Another Independent TD signs up

Still looking at those hoping to be able form a technical group in the Dáil, should the Green Party members endorse the draft programme for government later today.. another Independent TD, Michael Lowry is now on-board. That’s two down and one more Independent required. Make that three down.

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  • Pól

    This may be a silly question but could they not still form a technical group or will they be unable to ask questions at all in the Dail?

  • Pete Baker

    It’s not a silly question. But for the moment we don’t know – because no-one’s saying – what the actual details of the deals with these Independents are.

  • Cormac

    Both Michael ‘Esat’ Lowry and Bev ‘Offshore Account’ Flynn both have serious questions to answer about their personal integrity…

    …so much for the Greens’ talk of cleaning up Fianna Fáil.

    Ho-hum, more of the same.

    I could just about stomach it if the Hill of Tara was protected and the US were sent packing from Shannon, but that looks unlikely.

  • Pete Baker


    According to the report, the third Independent signed up isn’t Flynn.. it’s McGrath..

  • Cormac

    Cheers Pete – that’ll learn me! 🙂

    Been hearing a lot of contradictory messages over the last 24 hours.