Greens walk out on FF… carried a report that the two sides had agreed a draft programme of government, then shortly afterwards RTE report the Greens have walked out on the talks… Something screwy going on here… Oh, it looks like shot a fame is gone… shame, because we had some great quotes lined up… our day will come again, no doubt….

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  • Frank Sinistra

    Betfair is funny, you can see people chasing their loses in real time – FF/Gn/PD now on 4/1, FF/Gn on 5/1 and it drifts almost by the minute.

  • Mick Fealty

    Labour was 7/1 last night, now it’s 11/4. Most of the last thousand pounds in the market’s been spent in the last hour.

  • Frank Sinistra

    I can’t believe people are taking the Lay on FF/Lab at a mere 3/1.

  • prolefodder

    Just watched RTE interview with FF and GP on the breakdown – its clear its not over and who knows the Greens may be playing a long game here…? FF chief negotiation, Seamus Brennan was full of (false?) praise for the Greens in terms of their professionalaism and cordiality of the negotiation, while Green leader Trevor Sargfent listed a whole range of issues – from corporate donations, planning, education and health upon which agreement (or sufficient agreement) had been reached. Odd that FF was more positive than the Greens – perhaps this was their game plan all along? Or have both sides cut a deal and are concluding matters as we speak to re-sume talks next week…? Interesting developments to say the least.

  • Crataegus

    I think this may still be in play. Options for FF?

    Go to Labour on a weak footing?

    Go to SF and look utterly stupid?

    Try to potter along with PDs and Gene pool?

    Pick up the phone and ring the Greens again?

    Call a snap election?

  • jone

    Just had a message from a well-placed Green who tells me the fat lady still hasn’t sung.

    Mind you he’s pissed off that they’re 15 grand down for the hire of the Mansion Houe.

  • Frank Sinistra


    Can’t we have the great quotes anyhow? As noted above it could still happen.

  • Brian Boru

    Ruairi Quinn being mentioned as a possible Ceann Comhairle.

  • sammaguire

    And I noticed he didn’t rule out taking the job with or without his party’s approval. Michael D. would make an excellent Ceann Comhairle.
    I sense a bit of bluffing in the breakdown of the talks today. It’ll be FF/PD/Greens.

  • prolefodder

    sammaguire – you’re probably on the money here – who knows, maybe the Greens didn’t get the assurances they needed on PD involvement – i.e the extent of PD involvement (I think the Greens had to accept that the PDs would be involved) – and my reading of whats happended is that the Greens walked, not FF – and could be part of the strategy to extract more from FF – after all the pressure is now off the Greens and back on Bertie and FF. And all this coming today for poor Bertie coniciding for some uncomfortable remarks Tom Gilmartin in his submission to the Mahon tribunal. Chickens coming home to roost? Also, I’m sure the Greens were mindful of the sh@t that’ll be coming down the pipe towards FF and Bertie as the Mahon tribunal continues over the next weeks. Would not look good for the Greens (‘Green politics is clean politics’ etc) to be supporting a ‘dirty’ taoiseach and FF ‘unclean’ party.

  • Aquifer

    Yep Prolefodder, the Greens may get more out of a FF covered in doo doo, while avoiding splashback themselves. The FF remarks about professionalism etc shows enough respect remains to talk later, and the Greens probably just want delivery on their core demands, so FF know what is expected to get their key votes.

  • Brian Boru

    Word is that the negotiators shook hands on a deal but Sargent wasn’t buying it and made them call off the talks.

  • ingram


    quoteBetfair is funny, you can see people chasing their loses in real time – FF/Gn/PD now on 4/1, FF/Gn on 5/1 and it drifts almost by the minute.unquote

    Betfair is the home of the trade, that accounts for the price fluctation you seem puzzled by, not just on this market but is a consistent factor in every market.

    Betfair estimate that over 60% of a market is the work of the trader, this one is no different. Try it Cricket is especially good for trading a price.

    Ding Ding

  • Cruimh

    “Word is that the negotiators shook hands on a deal but Sargent wasn’t buying it and made them call off the talks.”

    Sounds a bit Richard O’Rawe !

  • Brian Boru

    Brendan Howlin saying according to today’s papers that he would give taking the CC job ‘serious consideration’ if offered.

  • susan

    Bertie knows there is support among a significant portion of influential Greens for going into gov’t — and he’s attempting to build on it today praising the Greens’ “good ideas” on climate control prominently in today’s Sunday Independent and letting it be known he’ll come a-courtin’ to Sargent himself.

    Leaving my objections to many of his policies aside for a moment, Ahern’s refusal to let his ego get in the way of his objectives is one of his most formidable strengths.