coincidence, was called to an incident in which his own son was the victim of a sectarian shooting. Despite his efforts his son died in his arms.

    I suspect that those posting above do so as they recall Mr Brett’s TV interviews in which he recounted his feelings as this unfolded, and all of us who saw that interview could not fail to be moved and impressed by Mr Brett’s courage and basic humanity. His passing at such a young age is another blow to his family, and people are simply acknowledging that fact with no political undertones.

    Quite how this links to your comments about the Omagh bomb, John Gregg and Johnny Adair is beyond me. It just strikes me as a totally inappropriate post on your part.

    Mr Brett, and the many like him who have lost loved ones yet not resorted to bitterness, deserve better than the kind of post you just made.

  • I read everything that was posted about Mr. Brett’s death, Blue Hammer, and while I think that the death of anyone is sad, especially for one’s survivors, I do think that all demises should be put in perspective – what I wrote in my post and illustrated with a link, what you apparently have not read.

    The Omagh reference was to the context that Belfast Gonzo put this passing in, about as appropriate as talking about the Boston Strangler. The mistaken killing of Protestant Gavin Brett was carried out by loyalist, sectarian murderers under John Gregg’s leadership who had been killing Catholics in and around Newtownabbey for a generation with near impunity – what the link established in spades, and Gavin was standing up to.

    Gavin’s unsolved murder by fellow Protestants makes Robert MacCartney’s killing by Republicans look like justifiable homicide.

    I, in sum, emphasized Michael’s loss of his son, while expressing sadness over his own death.

    I complained about him and his fellow residents in Newtownabbey casting a blind eye for years on the loyalist excesses which allowed it to continue by cultivating a lack of bitterness. They should have seen to Gavin’s killers going to prison.

    And I am not in the business of cultivating respect and dignity.

  • Hill16FantasticView

    A heartbreaking story.

    I hope it highlights once again the great work these people in the emergency service do for us and the trouble they endure in some areas while trying to save lives!

  • Blue Hammer


    Am I correct in interpreting your latest post as:

    “Mr Brett and his family, and all their neighbours, have a collective responsibility for Gavin’s murder, since they did little or nothing to address the issue of paramilitarism in their community” ???

    Please tell me this is not your contention.

    The original reference to Omagh by BelfastGonzo sets Mr Brett’s life experience in context, ie he had witnessed many atrocities first hand, offering assistance to those affected and it was cruel and ironic that his own son fell victim to such sectarian violence AND that he was the paramedic who got the call to assist.

    It is quite obvious that you don’t seek to cultivate respect and dignity. Perhaps you should try.

  • No, Blue Hammer, you are not correct in your interpretation of my posts – what you made into a false quotation of mine.

    I said that Mr. Brett and his neighbors helped allow the murdering process by John Gregg’s UFF to continue, what ultimately claimed the life of his most brave son, by being more concerned about avoiding bitterness, appearing respectful, and cultivating dignity than punishing his son’s rabid killers.

    Belfast Gonzo certainly did not put the deaths in context by referring to the Omagh bombing – a joint dissident Republican-FRU operation – when it all concerned the community in which Gregg’s killers were operating with impunity.

    In sum, Gonzo made it appear that Republicans were involved in the murderous process – this is spinning with a vengeance.

    And I have already tried the respect-and-dignity approach to life, and it does no one any good.

  • Blue Hammer


    BelfastGonzo did nothing of the sort. He pointed out that Mr Brett had seen and dealt professionally with the outcome of political violence, and there were few incidents bigger than Omagh. Through cruel irony, his son was killed in a different incident in our seedy faux-war, and he himself had to deal with the incident in his professional capacity. He then spoke about his experience in the media, and many were moved by his story. For you to try to spin that to say that Belfast Gonzo was suggesting a causal link is disingenuous at best, and at worst wilfully malevolent.

