From 1901 to 2006

An interesting reprise of the 1901 Tram ride through Belfast with a 2006 update, which irons out some puzzling detail from the first time out.


  • Gréagóir O’ Fráinclín

    Anyone see that programme last night on BBC1 about the future development of Belfast shipyard. The whole scheme of the Titanic Quarter looks architecturally impressive with a number of signature buildings. However, Glen Patterson who present the programme was a bit dour and pessimistic about the whole scheme.

  • Eddie

    No, I don’t think he was being dour and pessimistic. He was just saying: “Houl on a wee minute, let’s not lose the run of ourselves with all this hype” He was hoping that it would all come out right, but throwing up a few questions.

    So too, I felt, was the lady (development officer, was she?) from Belfast City Council,which has no control over planning under the present set-up. She was saying: “Great, but I hope they get this right”

    I think it was a programme, made in-house at the BBC NI, which was designed to start a debate. Glenn Patterson made clear his love of Belfast, I thought, but remembered that one of the other big ideas to emanate at the Queen’s Island, hit an iceberg.