New life in an auld alliance?

It seems that Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond intends to reciprocate the charm offensive on First Minister Paisley, in particular he is looking for his support to revive the Joint Ministerial Committees.

  • Ulster McNulty

    “New life in an auld alliance?”

    The Auld Alliance was between the Scots and the French not the DUP and the SNP – that would be a new alliance.

  • fair_deal


    “The Auld Alliance was between the Scots and the French”

    I know, hence why i used ‘an’ instead of the standard phraseology for the links between scotland and france of ‘the’.

    The relationship with France is not the only one Scotland has possessed in its history and there are long-standing linkages and relationships between here and Scotland (some that even predate the relationship with France).

  • IJP

    Certainly the SNP’s taking the position of lead party in the Scottish Parliament does change the devolution settlement. At the beginning of this year, the London Government was able to speak for the Edinburgh Government and as the Belfast Government – now it can do neither.

    That presents challenges and opportunities all round – and it’ll test the UK’s quasi-federal arrangement.

  • Prince Eoghan

    I find it strange that no mention has been made of the attempt by Tony Blair to undermine the Scottish government and the Scottish justice system over the Libyan agreement. We have had Labour spin rebound on them, and a grovelling apology from newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark over her belligerent treatment of Salmond.

    Major damage has been done here, with the Tories in particular going apeshit at the total lack of respect shown for Scotland.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I was flicking through nuzhound and it got me thinking about Paisley, who featured in some of the articles.

    First, he’s teaming up with a nationalist hell-bent on the destruction of the Union to argue for greater tax-varying powers for the devolved parliaments – something Westminster will find hard to stomach and something that (arguably) diminishes the Union.

    And in the Tele interview, he talks about the betrayal of Northern Ireland by the British government during the Troubles.

    Is Paisley a British Unionist or an Ulster Nationalist?!?!

    (All slightly tongue in cheek, but with a serious point!)

  • Gonzo,

    I have been trying to get my head round this for a while. I just hope that Sinn Fein and the SDLP have the sense to back him all the way.

  • kensei

    “I know, hence why i used ‘an’ instead of the standard phraseology for the links between scotland and france of ‘the’. ”

    Yes, yes, very nice, but also clicked on this and expected to feature France.

    False advertising.

  • lib2016

    Is Paisley a British Unionist or an Ulster Nationalist?

    Then again maybe he’s just a realist?

  • IJP

    The more telling line, Gonzo, and missed by the media, was when Paisley opposed extention of MI5 to NI on the basis that “our people are quite capable of doing this”.

    He’s an Ulster Nationalist for whom the link to Britain is a marriage of convenience. That is the basic distinction between the DUP and the UUP – the latter is a more instinctively, genuinely(, simply?!) British party, as can be seen from Paisley’s arch rival Trimble’s latest manoeuvrings.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Yeah, I think that’s generally true and I’m interested in the direction Paisley is taking.

    I keep wondering if the PSNI are going to find the real Paisley – the one we know and love to hate – tied up in a barn somewhere, just as the one in Stormont rips off his latex mask and gulders “…and I woulda got away with it if it hadn’t been for you pesky kids”.

  • I’m not very surprised at the schmoozing between the 2 men, despite the differences in their political outlook. Both have spent their careers up to now as provincial outsiders (viewed in a UK context) who now find themselves in power at the same time thanks to overcoming once entrenched rivals and with common interests in fighting their corners with a UK government.