    Posters on this thread are simply and openly expressing sadness at Mr Brett’s passing, given (a) the service he and his colleagues provided to the community in its darkest hour and (b) his measured response to the cruel death of his son. There is no political sub-text.

    If you cannot agree with this approach, perhaps you should open another thread and take your poison over there.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Thanks for starting this thread, Gonzo.

    I was very saddened to hear of Michael’s death yesterday at such a young age.

    I got to know Michael not well but through our respective professions when I worked in North Belfast a few years ago and only a very short time after Gavin’s death. He was a very gentle big man and his sincerity and serenity struck me through his obvious devastation following the murder of his son. He was a professional, committed to helping all he came across in the course of his job without favour and never failed to greet you with a smile and a word through sometimes understandably sad eyes.

    My thoughts and sympathies are with his family today.

  • Martin

    Trowbridge H. Ford you are a disgrace to humanity.

  • And I am not in the business of cultivating respect and dignity.

    It shows. Take your paranoid bile elsewhere please, it’s not wanted on this thread.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    For all Trow’s bizarre and frankly odd ranting, the link he posts is a copy of the last link in my own post. My guess is that the only reason Trow is able to link Grug to the Brett murder is because he clicked on my link.

    Why he then feels the need to deliberately misinterpret me – as he habitually does – and post a copy of the same link as though he’s somehow contradicting me is, frankly, impossible to understand.

    If Trow continues to wilfully misrepresent me, I am going to ban him. I don’t give a fuck if he thinks this is all part of some big conspiracy to shut him up, it will be well worth it to keep his offensive insanity away from this board.

    I am fed up to the back teeth with his continual playing of the man – the only rule we enforce on this board – in order to spin what someone writes as the mirror opposite of what they actually said. It is becoming harder to say these are the mere ramblings of a nutter, or are calculated deliberately and intended to cause maximum offence.

    Codshit indeed.

  • This is the most intimidating step yet by you, Belfast Gonzo, to shut me up, and I really couldn’t care less whether you ban me or not.

    After all your supporters have chased me off this thread, and pursued me on yet another, you, of all people, volunteer in this most protected environment this most self-serving condemnation of me without any real substance to back it up.

    It simply goes back to when I complained about your presentation of the Brits’ refusal to prosecute some of the killers of Pat Finucane on June 25 at 0:2:26 PM thus:

    “This is a whitewash, BG in true Hunter Thomaspon style and you accomplish nothing to diminish it by suggesting the PIRA Council volunteer to clear up this darkest secret of The Troubles.”

    Then during some exchanges in which I explained that the problem grew out of MI6 trying to assassinate Libya Qaddafi while MI5 was trying to capture its weapons on the Eksund, a prosecution of the Britsh suspects in Finucane’s assassination shaking the Westminster government to its very foundations, and posters keeping to the subject, Belfast Gonzo volunteered this, out of the blue, at 10:40 PM:

    “Trow has a habit of getting things wrong, Politkovskaya, his interpretation of my post being the latest in a very long line of goofs.”

    Instead of supplying any evidence for this completely untrue claim, Belfast Gonzo goes on the offensive here in the hope of shutting me up permanently by claiming that I completely misrepresented his setting the scene for the death of Michael Brett, claiming that he posted the link to Wikipedia about the killing of his son Gavin.

    While I don’t believe that this is true, as I linked all the threads provided about the events surrounding the father’s sad death, Belfast Gonzo claims that it was there, and I am just engaging in a deceptive ploy by acting as if it wasn’t.

    This is certainly untrue, and most probably a lie – his apparently having put in the link after my complaint – as Belfast Gonzo demonstrated by mentioning the Omagh bombing rather the Gregg’s attempt to assassinate Gerry Adams there in March 1984, as Father Murray has explained in The SAS in Ireland:

    “Three men were jailed for shooting and wounding of Gerry Adams. Gerald Welsh (34), Monkscoole House, Rathcoole, and John Gregg (27) of Fernagh Drive, Newtownabbey, who between them fired 12 shots, were jailed for 18 years.” (p. 265)

    This shooting, a telling preview of what happened to poor Gavin 17 years later, would seem to be the appropriate one for explaining what happened in 2001 unless you are a continual spin doctor – what BG has eminently qualified for.

    BG, in short, has been playing me ever since I came on this site, and I shall not shed a tear if this is my last appearance.

  • snakebrain

    You’ve got one thing wrong Trowbridge

    That link was there from the minute that post went up. I’m sure of that because I clicked it at about 4 o’clock this morning.

    I’m becoming increasingly persuaded of the delusional nature of your character.

  • This is the biggest load of crap from you yet, snakebrain.

    All one has to read is your earlier post on this thread, Number 9, at 12:38 AM where you recite John Donne, and call for Michael Brett resting in peace.

    If BG’s link had been there then, you would have recalled it rather than inventing some story about your clicking onto the link at 4 a. m.

    While I may be a bit delusional, you are a very poor teller of falsehoods.

    Case closed.

  • snakebrain

    I’m sure it was there then as well, I just didn’t happen to click it that time.

  • Roisin

    “I am fed up to the back teeth with his continual playing of the man – the only rule we enforce on this board -”

    Maybe you should consider enforcing it on yourself, Gonzo. Or you could simply dry your eyes and get over yourself.

  • jone

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    On another note I was speaking to a TV journalist the other day who covered Gavin’s funeral. He told me how Michael went to the trouble of ringing the newsroom a few days later to thank him for the coverage of his son’s funeral.

    A true gent.

  • Turgon

    Thankfully Trowbridge seems to go to bed early. Maybe he has to get inside before it goes dark in case the CIA, Mossad, MI5 or the twelve foot tall aliens get him.

  • iluvni

    A very decent man. RIP.

    I’m not sure whether the family still live in the same house, but if they do, and if the funeral cortege takes the same route as that of his son, as a mark of respect and to allow some dignity to the grieving Brett family, I’d like to see the ridiculous numbers of Union/Ulster flags erected in Glengormley for the 12fth, removed immediately.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    I’m afraid that you are simply wrong about when the link was posted. Your attempt to suggest otherwise is as feeble as the evidence you post to back your theories (none).


    A fair point. The ban threat was written in a fit of self-righteous pique after Trow decided to lie about what I had written. And if he’s prepared to lie about something as innocuous as a link in order to twist someone’s thoughts, I think that gives you an idea of what he’s like.

  • Turgeon is wrong again, as I usually don’t go to bed now until at least well after 10 p.m. Stockholm time, as I did so last night. He knows as little about time as he does about getting books out of print. Stockholm is on European time, an hour later than that in Northern Ireland.

    I am satisfied with Belfast Gonzo’s climb down about barring me, but he still isn’t telling the truth about when he posted the link to Wikipedia about John Gregg.

    If you use my link to the article, you get the following message: “Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name” – what I saw when I linked the site, and follwed its instructions to the article in question.

    If you use the one Belfast Gonzo put in later, you will get it immediately. The difference lies in the fact that the closing ) in my Address line was somehow not encrypted, making my search necessary.

    Of course, if I had used the Address that Belfast Gonzo wrongly claims I used, I would never have had any problem.

    Furthermore, if Belfast Gonzo had the immediate link to the article in question, why did Blue Hammer complain immediately about my mixing up the Omagh bombing with the shootings that Gregg was carrying out – what his fellow scumbag Johnny Adair finally ended.

    Blue Hammer wrote: “Quite how this links to your comments about the Omagh bomb, John Gregg and Johnny Adair is beyond me.” It wouldn’t have been beyond BH if the Wikipedia link about John Gregg was then in the post by Gonzo which started this thread.

    These are small points but necessary ones to establish that I am telling the truth and Belfast Gonzo isn’t. I hope he improves in future for the benefit of us all.

  • Blue Hammer

    Trowbridge – more horseshit.

    I did not query any linkage due to BG’s failed link. I queried why you would comment about John Gregg in respect of Mr Brett’s sad passing. To my knowledge, Mr Brett did not attend to Mr Adams in the aftermath of Grug’s assassination attempt. He did, however, attend to the wounded, dead and dying at Omagh.

    My reading of the original post was BG simply commenting on the irony of one who helped the victims of paramilitary violence to have the cruel misfortune to have to find his own son needing similar help and him being the one to give it.

    You hijacked a perfectly apolitical thread to post a sad, outdated conspiracy theory, and then suggested, much as you may deny it, that Mr Brett brought his own’s son demise upon himself by inaction or failure to clamp down on the UDA in Newtownabbey.

    As a short aside, Adams was shot in Central Belfast, not in Newtownabbey. That Gregg did it, and came from Newtownabbey doesnt make the residents of Newtownabbey responsible for his actions or accountable in any way for them. Or is Ballymurphy responsible for Adams actions, or Derry for McGuinness’s?

    Flawed logic, and a heartless and vicious assault on a thread of condolence for a good man.

    Your mother must be very proud of you,

  • gareth mccord

    i think i agree with a point that you are making towards the protestant community. I think you are saying that our community should be ashamed in letting the scum like gregg get away with murder especially our own, I agree! But remember that both sides had scum like gregg who murdered and tortured their own. Also remember that the police did not help my family when gregg sent his murder squads for me and my family. We named them made statements but guess what happened, yes they were being protected from our wonderful state??
    So even though i agree with the fact that both c ommunities should have lived on their feet instead of their knees, there was no police or government support to do so.

  • gareth mccord

    As for justice for young gavin and his family they can take a bit of comfort knowing that the men involved in gavins cowardly murder have got what they deserve. Grug ordered the killing and he is now burning in hell, daly who pulled the trigger is burning with grug after hanging himself . Also turtle is inside for a botched murder attempt on adair.
    r.i.p. Mr Brett

  • loftholdingswood

    Mr Brett struck me as a man of integrity and compassion. The death of his son was an incalculable waste as well as senseless.


    The world is a moral conundrum and this country of ours throws up it’s fair share of troubled people. John Gregg was one of them yet he was responsible, in it’s infancy I admit, for what we now call the John Gregg Initiative which in turn is responsible for the Conflict Transformation Initiative. As a society we helped John Gregg become the person he was in the same way that we helped make your father, Raymond Snr. the man he is (and was). You would do well to ponder on that and perhaps ask your father about the past. It is a murky world indeed.

  • gareth mccord

    if you lived in my area you would know that the grug initiative means nothing and does nothing!!
    Also my society did not make grug we hated him and wanted rid of him and scum like him. But there was only one reason he became the animal he was and that is down to the paymasters in our GREAT AND MORAL GOVERNMENT!!
    The people of newtownabbey didnt police the area the ruc/psni did.So because they were not allowed to do their jobs properly grug got away with the heap.
    In 1987 grug picked a fight with my father in a loyalist bar in rathfern. Grug ended up in hospital with a few of his cronies. Now all my father and my family has done is stand up and fight back against the likes of grug and got NO support from MY people because of fear and NO support from the police because the majority of scum were on her majesty pay roll?
    We took grug and his gang to court for attempted murder on me and my father but they of course got off.
    As for the past ponder this my father and our family are not and never were involved in crime. Any ciminal record my father has was for assaulting grugs gang over the years as they tried to get him. The only action our family is guilty and proud of is being the only family in our community to stand up and defeat the scum on our streets.
    But think of this loft do you honestly think we wanted this life or a peaceful one?
    Also never believe what you hear and only half what you see to discover the truth!

  • Belfast Gonzo


    1. The link was there from the start. I know this to be true, because I left the post unaltered from the moment it appeared.

    2. Your attempt at a link had exactly the same URL as my link had, except you failed to hyperlink it properly. If one cuts and pastes the URL from your post, it takes you to the same page as my link.

    3. Saying that I “made it appear that Republicans were involved in the murderous process” is an outrageous and offensive slur that cannot possibly be interpreted from the post. Blue Hammer correctly points out what I was saying in his last post, although since it was patently obvious, one can only conclude that you are trolling.

    So you are perfectly entitled to say, as you did elsewhere: “I thought that the bravery of the son and the cowardice of the UFF should have been emphasized rather than the bravery of the father and the butchery of the republicans, like in the Omagh bombing.”

    That is your opinion. Fine. But the topic is about the sad death of Mr Brett, who was by all accounts a fine man and dealt not only with the aftermath of the single worst bomb of the Troubles, but also the needless sectarian shooting of his own son, which by sheer unfortunate chance, he was called to attend. I’ve done countless other ones about the UFF, Omagh etc, and have little time for loyalist cowards who shot a kid with friends from a different background, or those behind the slaughter in Omagh.

    4. You may have points to make that are tangential to the original post, and this is fair enough, but the post was about the death of a Troubles paramedic. I most certainly did NOT imply Mr Brett’s death was “the result of an heroic act which the Provos apparently caused”, as anyone with eyes in their head and can understand English can see. (It’s also the first time I’ve heard that the Provos were responsible for Omagh, but no doubt you have a fantasy book coming out explaining how they were).

    Attempting to present some kind of agenda in the post that doesn’t exist – and cannot be seen by anyone apart from you – leads me to the conclusion that you are wilfully misrepresenting me and being vindictive.

    I am tiring quickly of your sick innuendo, Trow.

  • Gerry Kelly

    McCord’s post is a good and thoughtful one and it is a pity the other posters don’t STFu for a few minutes. This case rmeinds me of McGoldrick’s. Of course, it has been a bitter and dirty 40 years and those who have been short changed in the cruellest ways have good reason to be bitter and jaundiced.
    As regards MI5 etc, it is impossible to know what to believe as the waters are that murky. The Troubles made animals just as profits from the drug trade do.

  • Since you, Belfast Gonzo, said this while engaging in your usual spin about what you, Blue Hammer, and I apparently did – ultimately concluding that I was merely trolling – I consider my efforts completely justified:

    “So you are perfectly entitled to say, as you did elsewhere: ‘I thought that the bravery of the son and the cowardice of the UFF should have been emphasized rather than the bravery of the father and the butchery of the republicans, like in the Omagh bombing.'”

    This was just what I was claiming from the beginning.

    Case Closed.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    As I said, you’re entitled to your opinion. There was no ‘spin’, you being the only who detected any, of course. You look stupid, but you’re fully entitled to look dumb – that is clearly your prerogative. And you were still wrong about that link being there from the start, though you can’t bring youself to admit it.

  • While I had decided not to respond further to Belfast Gonzo’s spin and insults – since it just helps give credibility to his dishonest claims at Michael Brett’s expense – I shall continue since he continues to tell lies.

    The link he had about the cowardly acts of the UFF was this one from the BBC, dated a year after his son had been murdered, and NOT the one he claims from wikipedia – what further played up the father’s acts at his courageous son’s expense and to the benefit of the UFF:


    And this completely justified what I posted on #15 above, on June 29, 2007 at 09:45AM.

    In sum, while I might look dumb, he has established his dishonesty.

  • doublestandard

    Trow’s contributions may be completely at odds with the majority view but he has stuck to addressing the blog and it’s contents.

    “Bizarre, odd, feeble, stupid, dumb, nutter…….”

    Others haven’t. Quoting the man and ball rule at him while demonstrating it is completely flexible and partially applied is a tad lame.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    The link we have been discussing is the one in the words ‘the UDA’s’, which has been there since the post first existed.

  • Blue Hammer


    1. What is it that you are claiming BG is saying as “dishonest claims at Michael Brett’s expense”?

    2. What on God’s earth are you talking about when you refer to “what further played up the father’s acts at his courageous son’s expense and to the benefit of the UFF”

    I tried to precis my understanding of your position in my post above of Jun 29, 2007 @ 11:14 AM. I asked you to confirm your view that “Mr Brett and his family, and all their neighbours, have a collective responsibility for Gavin’s murder, since they did little or nothing to address the issue of paramilitarism in their community”. While you deny that as your position, you have not said what your position is.

    Please confirm:

    1. Do you accept that Mr Brett dealt with the aftermath of Omagh?

    2. Do you accept that Mr Brett dealt with the aftermath of other terrorist atrocities?

    3. Do you accept that Mr Brett was a man who offered help to the injured regardless of their background or religio-political background?

    4. Do you accept that it was terribly ironic and sad that such a man should be called to deal with the aftermath of a shooting in which his son was the victim?

    5. Do you accept that in televised interviews following the brutal murder of his son, Mr Brett acted in a commendable fashion, ie not screaming for revenge, or in fact doing anything other than wishing for an end to such attacks?

    6. Do you accept that Mr Brett, his friends, neighbours and colleagues had no influence over, or insight into the UFF gang responsible for his son’s murder, and countless other innocent deaths over the years?

    If 1-6 above attract “yes” answers then please expound that part of your theory which you feel requires the hi-jacking of a sympathy thread for the death of a good man, and your attempts to score political points on a simply apolitical thread.

    If any of 1-6 attract a “no” answer, then please set out why you feel that to be the case. Answer simply and in basic language, since to date i have been unable to make head nor tail of what you are alleging.

  • Blue Hammer, I am not about to answer any of your questions because they are irrelevant to what I complained about. I am only interested in what you said about my first post on this thread because it helped show that Belfast Gonzo’s claims about the three links there now being there all the time are untrue.

    Belfast Gonzo continues to claim that the wikipedia article was the one about the UDA – the one which talked about John Gregg, some of the murders he and his colleagues committed, and how he finally was stopped by Johnny ‘Mad Dog’Adair.

    If this is true, why would I do the following:

    (1) Write what I did when I was only dealing with the links Belfast Gonzo has posted now?

    (2) Why would I complain about BG’s going on and on about the father’s brave deeds if this link to the thread was not there:


    (3) Why would Blue Hammer complain thus to my original post if the wikipedia link about the UDA, John Gregg, Johnny Adair, etc., was there:

    “Quite how this links to your comments about the Omagh bomb, John Gregg and Johnny Adair is beyond me.”

    I am convinced that the wikipedia article about the UDA, Gavin Brett’s killing and a few others was not there – making what I wrote originally most justified by even BG himself.

    Whether this satisfies anyone else is for them to determine, but as I have indicated before but without success, the case is closed as far as I am concerned.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    And you are wrong.

  • Blue Hammer


    It is interesting and disappointing that you will not respond to my simple straightforward questions. Maybe if you thought about what I’ve asked you, and rationally answer them, then this matter could be considered closed by all of us.

    However, to address the comments you DID make, I would comment follows:

    You asked: (3) Why would Blue Hammer complain thus to my original post if the wikipedia link about the UDA, John Gregg, Johnny Adair, etc., was there:

    “Quite how this links to your comments about the Omagh bomb, John Gregg and Johnny Adair is beyond me.”

    I queried in that manner since, as a new poster to Slugger, I had not noticed the hyperlink to which you refer. I simply read the post by BG, in the context in which it was written, and could not, and still cannot, see the contextual relevance of what you wrote in a series of what i perceive to be vicious, unjustified and totally inappropriate attacks on Mr Brett.

    Until you DO address the 6 questions i posed, your position remains open to a fair degree of interpretation. From the vitriol of your posts, i took it that you consider that Mr Brett deserved the agony and injustice of what happened to his son. For your sake i hope this is not your position, as if it was it would mark you as a less than appealing person to correspond with.

    It seems others have made that judgement already.